Up your festival fashion game in time for Austin City Limits

Danielle Ortiz

Music festivals aren’t just a time to hear good tunes, but also an opportunity to flaunt the bold and colorful styles that may not be appropriate for class. Austin City Limits brings out some of the best musicians and the best of festival fashion.

Being the most fashionable at Zilker Park is tricky when dealing with high temperatures, long walks and heavy crowds. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style. The Daily Texan has compiled the best ACL trends that are both fashionable and practical.

Say bye to flower crowns

Bandannas and wide-brimmed hats are more practical than quintessential music festival flower crowns. Soaking bandannas with water can help you cool down, while wide-brimmed hats block out the Texas sun.

Fanny packs

There is an ongoing debate as to whether or not fanny packs are fashionable. However, designers such as Gucci and Marc Jacobs are giving them a chance on the runway. The days of unflattering and tawdry fanny packs are long gone. It’s now easy to find one that doesn’t look like it’s straight out of your mom’s closet. ACL’s new bag policy limits the number of pockets in purses or backpacks, so fanny packs are an effective and practical solution to carrying your fest necessities hands-free. The smaller the bag, the less likely it will get in the way while you’re rocking out in the crowd.

Stick to the basics

High-waisted shorts are a festival staple, and there’s a reason they haven’t gone out of style. High-waisted shorts are great for walking around in and have big pockets that eliminate the need for a bag. Bypass the long ACL lines by packing all of your necessities in those roomy pockets.

Wear good walking shoes

Luckily, sneakers aren’t just for athletes anymore. Designers have brought sneakers into high fashion, taking the already popular Adidas and Converse to a higher style status. White sneakers are an iconic festival style, but be careful — with the dirt at Zilker and a chance of rain this weekend, wear shoes you don’t mind getting dirty.

Striking stripes

Stripes are the classic trend that stay in season year-round. There are so many stripes of all colors and sizes, you are sure to find the perfect piece. Stripes will look great printed on long, flowing pants. Pair them with your favorite band T-shirt to amp up the classic staple.

Western revival

Thanks to the recent Western trend, those cowboy hats and boots that only make their appearance on game days can be repurposed. Suede fringe, vintage-wash denim and Western-detailed accessories can now be found in stores like Forever 21 and Zara, although most Texans already have a closet full of them. The key is to keep it simple with cowboy boots, a denim skirt and a band tee.

Say yellow!

2016 fashion coined the popular color “millennial pink.” Since then, the hue has dominated the fashion industry. Recently, a new color, coined “Gen Z yellow” has dethroned “millennial pink.” The hue is bold, bright and canary-colored. Even Beyoncé wore the color during her opening performance at Coachella.