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October 4, 2022

The Texan Recap: West Mall Post Office, SEC Celebration

In this episode of The Texan Recap, Multimedia Editor Joseph Sweeney chats about Document Solutions opening a new mail-service provider on the University’s West Mall and alumni reminisce upon UT’s athletic legacy at last weekend’s SEC Celebration.

Reported by Caroline McConnico and Flora Farr. Hosted and edited by Joseph Sweeney. Cover art by Emma Berke. Music by Top Flow Productions.


Joseph Sweeney: Document Solutions opens up a new Post Office on the University’s West Mall and alumni reminisce upon UTs athletic legacy at last Sunday’s SEC Celebration.

I’m your host this week, Joseph Sweeney and this is The Texan Recap.

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Joseph: The West Mall post office closed earlier this January, and now Document Solutions, UTs full-service mail carrier, has moved into their former space. Joining me now to tell us more about the change is senior news reporter Caroline McConnico, how are you doing today Caroline? 

Caroline: Hi, I’m doing good today. 

Joseph: Alright, so where exactly is the new document solution space located? 

Caroline: Yeah so the new document solution space is located in the former U.S. Postal Services West mall location. 

Joseph: Alright and what services does the location currently offer? 

Caroline: Yeah so the location currently offers the same mail and postal services as the former USPS office, but it also now offers copy and business services and document solutions does not provide passport services.

Joseph: Where can students go regarding passports? 

Caroline: Students can go to Texas Global in the Tower for passport services. 

Joseph: And prior to the change, what spaces were there for postal services previously? 

Caroline: Yeah so previously there was the USPS office in the West Mall location was there, and then Document Solutions was located in the Steve Hicks School of Social Work.

Joseph: Alright, my final question, why was this location chosen, and why were previous locations shuttered? 

Caroline: Yeah so for the article, I talked to Meredith Pruitt, the Associate Vice President of Communications and Engagement, and she said the location was chosen because it’s more central to the rest of campus, and that the previous location was shut down because USPS said the lease for the building was not renewed. 

Joseph: That was senior news reporter Caroline McConnico. Thank you so much for joining me here today. 

The Longhorns celebrated their move to the Southeastern Conference Sunday, June 30 with a full day of festivities. Joining me now to tell us more about the alumni at the event is Senior Life and Arts Reporter Flora Farr. How are you doing today Flora?

Flora: I’m great. How are you? 

Joseph: Pretty good. Thank you for asking. So tell me a bit about the festivities that were being held on the main mall. 

Flora: All day at UT there was different festivities like celebrating the SEC transition for athletics. And so the major part of that was across the whole Main Mall there was a bunch of live music bringing like different game day festivities that people have come to know as tradition for longhorn like football games, like bringing beaver over or having like Longhorn City Limits. Also like some of the UT band and everything. So they brought all of that to the main mall. So that everybody could come and enjoy that. And then they also had a big presentation with some SEC representatives and also UT representatives announcing that UT was officially in the SEC and then also had Pitbull and different artists performing.

Joseph: And so tell me a bit more about some of the festivities that were being held at the celebration. Some of the stuff I’d heard was going on at like the campus museums. I heard that there was also some underground bowling. Can you tell me a bit about some of that stuff and a bit more? 

Flora: Well, a really cool opportunity with bringing so many people across – even just across Texas, UT fans coming to the campus was that the campus got to open its doors for all those people in a way that they don’t normally get to. So museum admission was free. They also had union, like, underground bowling that was open to people and that was free. Also, random things like the KUTX station, they had records playing, like, people could walk in while they’re playing live and everything on the radio. And then different buildings were open as well for people to walk around. 

Joseph: So your story talks a bit about, uh, alumni’s experiences going to these events. So what about these events really resonated with the alumni?

Flora: Those alumni, they went to UT and then have since come back to work at UT. And so they were able to be a part of the planning and then also attend the event and kind of enjoy those traditions, and pieces of UT that they’ve always loved in a different way than when they were attending UT. Andy Langer, he loves music and he was able to bring, like, help bring music to UT, um, at the main mall. And then Charles Branch, he loves football game day, um, because he always helps with Longhorn City Limits and the Beaver Parade before that. And so he was able to bring that to the main mall. And then the same with Ashley. She recently graduated from UT, and she always wanted to kind of work with museums, and she was able to host people who were coming for free admission at the Texas Science Museum. 

Joseph: One of the alumni in your story spoke about how the live music scene in Austin has helped bridge the city community and the UT communities together. So can you tell me a bit more about this person’s perspective about, you know, how live music has been able to bridge those two communities? 

Flora: Yeah, so Andy Langer, he went to UT in the 90s. Back in that time, like, Austin was a much smaller city, and so there was a much bigger separation between Austin’s live music scene and, like, UT Austin, just because it wasn’t so connected. It wasn’t all, like, compact downtown and everything. And so, since the city’s grown, and also since, um, like, President Jay Hartzell has started his live music initiative to try and bring more live music to campus, that live music culture has become a way to bridge the gap between the campus and city because artists have started coming to the UT campus, like, specifically. And especially at the Main Mall, it’s been really interesting to see bigger artists being Coming to the Main Mall. So part of that has been like, I think earlier this year, like the Peach Tree Rascals and like Diplo, like they came and performed at the main mall. And so yeah, now they had Pitbull perform, which is probably I think the biggest artist that they’ve had. And so there’s that and then there was also like local artists like the Spazmatics of Austin who came. 

Joseph: My final question for you today. How do alumni feel about the move to the SEC and what this means for Texas athletics? 

Flora: Alumni are really excited, not just because of, well, partially because of the athletics, because there’s a lot of Texas pride in it. Charles Branch had mentioned, well, so he went to UT the last time that UT football won the national championship. So he was, he’s been able to experience a lot of that athletic passion, like at its peak back in 2005 and also now moving into the SEC. People like him are obviously very excited to have that increased attention on UT and being able to like, show that off. And then, like, further express their pride in the program beyond that, like, people across the campus and alumni are also just really excited to be able to show off what the campus has to offer as a whole more. Because just even with the SEC celebration, people who are big sports fans or big live music fans, they were able to see all different aspects of the campus, including like the museum scene.

Joseph: That was senior life and arts reporter Flora Farr, thank you so much for being with me here today.

Thank you for joining us for this edition of The Texan Recap for Sunday, July 7. The Texan Recap is a production of The Daily Texan Audio Department. If you liked this episode, make sure to subscribe to The Daily Texan on your streaming platform of choice and follow us on Twitter @texanaudio. This episode was hosted and edited by me, Joseph Sweeney. Special thanks to Caroline McConnico and Flora Farr for their reporting. To read the news stories in this episode or see more from the Texan, head on over to Thank you for listening.


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