Here’s a Paul McCartney playlist to get you in the ACL mood

Andrea Tinning

As always, a cocktail of impressive artists are scheduled to perform at this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, but for the first time in the festival’s history, a Beatle is taking the stage. 

Out of Paul McCartney’s extensive discography, it’s hard to narrow down the selection to a few favorites. Don’t fret — The Daily Texan has compiled a list of songs to get you in the mood for ACL. 

Fuh You

Straight off his freshly released album Egypt Station,  this is an instant staple of McCartney’s 21st century work. If it weren’t for the singer’s iconic voice, a listener might not even recognize “Fuh You” as a work of the former Beatle. The electronic instruments and euphemism for the F-word in this song’s title digress from McCartney’s usual style, but if nothing else, he’s proven that a 76-year-old can still produce sexy music for all ages.

Goodnight Tonight

A Wings classic from 1979, this song is as relevant as ever, especially for festival goers who don’t want the good times to end when the sun sets. Simply stating “say anything, but don’t say goodnight tonight,” this timeless jam is complete with fun interludes and guitar riffs that keep it fresh with each listen.

Hi Hi Hi

Another euphemism, “Hi Hi Hi” is not a song about saying hello three times. Released in 1972, this Wings song is perfect for the festival experience and anyone struggling with ACL’s new empty-bag policy — or anyone who appreciates the old mantra of sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll. 

Maybe I’m Amazed

If you haven’t already heard this song, you don’t know what love is. From Paul’s first solo album McCartney, this song is dedicated to his late wife Linda. The famous piano ballad is a powerful reminder of the singer’s impressive vocal range and piano mastery. 

Silly Love Songs

This song’s disco melody and strong bass are obvious indicators of the era when it was produced, but it still resonates today. Give this song a listen and get transported to the 1970s in all its big-haired, tight-panted glory. Written in response to critics who accused McCartney of writing exclusively “silly love songs,” Paul slaps back with a hit about … guess what?  

Sing the Changes

Released in the 2008 experimental album Electric Arguments, McCartney partners with British musician Youth to create an upbeat tune. The song is a hopeful reminder that change is often a good thing. Even 10 years later, this song holds up. 

Band on the Run

This three-part song has all the essential McCartney elements. From the slow and angsty beginning to the sunshiny acoustic chorus, “Band on the Run” is an absolute must for any McCartney listener. 

My Brave Face, Original Demo with Elvis Costello

From the McCartney vaults, this track on the special edition release of the 1989 album Flowers in the Dirt, is a jolly acoustic version of McCartney’s “My Brave Face” with more flavor. The McCartney-Costello duo shines in this recording, and gives a taste of what McCartney is like as a performer: all fun, all the time. 

Hey Jude

Any McCartney playlist without a Beatles song is only telling the half-truth as far as this publication is concerned. Another piano classic, “Hey Jude” is a crowd favorite and easy to sing along to, especially considering that nearly half the lyrics are “Na, Na, Na, NA NA NA NA.”