Four burglaries reported at The Callaway House in past two weeks


UTPD responds to a report of a disturbance at the Union Building on March 4, 2020.

Photo Credit: Eddie Gaspar

The Austin Police Department reported four burglaries at The Callaway House, an off-campus private dorm, in the last two weeks.

Three burglaries were reported Oct. 17 on the 7th and 8th floors of The Callaway House and another last Thursday on the 9th floor, according to the APD incident reports database. APD is actively investigating these incidents, APD officer Kevin Krzan said in email.

APD did not immediately provide further information at the time of publication.

The Callaway House declined to comment.

Biology freshman Emma Davila said her room was burglarized last Wednesday, and she reported the incident to the police Thursday. 

“I came home the next morning because I had class and realized that my room was gone through and kind of trashed,” Davila said. “It has kind of just been floating around that there have been burglaries, but I didn’t know this until the day that I was robbed.”


Davila said she spent the night at a friend’s house, so the door was unlocked for her return. When Davila arrived the next morning, she found her wallet, which contained her credit card, debit card, ID and cash, had been stolen along with designer belts and a speaker.

Davila said her three roommates were asleep in the apartment when the burglary took place. She said her roommates did not hear anything in the night.

“Knowing that someone was in not only my room but our apartment while my roommates were sleeping, and my roommates were probably not sleeping with the doors locked, so they could have been injured or hurt — it was just a scary situation,” Davila said.

None of her roommates were hurt, and they didn’t know about the burglary until the next morning, Davila said.

“It's such an invasion of privacy, especially to know that someone went through all my things, and they know what I look like now,” Davila said. “I have pictures of me and my family and my friends on the wall, so it just feels like a violation.”