UGS Major Exploration Panel aims to help plan students’ futures

Jessica Regan

A group of past School of undergraduate studies students provided insight for current students on trying new paths to different majors on Wednesday.

Students enter undergraduate studies when they are uncertain which major to choose, giving them time to explore their options. Students received advice from graduates who completed the UGS program during a Major Exploration Panel at Parlin Hall. Students asked questions regarding transfer tips, majors and minors and heard panelists’ stories.

Communication studies senior Angela Fayad said UGS exposed her to different career paths.

“UGS helped me out because I didn’t get into my first choice major,” Fayad said. “But this opened up so many options for me to explore and figure out what I wanted to do, and I’m so grateful for that.”

Aside from helping decide their ultimate major, the school gives students a unique opportunity to make new connections with current and previous students.

Emma Carr, undergraduate studies freshman, said scheduling and talking to her counselor helped her begin the decision making process. Carr decided to transfer into advertising after her counselor suggested a psychology of advertising class.

“I entered UGS because I really didn’t know what I was interested in, so it would be the best place for me to start,” Carr said. “My counselor in UGS really helped me make this decision and pushed me to try different classes.”

Lane Mann, Undergraduate Studies Council member, asserts UGS-sponsored events are a great opportunity for students to discover what they’re passionate about.

“Talking to previous UGS students provides reassurance from someone who’s been in their shoes that they have many options to explore,” Mann said. “This whole month is big for exploration and new connections with staff and faculty that they previously couldn’t access.”

Many of the students within the school chose to begin in UGS. Through this start, they can determine what they want to pursue during the rest of their time at UT and beyond.

Aside from the panel, UGS students can seek advice from their counselors for any questions about internal transfers and deciding on a major. Specific events for different schools, including the Major Minor Expo, will be taking place on Feb. 7.

Fayad said UGS was a stepping stone toward her future, and wants to help other students find theirs.

“UGS opened so many doors for my future,” Fayad said. “It really helped me to find my track.”