Horns Up, Horns Down for Feb. 24: Sochi’s over, Houston church makes progressive decision


Horns Up: Texas moves up in health rankings

According to a Gallup and Healthways poll, Texas ranked 21st in the nation for state well-being in 2013, moving up six spots from 2012. The ranking judged states on physical and emotional health, healthy behaviors, work environment, and access to food and shelter. Although Texas has yet to rank among the healthiest states, which include North Dakota, South Dakota and Nebraska, our state is pushing its way to the top. And thankfully we’re nowhere near the three states in last place: Mississippi, Kentucky and West Virginia. Even with room for improvement, Horns Up to Texas for moving up the list.

Horns Up: Sochi Olympic games come to an end

After what seems like a month of gold-medal counting between the U.S. and Russia, the Sochi Olympics are finally coming to a close. Between the 60-degree Sochi weather making the winter sports even more complicated to following the status of Bob Costas’ pink eye problem, the Olympics have been unusually amusing — though the sports themselves have been disappointing, with the U.S. in 4th place for total gold medals. Although the Olympics give everyone the chance to pretend they are a sports fan, Horns Up to no longer having to join in if you were too busy to care. We can now go back to forgetting that there exists any international recognition for slalom and the biathlon. 

Horns Up: Houston Church makes pro-LGBTQ decision

In a vote taken Sunday, the influential Houston First Presbyterian church decided not to separate from the larger Presbyterian denomination to join a more Evangelical one. In doing so, the church chose not to embrace a stricter interpretation of the Bible and the prohibition of openly gay clergy. We applaud the church for moving toward a more accepting religious tradition and are proud to say that this church calls Texas home.

Editor's note: An earlier version of this article incorrectly stated that the U.S had place 10th for overal gold medals in the Winter Olympics. The article has been corrected to reflect that the U.S. actually came in 4th.