Horns up, horns down: Oct. 10

Horns up: ACL and The Texas State Fair

With all due respect to our friends who had to drive back to Norman, this past weekend is the one that makes clear why going to UT is the indisputably right choice. We had to make the choice between going to the second weekend of ACL or going to the Texas state fair. And let’s be clear here: there are no losers in this situation. No matter where you were, the weather was gorgeous. And if you didn’t go to either of those, the other gems littered throughout are city were less packed. It’s weekends like these that convince us to come to this school. We won the moment we stepped on campus. And despite what their fans will tell you, OU still sucks.


Horns down: Oh also there was football

There was also football. And it was less fun. Our sports writers can tell you this in technical terms, but Chuck and the boys couldn’t eke a win against a team they were supposed to lose by more than a touchdown too. But despite this, we hung close for all four quarters, had a non-zero chance of winning on the final play and got to eat our feelings at the fair afterward. And I’m sure both of our fanbases can agree that the Injectable Great Balls of BBQ were worth the trip, win or lose. We’ll be back next year, hungry for a win (and whatever other fried objects they come up with).