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Here’s a Paul McCartney playlist to get you in the ACL mood

Andrea Tinning October 5, 2018

As always, a cocktail of impressive artists are scheduled to perform at this year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival, but for the first time in the festival’s history, a Beatle is taking the...

21_0831_ChanningMiller(21 bday)

Where to spend your 21st birthday in Austin

Andrea Tinning September 4, 2018

Planning your 21st birthday in Austin can be overwhelming. There are countless venues to consider. Whether you’re down for Dirty Sixth or something more mild, the city never fails to deliver. Here...

Nick Swardson court of Nick Swardson

Nick Swardson returns to Austin’s Paramount for Too Many Smells tour

Andrea Tinning April 13, 2018

Comedian Nick Swardson has been busy over the last decade, starring on shows like Comedy Central’s Reno 911! as well as several films, most recently “The Buddy Games” coming out this...


‘The Eulogist’: A short story

Andrea Tinning April 10, 2018

     The end of my career started with lunch, the day after my great aunt’s funeral. I sat down in a booth on the right side of the old diner and looked out the window. The small town...


Scientists discuss potential mars colony at SXSW

Andrea Tinning March 16, 2018

For many people interplanetary travel and colonizing other worlds seems like science fiction, or at least wishful thinking. Many scientists and engineers aim to make that vision a reality a lot sooner...


Tracy Morgan returns to television with The Last O.G.

Andrea Tinning March 14, 2018

Tracy Morgan is returning to T.V. for the first time since his role as Tracy Jordan on 30 Rock. Fans were ready and won’t be disappointed by his new TBS sitcom, The Last O.G, where Morgan plays a...


Members of the Daily Show with Trevor Noah discuss their multi-platform content strategy at SXSW

Andrea Tinning March 12, 2018

In the era of fake news, satirical news platforms have to work twice as hard to be ahead of the punchline. In a SXSW event appropriately titled Real Fake News Never Stops, writers and producers from The...


Elon Musk makes a surprise appearance at SXSW

Andrea Tinning March 12, 2018

Elon Musk returned to SXSW five years after his first appearance at the festival in a surprise Q&A announced the morning of the event. Musk sat down in front of a packed audience and entertained questions...


How virtual reality can help save the coral reefs

Andrea Tinning March 11, 2018

In 2016, approximately 90% of coral reefs in the Great Barrier Reef sustained damage in a bleaching event primarily caused by higher temperatures due to global warming. When the story broke, headlines...


Bill Hader makes his directing debut at SXSW with the HBO TV series “Barry”

Andrea Tinning March 10, 2018

Some T.V shows are meant to be comical breaks from reality while others are designed to make you think. A few even aim to jar their audiences with gore and suspense. “Barry” does it all in...


Bernie Sanders makes his SXSW debut with empowering discussion of key political issues

Andrea Tinning March 10, 2018

Senator Bernie Sanders made his SXSW debut with an interviewer he is familiar with, CNN Chief Washington Correspondent and host of the weekly political talk show “State of the Union”, Jake...


Nostalgia gaming: Mario, Sonic evokes mixed feelings in the gaming community

Andrea Tinning February 8, 2018

Between Mario, Sonic and Link, nostalgia gaming has bullied out the competition, leaving some gamers worried that the industry is heading toward a uniform and gray dystopian future — and not the...


Women unite with the second annual ‘State of the Uterus’

Andrea Tinning January 26, 2018

Local female empowerment organization BossBabesATX claims they are putting the ‘fun’ in fundamental human rights by hosting the second annual State of the Uterus this Friday — an event...


Community Cinema unites Austinites under the silver screen

Andrea Tinning December 11, 2017

Every Friday night, Austinites cozy up with blankets and gather ‘round as a huge projector screen lights up the outdoor theater in the outskirts of the city. Partnered with Alamo Drafthouse, Community...


After holiday season, Christmas trees are the gift that keeps on giving

Andrea Tinning December 6, 2017

The holiday season is finally here, and people are putting up festive trees in their living rooms. In a couple of weeks, those trees will be withering husks of the jolly Christmas symbols they used to...


Tat-Tuesday: Students share stories behind their ink

Peter Cowie Many children play cards with their grandparents, but for radio-television-film freshman Peter Cowie, the memory stands out in his childhood. Cowie’s first tattoo, a playing...

Linguistics student starts the conversation on bat conservation

Andrea Tinning November 30, 2017

One linguistics junior gained sympathy for her favorite winged creature by speaking the language of bats. Jennifer Tucker found her longstanding love for the animal after she earned her own wings in the...


Student takes iPhone repair business from dorm room to boardroom

Andrea Tinning November 17, 2017

From replacing broken iPhone screens from the comfort of his old dorm in Jester to interning at Google in Boulder, Colorado, one UT student is making money moves. Marketing junior Anthony Matthews built...

Box_Forts1115_NikolePena_BoxFort copy

Campus Environmental Center thinks out-of-the-box for America Recycles Day

Andrea Tinning November 15, 2017

Longhorn students no longer have any reason to fear invading medieval armies, because some students are finally building a fortress on the East Mall — moat not included. The Campus Environmental...


300: Polish tutor shares culture through language

Andrea Tinning November 14, 2017

Polish descendants make up less than 2 percent of the Texan population, yet the voices flowing through the halls of Burdine every Thursday evening  might make it feel like you’re in Krakow. Tutor...

Five reasons why college-age voters matter

Andrea Tinning November 7, 2017

The college vote makes a difference in politics. If it didn’t, politicians wouldn’t use Snapchat. For those who are skeptical, here are five important facts about the role college age voters...


300: Engineer turned premed student finds his (e-)identity

Andrea Tinning November 2, 2017

UT IDs are pretty magical. They allow students and faculty to swipe open doors, check grades and ride the bus for free. But who are the mysterious people behind the curtain controlling our identities?...


Four ways to avoid having a ‘deadbeat’ roommate

Andrea Tinning October 31, 2017

Ghosts are real. That’s the implication of 1991 court case Stambovsky v. Ackley, which established that a house could be haunted by its reputation, if nothing else. The case began when Jeffrey Stambovsky...

DayofDead_1026_Courtesy of Lesly Reynaga

Dia de los Muertos festivities unite Austin community

Andrea Tinning October 26, 2017

Octobers in Monterrey, Mexico, marked Lesly Reynaga’s childhood with the scent of fresh food and marigolds. The UT alumna and director of Austin’s Dia de los Muertos festivities said that in...

LARTSFILM_1024_Courtesy of Austin Under the Stars Film Festival

Austin Under the Stars draws filmmakers, builds community

Andrea Tinning October 24, 2017

Austin’s festival scene is growing its reputation as a place for filmmakers, but the community aspects of festivals can be hard to find amidst the chaos of events like SXSW. A new film festival,...


Program coordinator helps college women break glass ceiling

Andrea Tinning October 20, 2017

From empowering college students to helping professional women address the wage gap, Nancy Ewert’s job is to help young women succeed. As a program coordinator at the Center for Women’s...


Short film ‘Play Pretend’ works to make diversity and equality a reality in the film industry

Andrea Tinning October 16, 2017

Going up against sexism in the film industry might feel like a monster too big for one person to tackle, but one radio-television-film alumna is preparing for a battle of cinematic proportions, while also...


KVRX works to grow music diversity initiative

Andrea Tinning September 25, 2017

Every night, music pours out from one of Austin’s iconic music venues, Hole in the Wall. For decades, the venue has booked budding talent in Austin. Now, thanks to KVRX and the Austin Music Commission,...


Student battles cancer with support from friends, family

Andrea Tinning September 18, 2017

Every senior faces hurdles before graduation. For accounting and philosophy senior Michael Mott, the long list of senior year hurdles is punctuated by a battle with bone cancer. Last month, doctors...


Boiz of Austin rule the city’s drag kingdom

Andrea Tinning September 13, 2017

The crowd at Elysium screams, squeals and swoons for the same performers every month with the same vigor as preteens do at an Ed Sheeran concert. Austin’s only drag king troupe, The Boiz of...


Friend-finder app helps students connect on campus

Andrea Tinning September 6, 2017

When more than 50,000 students are busy hustling from class to class, it can be difficult to get to know anyone. That’s one reason why Tony Daher created Patook, an app designed to help people create...


Student finds love, hopes to change the world

Andrea Tinning May 1, 2017

The thought of finding love in a foreign country sounds like the beginning of a far-fetched fairytale, but that’s exactly what happened to Olga Dorman when she took a vacation from her home in Belarus...

Courtesy of Thanin Viriyaki

Local homes tour keeps Austin weird, housing affordable

Andrea Tinning April 19, 2017

From tree houses to converted metal storage units, the only thing the houses featured in the Weird Homes Tour have in common is the attention they attract from passers-by. On April 22, 10 eye-catching...

2017-04-10_bidi_bidi_banda_courtesy_Eric Celedon

Bidi Bidi Banda celebrates Selena’s 46th Birthday at The Highball

Andrea Tinning April 10, 2017

Last year, The Highball faced its biggest crowd ever when over 1000 people showed up to hear Bidi Bidi Banda, Austin’s own Selena tribute band. This year, the celebration is going to be even bigger...


Sociology professor encourages students to listen for opportunity’s knock

Andrea Tinning April 4, 2017

Most people might shudder at the thought of ghostly encounters, but for sociology professor Michael Hirsch, it’s just another day at work. In a career that has covered a variety of research and...


Decades-old physics student organization encourages science majors

Andrea Tinning March 28, 2017

Physics students at UT have a lot of potential­ — when they’re not referring to energy in their school work, they’re bringing it to club meetings. UT’s Society of Physics...


UT mentorship organization makes fundraising magic happen

Andrea Tinning March 21, 2017

One of UT-Austin’s student organizations is dedicated to mentoring disadvantaged middle school students and has already attracted dozens of volunteers. But their fundraising goal is so enormous,...


Navigating SXSW

Andrea Tinning March 10, 2017

The city of Austin can already be a difficult place to navigate, but during South By Southwest, it‘s even more confusing. Rest assured, there are a wide range of transportation options to make sure...


Disney fan club creates whole new world for UT students

Andrea Tinning March 7, 2017

According to the story of Peter Pan, all children, except one, grow up, but that’s not true for members of Disneyy Club Texas. In fall 2015, advertising junior Cortney Carter created...


Polish students connect through shared heritage

Andrea Tinning February 28, 2017

Though Poland is an ocean and half a continent away, UT students have brought some of Polska to campus. Now, they bond over uniquely Polish traditions such as eating paczki and going to Polish mass. Founded...


300: Warm coffee and warm hearts, the story of a working mom

Andrea Tinning February 22, 2017

Editor’s note: In 300 words or fewer, this series spotlights people in our community whose stories typically go untold. Students and faculty at the Belo Media Center recognize the manager of Cappy’s...


Teji’s manager serves up warm smiles and history

Andrea Tinning February 15, 2017

Teji’s on Guadalupe makes a point to be a student-friendly environment, but it’s not the free Wi-Fi that keeps students coming back. It’s the one face that sticks around for almost the...


Electronic music brings students together

Andrea Tinning February 13, 2017

Nothing makes a party worse than a low turn-out and bad playlist, but thankfully that’s something UT’s Electronic Music Club will never have to worry about, since the club is a platform for...


Austin Students for Global Peace helps students weather Peace Corps application

Andrea Tinning February 1, 2017

Applying to the Peace Corps is almost like entering a beauty pageant. Potential volunteers must be intelligent, hardworking and have an earnest desire for world peace.  In spring 2016, to help...

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