Students, family, friends gather to honor Harrison Brown

Tehreem Shahab

White flowers were passed among UT students and parents who wore T-shirts reading, “Horns Up for Harry,” as they gathered around Harrison Brown’s memorial tree Tuesday afternoon to honor his life.

May 1 marks the day Harrison Brown, a UT freshman at the time, was fatally stabbed and three other UT students were injured. Harrison’s mother, Lori Brown, was present at the memorial, although she had previously said she would not be in attendance. 

“When I woke up this morning, I was not planning on being here,” Brown said. “And I talked with my older son, who is in a final right now in law school in San Antonio, and I asked him, ‘Should I be in Austin?’ and he said, ‘Yes, mom.’ And my sister-in-law was with me at the time, and we got in the car, and here we are — and I’m happy that I am here.”  

Chemistry junior Stuart Bayliss, one of the survivors of the stabbing, was also present at the memorial. Bayliss said he is recovering well from the injuries he sustained on his lower back and his hand. Around Bayliss’ wrist was an orange bracelet with Harrison’s name engraved on it. Bayliss said he made the bracelet three days after the incident. 

“It means more than anything because it’s basically me walking with Harrison everywhere I go,” Bayliss said. “Doing everything I do, trying to live the life he would have been living if this hadn’t happened.” 

The memorial was organized by Harrison’s family and friends as well as SafeHorns, an organization of parents and community members advocating for safer conditions on campus.

Kate Youman, a member of SafeHorns, said she was there to support the UT community and Harrison’s loved ones. 

“I’m here as a parent (and) as a daughter of a past faculty member,” Youman said. “My family (has) fourth-generation UT students, and so I’m here to support all the students and all the friends and family of Harrison as well as the people who didn’t know Harrison but feel connected to honoring his memory.”