Austin-based alternative band Chipper Jones releases vinyl

Mackenzie Palmer

Alternative band Chipper Jones always strives to do better. For the duo, this means touring more, writing more and making music a full-time career. 

UT alumnus James Lambrecht and childhood friend Charlie Martin both moved to Austin from Dallas, their hometown, and only rekindled their friendship when they ran into each other on campus two years ago. Since that moment, the Chipper Jones bandmates have been inseparable. 

“I kind of recognized him on campus,” Lambrecht said. “We started talking, and slowly, we started to get time to play together.”

Austin-based media label company Raw Paw will host a release party at Spider House Cafe & Ballroom for the duo’s two-song vinyl, Tropics | Cosm. The band members said the record plays more like a full-length album even though it is only two songs. The release party kicks off the band’s East Coast and Canadian tour, which runs through May. 

The songs on Tropics | Cosm will be featured on Chipper Jones’ upcoming full EP. The duo recorded the vinyl at Orb Studios using multitrack recording techniques, which the band members said results in a fuller, more dynamic sound than their previous live-recorded EP, Two Rooms. 

The band’s music, which does not include vocals, has been described as capturing African-influenced, electronic melodies. Clementine Kruczynski, director of operations at Raw Paw and host of the release party, said Chipper Jones is a refreshing dose of music in Austin.

“They are the creative energy of Austin made audible,” Kruczynski said. “The purity of optimism settles over you as you listen.”

Since its first house show in December 2013, the band has gone on two tours, and this upcoming one will be its third. Its first tour in July 2014 ran through the Midwest  regions, including Dallas, Oklahoma and Colorado. Earlier this year, the band toured through the West Coast, going from New Mexico all the way up to Seattle.

“Any time a new band tours a new region for the first time, you have to make sure you give an awesome live performance every time,” Lambrecht said. “You’re not just playing to friends or family anymore.”

Lambrecht said the two appreciate the feeling of returning home to the diverse and supporting music scene in Austin. 

“We always love coming back to Austin because there is so much love and support,” Lambrecht said. “It’s from touring that we notice Austin is such a great place to call home.”