Student musician Eric Loop may bring a refreshingly positive tone to your Spotify profile

Celesia Smith

Eric Loop, business honors and finance sophomore, has quite an impressive résumé. Between being an active member of a Christian fraternity, a Young Life leader, a founder of a service organization and co-host of a KVRX sports radio show, Loop somehow finds the time to develop and share his musical talent.

Loop recorded his EP, The Dorm Room Demo, now on Spotify and Apple Music, in his freshman dorm room.

“Everything that I wrote for The Dorm Room Demo happened in Castilian,” Loop said. “It was a fun process to learn the production side of it. In high school, I was just goofing around. So when I got to college and got more pieces of equipment and musical acumen, I was able to piece everything together. I watched some YouTube videos and figured out how to produce songs.”

Loop began his musical career in high school in a garage rock band, but his personal style has changed since his rock and roll days. The Dorm Room Demo and the songs that Loop covers on his Facebook page give off singer-songwriter vibes, featuring layers of acoustic guitar played by Loop himself.

Business honors sophomore Chandler Rouse has heard Loop’s EP and seen him perform at various ministries. Rouse commended Loop’s natural ability and drive when it comes to both producing and performing.

“He’s a seriously talented musician,” Rouse said. “I think it really just comes naturally to him. He really enjoys being on stage, and not because he’s trying impress anybody and not because it brings him attention. I think it comes through that he’s just comfortable and at ease and really loving what he’s doing when he’s singing.”

In addition to performing at ministries and releasing his EP, Loop showcases his talents on YouTube. His most recent endeavor is a series called “Eric and Friends,” in which he records covers or original songs with his peers.

Studio art sophomore Nicholas Wong designed Loop’s album cover and videotaped the released “Eric and Friends” videos. Wong said that Loop lets the music speak for itself in the videos.

“It’s all about the music. Keeping the process pure is important,” Wong said. “For example, there would be some mistakes in film, but we like that. It makes it really human and it doesn’t look very overproduced or commercialized. This is a dude in college who is making music in his free time and we try and show that.”

Loop’s musical endeavor won’t end with his “Eric and Friends” video series. He plans to release a full length album by the end of the spring 2019 semester. Looking farther in the future, Loop is focused on two potential scenarios that he hopes to develop.

“One is like an upbeat big band where I envision three or four other people playing with me and playing music like James Bay or Allen Stone, the upbeat indie rock,” Loop said. “The other, softer side would be like Penny and Sparrow —the mellow, nice indie folk.”

Loop’s underlying goal through his videos, covers and performances is to reach people on an emotional level.

“[Music has] the physical instrumentation and the vocals on a track, and they may sound beautiful or crazy or happy or sad or whatever and that’s one thing. But then you have the emotion of the song and that’s something I’m trying to tap into,” Loop said. “I like writing about experiences and bringing out emotions, so I think my mission as I put out music is to bring positive vibes out into the world.”