The Daily Texan’s spring playlist to accompany you outdoors

Angela Lim, Senior Life & Arts Reporter

Hanging out at the South Mall to escape from a mountainous workload of assignments, projects and exams requires the perfect soundtrack. As students brave the final weeks of the spring semester, The Daily Texan compiled a playlist to encapsulate this season’s gentle warmth and breeze.


“Thinkin Bout You” by Frank Ocean

Beginning with a magical stringed intro, Frank Ocean showcases his rich vocal color, switching between registers on top of pulsating rhythms. The laidback track makes use of filters and panning to convey a contemplative state of mind.


“Paprika” by Japanese Breakfast

Taking inspiration from a Satoshi Kon film of the same name, Japanese Breakfast’s Michelle Zauner paints a marching band scene with brass, winds and snares. “Paprika” combines a layered ensemble that gradually transforms into a symphonic movement.



“LILAC” reflects IU’s 20s through a nostalgic, disco groove. In her fifth album’s title track, the artist mesmerizes listeners with the delicate timbre of her voice. Bursting in lavender tones, the song bids farewell to sweet memories and welcomes a new season. 

“True Lovers” by Holy Holy

With synths and a plucked guitar tune springing throughout, the Australian duo’s most streamed song follows the story of meeting the right person at the wrong time. The electric guitar’s presence magnifies upon reaching stunning shredded sections.


“orange show speedway” by Lizzy McAlpine

The finale of McAlpine’s latest album five seconds flat synthesizes its themes like a moth to a flame. Reminiscing about her youth, the artist sings about the exhilaration love causes in spite of its potential to burn. Regardless of the outcome, people still go “racing headfirst.”


“Evergreen” by Omar Apollo

“Evergreen,” a song from Omar Apollo’s latest album Ivory, invites listeners to sway along to its swinging compound meter. The artist delivers an emotional vocal performance that floats above the heavenly track, its reverie persisting until a smooth fade-out.


“Change My Mind” by Woodes

Ambient and picturesque, “Change My Mind” relaxes with its slow-moving synths and easy listening melodies. The track ends with a crystallizing outro, spreading enchantment as Woodes’ vocals surround her listeners.


“Dreaming” by Clea

Clea nonchalantly enunciates the lyrics of “Dreaming,” singing, “I’ve been inundated / In a rolling trance.” The artist’s delivery enhances the fantastical premise of the song, taking listeners away from reality and expressing one’s innermost thoughts.


“All I Ever Asked” by Rachel Chinouriri

The London-based singer-songwriter pulls listeners in with her dreamlike voice alone. From the track’s full vocal harmonies to subtle changes in guitar strumming, Chinouriri creates a musical highland that seamlessly expands its instrumentals before reverting back to acappella.


“Spring Is Here” by Ella Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald’s rendition of “Spring Is Here” captures the season at its most serene. Yearning for the joy it brings, the jazz singer slides through a field of cascading piano melodies and strings. Her voice lingers with elegant, floral phrasing.