Endorsements for Co-op Board of Directors

Editor’s Note: The candidates for the Co-op Board of Directors were judged based on their responses to the Daily Texan Co-op Board Candidate Questionnaire. Only those candidates who completed the questionnaire were considered. Two seats are available this year. Out of the four candidates running, three responded. Candidates’ responses can be found in our candidate database here. Voting takes place Wednesday and Thursday at utexasvote.org.

Tim Nelson is a marketing junior. His responses to our questionnaire demonstrated an already thorough knowledge of the workings of the Co-op as well as areas where it could stand to improve. We particularly liked his ideas for furthering the Co-op’s relationship with the University, such as by reaching out to more alumni groups. We also found particularly innovative his idea to expand the University’s brand abroad. We recommend Nelson.

Dana Le is a finance senior. As with Nelson, our attention was piqued by her ideas for strengthening the relationship between the Co-op and the University. However, with Le, we were particularly impressed by her commitment to keeping the Co-op nonprofit and to upholding the empowering mission of the Co-op to support student organizations and student-led initiatives. We recommend Le.