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October 4, 2022

House of Torment adds to fearsome experience with axe throwing, haunted mazes

Eddie Gaspar

House of Torment is back from the grave once again for its 2019 haunt season.

Eager thrill-seekers will be pleasantly surprised to discover the notorious attraction has brought with it a plethora of exciting and ghoulish activities, including a new axe-throwing game and haunted mazes. The Daily Texan went to the 2019 Media Night and compiled a list to give students a taste of what House of Torment’s new experiences have to offer.

Haunted Mazes

As one of Austin’s most notable haunted attractions, House of Torment wouldn’t be as memorable without its signature batch of three haunted mazes. Attendees have the opportunity to face their fears within several uniquely-themed experiences. “Rise of the Dead” sends visitors deep into the halls of an asylum overrun with infected patients. Customers travel through cell blocks and medical facilities while escaping the foul swipes of the undead.

The second attraction, “Dimensions of Darkness,” revolves around an otherworldly atmosphere filled with everything from gigantic alien creatures to demonic evil twins. The interior of this maze is twisted and disorienting while featuring stellar lighting effects and a glowing vortex.

Lastly, “Clown” welcomes guests into a run-down home owned by a family that simply loves to clown around. The eerie corridors and dusty rooms have been infested with maniacal circus clowns eager to put a permanent smile on your face.

Axe Throwing

Guests eager to defend themselves from the onslaught of zombies and clowns roaming the attraction can perfect their skills with House of Torment’s brand-new Class Axe booth. Equipped with several small axes, guests can test their aim on a selection of wooden targets. Those looking for competition can even keep score by using the different point references listed on the various parts of the targets.

Mini-Escape Rooms

In between attractions, guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in short escape room experiences. While most escape room attractions aim for an elongated and complex experience, House of Torment simply gives guests five minutes to solve the mystery of their captivity. The rooms all revolve around different storylines, including a heist mission and a jail escape. One room even places a guest in a prison cell, forcing the other members of the team to work together to rescue the prisoner.

The Icons

While customers fearfully await their turn at the front of the haunted maze line, creatures will make drastic attempts to entertain their upcoming victims. Monsters, dubbed as “icons” by the haunt, roam the park while spreading fear and entertainment amongst customers. Icons range anywhere from a rejected party clown with a blue tongue to a decaying sailor zombie covered in seaweed and hanging lanterns. These creatures come with unique personalities, interacting with customers in a variety of ways. Some will simply growl and stalk, while others may engage in decadently morbid dialogue with guests. One spooktacular creature even begs for Halloween candy to fill her pumpkin pail.

Editor's Note: A previous version of this article mentioned movie screenings from Alamo Drafthouse. That portion of the article has been removed due to the cancellation of the screenings. 

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House of Torment adds to fearsome experience with axe throwing, haunted mazes