Nightmare at UT: Here’s 8 spooky date ideas in Austin

Diana Martinez

It’s time to get spoopy with B\bae and there’s so many ways to embrace the spirit of the season.


1. Check your Canvas grades

Are you ready for a scream? This activity can be done remotely and it's guaranteed to give you a fright. Get spooked by the sight of failure and due dates.


2. Summon spirits at Pease Park

Witching hour happens every night make one special. Pick up your boo and your favorite ouija board and head further west to Pease Park. Here the trees are just thick enough to conceal the spirits you summon that make for the perfect fight night.


3. Frat party

Grab the sports jerseys and the Jim and Pam couple costumes, it’s time for Kappaween at your favorite fraternity party.


4. Running from scarecrows at Barton Hill Farms

There is no guarantee that they're truly trying to kill you, but their eyes kind of follow you, don’t they? Take your chances while finding the best pumpkin to carve into a jack-o-lantern.  


5. Digging graves at Zilker Park

I would check Austin digging laws before this one, but with the proper research, there’s no reason to not dig premade graves at Zilker Park. You don’t have to fill the graves, but like the boy scouts say: be prepared.


6. Stargazing at the RLM

The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of the college of natural sciences. Reach the top floor of the RLM to enter the observatory and take a glance at the stars. Go up all seventeen flights of stairs and stare out into space while pondering your own existence and galactic insignificance.


7. Night walking in West Campus

Go for a romantic stroll through our very own Wampus at approximately midnight. Make sure to stick to the buddy system — the streets are rifled with reckless drivers and uneven terrain.


8. Break up

Give in to true fear when you hear the words, “I just don’t think you’re emotionally available.” Sprinkle in some, “It’s not you, it’s me,” for an added dose of mental trickery.