Students create zine for first-gen students, people of color

Angelica Arinze

UT students recently created a new publication that aims to serve as not only a resource, but a creative outlet for first-generation students and students of color.

The publication name, expectations, comes from the expectations many students in these communities feel they have to meet because of pressures from family and society, co-founder Smruthi Senthil said. The publication began accepting applications last week for various departments, including writing, social media, photography and event planning.

Co-founder Adriana Torres said she founded the publication because she believes it’s important for first-gen students to have spaces that are fun, creative and more social.

“A lot of resources and organizations on campus for (people of color) and first-gen students are very career and academic-oriented,” advertising sophomore Torres said. “I felt like it would be nice for (people of color) and first-gen students to have a creative space as well as express themselves through art and writing.”

Neuroscience sophomore Senthil said expectations will be a magazine that combines journalism, creative works and op-eds about the struggles people of color and first-gen students face. A zine is a publication with a small circulation that includes work of “minority interest,” according to the UT Libraries website.


“We also want to touch on topics that (students of color) have to face such as impostor syndrome, cultural appropriation, diversity and inclusivity,” Senthil said. “We want the people of color and first-gen student voices to be heard throughout the UT community.”

Biology sophomore Kelly Miau said she applied to write for the zine to expand her creative side, and looks forward to collaborating with fellow students of color.

“I am super excited to be a part of a student-led zine and be able to meet different kinds of creators,” Miau said in a direct message on Instagram. “It creates a safe space for (people of color) to come together and get creative. I look forward to expanding my creative side and learning from fellow peers in the org.”

Interested students can fill out a form on Google Forms, which can be found on the organization’s Twitter page.

“We are looking for photographers, writers, designers and honestly anyone that wants to join and work towards something new,” Senthil said. “We hope to be a publication that allows creators to expand their portfolios, find their voice and grow as an individual.”