Seven San Jacinto dorm rooms burglarized over weekend


Photo Credit: Yifan Lyu | Daily Texan Staff

The UT Police Department reported seven dorm rooms were burglarized this weekend in the San Jacinto Residence Hall, according to a UTPD incident notification. 

UTPD responded to the first report of a burglary in the San Jacinto Residence Hall on Saturday, according to the incident notification. On Sunday morning, UTPD reported at least six more dorm rooms had been burglarized, according to the incident notification.

UTPD spokesperson Noelle Newton said though six burglaries were reported Sunday morning, UTPD believes the items were stolen from dormitories Saturday.

UTPD is actively investigating these incidents. Newton said some of the dormitories that were burglarized were unlocked, and students should always lock their dorm room door when they leave. 

“If anyone saw anyone suspicious in the hallways, any information, we want to hear from them,” Newton said. “You can make an anonymous report on (the LiveSafe app).You can also make an anonymous report online.”

Aaron Voyles, director for residence halls operations at University Housing and Dining, said all students are required to swipe their UT ID to enter the residence halls. Voyles said he hopes to prevent future burglaries by further enforcing the “one swipe, one entry” policy and promoting the importance of locking doors.

“If we observe any unauthorized individuals entering the hall, we do have a response to that where we’ll ask them to leave and document that situation as well,” Voyles said. “(We) really want to also ask our residents to help us enforce the policies by making sure that they’re following the “one swipe, one entry” policy, and also that they’re locking their doors.” 

Students with any information on these burglaries can contact 512-471-4441 at extension nine.

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to include a new comment from University Housing and Dining.