AwesomenessTV CEO advises RTF students

Mason Carroll

AwesomenessTV CEO Jordan Levin returned to UT on Monday to give radio-television-film students advice about the film industry as a UT alumnus who was once in their position.

UT students have an advantage because they are not in places like New York City or Los Angeles, Levin said, allowing students to focus on their education and not get consumed by the industry too soon.

“You’re studying at a critical distance, which really allows you to study, using your time here to take advantage of the way the RTF program educates you,” Levin said. 

AwesomenessTV, a media company based in Los Angeles, is unique in that it appeals to consumers in Generation X, Levin said.

“What’s different (about AwesomenessTV) is the way it goes about reaching and connecting with an audience,” Levin said.

RTF associate professor Alisa Perren coordinated the lecture for her Business of Hollywood class, but the public was welcome to attend. Perren said the event was a great way for students to hear from professionals who can share their experiences and knowledge, and Levin is one of UT’s most prominent RTF alumni.

“It’s great for students to see the possibilities that are actually available for them from people who have been here and risen through the ranks and to also just hear their personal stories,” Perren said.

Perren said as a professor, watching alumni come back and talk to her current students makes her happy.

“It’s always very thrilling to see our alums or see my current students sort of find their ways,” Perren said. “One of the joys in the education process is seeing people find the paths they can take and having it made easier by hearing these types of perspectives.”

Accounting graduate student Matt Norden said he attended the talk because he was interested in Levin’s background working with the National Football League, and said hearing from him was a valuable learning experience.

“I think it’s just part of college to have the opportunity to view different people and hear their stories and learn things,” Norden said.

One of Perren’s students, RTF junior Mitchell Siermans, said he believes lectures from professionals can give real-world insight that isn’t always present in a classroom setting.

“I think events like this are important because it allows connections with actual industries and professionals,”
Siermans said.