Student creates ethical, sustainable clothing business

Gracyn Freiling

On his first scuba diving trip in 2018, Austin Huang stepped off the boat and took the plunge into crystal clear waters. He was struck by the beauty of the underwater world, but his delight was soon replaced with shock when he noticed the plastic pollution floating nearby.

“That kind of took a toll on me,” sustainability studies sophomore Huang said. “I was like, ‘Okay, there's got to be some way I can help … make a change.’”

The experience motivated him to study sustainability at UT as well as launch an ethical and sustainable clothing brand called Another Good Human. The brand seeks to “celebrate the good of humanity” and encourages its customers to be good stewards of the planet.  

Huang said a main principle of the brand is to take the most ethical production route. He said their clothes are made from 100% organic cotton grown without harmful pesticides, which requires less energy and water to produce. 

The brand mainly sells T-shirts, hats and hoodies in several colors and designs including tie-dye. One of its most popular designs features the slogan, “Imagine the world without hate.”

“On this earth … it's my job to show compassion to other people, to love them no matter who they are (or) what they've been through,” Huang said. “I wanted to manifest that in what Another Good Human is hopefully going to become.”

The brand’s Instagram account, @anothergoodhuman, is usually full of colorful photography of the products. Now, the account is currently blank. Huang said he is launching a kickstarter March 20 that will steer the brand in a new sustainable direction.

Tony Slate, a teacher and mentor from Huang’s hometown of Sugar Land, Texas, has witnessed Huang’s passion for environmental change grow over the years. He said he is confident Another Good Human could become a full-time venture for Huang some day.

“He has so much determination and intelligence and tenacity,” Slate said. “I am really inspired. He's definitely a world changer.” 

Another Good Human has also chosen only to partner with manufacturers with certain certifications, such as Fair Trade, who can ensure safe working conditions and fair pay for their employees. 

“Sustainability is not just about recycling plastic water bottles,” Huang said. “(It) stretches from the ethical side of labor to … even empowering people and teaching them about environmental issues around the world.”

UT alumnus Devin Kumar first heard of Another Good Human through a friend and said his own interest in sustainability drove him to place an order. 

“I try to … be an educated consumer,” Kumar said. “As a society, if we put more emphasis towards these kinds of purchases … that pay more attention to where they're sourced, it (could) definitely create an impact.” 

Beginning in October, the brand partnered with Ecologi, an organization that plants a tree for every Another Good Human order placed. So far, the collaboration has resulted in about 70 planted trees around the world.

“My main driving goal is just to achieve sustainability in my own way and to help the world see the importance of it,” Huang said.