Life as a reporter is more than I could ask for

Matthew Adams

“Matthew,” managing editor Brett Donohoe shouted at me on June 27.

News editor Andy Boyd also shouted the same thing from Brett’s office. The only thing my body knew to do was hop into action. 

That date and that moment is vivid for me because everyone at the paper was scrambling to keep up with the coverage following the Supreme Court’s decision making same sex-marriage legal.

Though the phrase “Matthew” became more common when someone was shouting at me about edits or planning a groundbreaking piece, I became accustomed to the phrase had many meanings.

I stayed with paper last summer, and I was thankful to do so. News had plenty of coverage in the summer, from the main commencement ceremony cancellation, the Memorial Day floods, same-sex marriage and the one and only Jefferson Davis statue.

I hung on in the fall as a senior reporter again. I did not know what to expect with the large change-over in staff. Despite being concerned, I am grateful for having worked with the news and associate news editor, Samantha Ketterer and Anthony Green.  We all had to get started quickly with the Davis statue and campus carry, but we managed to handle everything. The department was a little understaffed toward the end, but through the good times and the bad, we handled a heavy load.

Last Sunday in the basement was a little sad — even for me — when the subject of who was not returning was brought up and my name was mentioned. It hurt to know people wanted me to stay. To those who I managed to gain respect from, I thank you for that. At this point, I need to venture out and gain some internship opportunities. However, if something happens, I will certainly reach out and help the Texan any way I can.   

To all of our readers, I will still be around for a little bit longer. Fisher v. the University of Texas happens next week, and we will be busy covering it. The Texan also reported a while back that the Hall v. McRaven hearing is supposed to take place next week. At this rate, the department will have to be prepared for another story or two occurring.

We like to say “news, news, news” never stops. While it would be nice to occasionally have a break, I still would not take it. Finding the story and reporting it is what I crave. No matter where I am or where I go, my time as a reporter made me realize this is the best job I will ever have.