Win-or-Lose Scenarios for Texas vs. Kansas State

Jillian Kushner

Texas wins if…

The Longhorns play like they did against Oklahoma. The Texas team seen in Dallas was a team that had never been seen before. This team could tackle, block, run, throw, catch and kick. Texas had 368 total yards of offense, 20 first downs, zero turnovers and 24 points. This is unlike anything Texas has done this season. Somehow, the Longhorns were able to pull off one of the biggest upsets of the year over then-No. 10 Oklahoma. The reason this team looked so different was because they played with heart. In every other game, when the Longhorns are down, the players get down and lose their energy. This did not happen against Oklahoma. The passion they played with is what won the game. This cannot be something restricted to the Red River Rivalry. The Longhorns proved if they really want to win, they can, regardless of rankings or records. Because of what we saw against Oklahoma, there is no reason Texas cannot beat Kansas State.

The passing game can get going. Somehow, Texas pulled away with a win against Oklahoma when it only had 55 passing yards. While the 313 rushing yards was great, that’s hard to keep up on a weekly basis. With redshirt freshman Jerrod Heard’s arm and the talented receivers Texas has, there is no reason the passing yards should be that low. Against Oklahoma, star senior wide receiver Daje Johnson was out. Maybe that was the reason for so few passing yards. Against Kansas State — and every other team this season — 55 passing yards will not likely result in a win. How this worked out against the Sooners may forever be a mystery.

Texas can hold up the running game. As previously stated, the running game did it all for Texas against Oklahoma: 313 rushing yards with 117 from sophomore running back D’onta Foreman, 115 from Heard and 76 from senior running back Johnathan Gray. To expect two players in triple-digit rushing yards each week is a stretch, but establishing the running game is what beat the Sooners. While fans were upset with the safe play calling, it clearly worked.

Texas loses if…

The Oklahoma game was just a fluke. If Texas resumes its pre-Red River Rivalry style of play, it will not beat Kansas State — or any other teams for that matter. The Longhorns had games with better stats, but they have not had games with more passion. That was the big factor in the win over Oklahoma. If Texas cannot maintain that level of heart and passion, the team will look like the 1-4 team it was prior to Oklahoma.