Anti-Trump graffiti spotted around UT campus


Photo Credit: Chelsea Purgahn | Daily Texan Staff

Anti-Trump graffiti appeared in several areas around campus in the wake of the Republican president-elect’s rise to the White House on Tuesday night.

Electrical boxes on the outside of the Phi Gamma Delta house on 27th and Guadalupe streets, buildings and trash cans along Guadalupe Street and a dumpster in an alleyway behind the Quarters Sterling apartment complex all bear graffiti reading “[Expletive deleted] Trump.” 

A building on Guadalupe Street and 38th Street displayed a different message, reading “No more illegals 1-20-17.”

An “[Expletive deleted] Trump” graffiti incident at Walter Webb Hall has been reported to the UT Police Department, but the additional incidents have not been formally reported to UTPD, according to Cindy Posey, associate director of communications for University Operations.

“There’s [anti-Trump] graffiti written all along the sidewalk in chalk outside where I live on Rio Grande Street,” public relations junior Malayna Ellis said. “I think people are so emotionally exhausted from the last 48 hours that at this point they’d probably rather just ignore it than report it [to UTPD].”

Anica Ali, a supply chain management junior, said the graffiti simultaneously displays and abuses a citizen’s right to freedom of expression.

“I think art is a good form of expression, but this person used graffiti on public property and I don’t agree with that,” Ali said. “I think outrage and quick, impulsive thought led to this person committing this act. I can relate to the anger, but do I agree with this method of coping? Not at all. I don’t think it’s appropriate.” 

Shazin Bhimani, an early childhood development senior, said this type of reaction will persist for a while, but people need to be more understanding of the presidential outcome. 

“[These reactions] will continue for a bit of time but will slowly die down,” Bhimani said. “People need to respect our president even if it’s not something everyone supports.” 

On Wednesday, over 250 students protested Trump’s election in the Main Mall, marching around campus and through downtown Austin.

Similar protests have erupted on college campuses across the country. Texas State University, Texas A&M University in College Station, the University of California Los Angeles, Yale University, the University of California San Diego and the University of Southern California have all reported widespread student protests since the president-elect’s victory in Washington.

Posey said students should report incidents of graffiti to UTPD at 512-471-4441.