Har-D-Har Improv kicks semester off with first show

Devin Daryanani

Two teams of students competed Thursday night in a battle of jokes and skits, starting off their first show of the year as the University’s newest improv comedy troupe.

Har-D-Har Improv was formed in the fall semester of 2016 by radio-television-film junior Daniel Voinis. 

“In my freshman year, I had some bad auditions for the improv groups on campus,” Voinis said. “I either wait another year to join something I love or make one myself.”

The improv group puts on shows comprising of several small scenes and gimmicks based on the audience’s suggestions. 

“Compared to the other comedy groups on campus, we focus on short-form improv and group games,” Voinis said. “We know upwards of 100 games and skits to make it engaging.”

Har-D-Har member Rachel Elfezouaty says the group has a range of humor and is filled with different personalities. 

“Even though it is my first year being a part of the Har-D-Har Improv group, I’ve gotten a chance to try short-form comedy,” Elfezouaty said.

The group’s first show was in late spring 2017. Voinis said shows soon became biweekly, which is more than other comedy groups on campus, allowing more opportunities for students to attend a show. 

Elfezouaty says despite the group focusing on short-form improv, the group tries all types of improv comedy. 

“All of us try our best, and all of them are great,” Elfezouaty said. “While (Har-D-Har) is still in its infancy, I think the group will get better and better.” 

Journalism sophomore Mikayla Mondragon, who attended the show, said it was full of laughs and dark humor. 

“I have seen parts of this show, but tonight is my first full showing,” Mondragon said. “My boyfriend is also in the show, so getting to see him is always great.”

Two audience members, rhetoric senior Chantal Ligon and electrical engineering junior Haylea Renguul, said they are regulars and have attended every Har-D-Har Improv show together. 

“Har-D-Har is the best one on campus,” Ligon said. “Tonight’s show was great and almost made me choke on my drink.”

The shows are free and open to all people. Har-D-Har Improv’s next show is in two weeks on Thursday, Feb. 14. 

“If you want dark humor and audience engagement, come see one of our shows,” Voinis said.


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