Steve Hicks School of Social Work has highest four-year graduation rate

Anna Lassmann

The Steve Hicks School of Social Work’s 83 percent four-year graduation rate is the highest of all UT schools, according to the most recent data published by the University in 2017.

Allan Cole, associate dean for academic affairs in the School of Social Work, said the school uses its advising process and summer courses to help students stay on track towards a four-year graduation.

“We have a very high-touch advising process, so every student in our program is advised by our advisers every semester,” Cole said. “We’re also offering more of our courses, both elective and required, in the summers, so students can take advantage of summers in ways that had previously not been the case.”

The School of Social Work would like to see every student graduate within four years, Cole said, but they realize some things come up in students’ lives that prevent that from happening.

“We really do try to keep students on track, and we work to the best of our ability to make that happen,” Cole said.

The School of Architecture has the lowest four year graduation rate of 20 percent. The School of Architecture only offers two, four-year degrees: Bachelor of Science in Interior Design and Bachelor of Architectural Studies. The rest of the degrees within the School of Architecture are five or six-year programs.

Currently 82 percent of students in the School of Architecture are pursuing one of the five or six-year programs, said Katrina Kosted, undergraduate academic advising coordinator for the School of Architecture.

“It looks excellent if only close to 20 percent of our people are pursuing four-year degrees and our four-year graduation rate is 20 percent,” Kosted said.

The Cockrell School of Engineering had the second-lowest four year graduation rate of 56 percent.

The School of Engineering offers tutoring, supplemental instruction, individualized advising and programs, such as the Women in Engineering Program and Ramshorn Scholars Program, to help students stay on track and increase their four year graduation rate, said Michele Meyer, associate dean for engineering student services.

The 56 percent four year graduation rate may be attributed to students completing research experiences, internships and studying abroad, Meyer said.

“In engineering, it is important for many students to get practical experience prior to completing their degree,” Meyer said. “Depending on the type of experience, some students may complete the experience during a long semester which pushes their academic coursework to the following semester.”