• Prince Fielder lands a deal for a prince, strikes agreement with Detroit for 9 years and $214 million

    And just like that, Scott Boras strikes again. Revered by some to be the most successful player agent in all of sports, representing players such as Jacoby Ellsbury, Adrian Beltre, Mark Teixera, and Alex Rodriguez, he is known for getting top dollar for his players services. And as of today, he gets to keep that reputation.

    The Detroit Tigers announced this afternoon they had signed the hefty, lefty first basemen to a nine year deal, paying him $214 million over that span. Not surprisingly, this deal comes right on the heels of the announcement that first basemen/catcher/DH Victor Martinez will be held out all season due to a torn ACL.

    The deal for Prince Fielder comes late in the winter due to an interesting market for his services. The Texas Rangers were rumored to be interested in Fielder, but sources say they had a tough time agreeing on a length for the contract, and after the Yu Darvish signing last week, money was a tad tight. The Nationals were also reported to be in on negotiations, but Prince’s desire to play for a contender all but ruled them out once the Tigers through their hat into the ring.

    The interesting part of this deal is the log jam of all star first basemen Detroit suddenly finds itself with. 28 year old Miguel Cabrera has held the fort down for the last 4 years, even winning the AL batting title in the 2011 season. The always potent Victor Martinez played 32 games at first last season, and he too had an eye popping season at the plate hitting .330. Unless the American League adds a second DH in the very near future, something is going to have to give, as all three of the players are under contract until at least 2015.

    Fielder heads to Detroit to follow his father Cecil Fielder’s legacy, and immediately boosts the Tiger lineup to another level. He provides an immediate replacement for Victor Martinez, and unquestionably puts the Tigers back as the front runners to win the AL central for consecutive years.

    However the Tigers manage the traffic jam at first base, there is no arguing that GM Dave Dombrowski pulled a quick one on the rest of the MLB, and isn’t settling for second place in the American League again in 2012.

  • Deloss Dodds and Bill Powers recommend extending Mack Brown contract

    Athletic Director Deloss Dodds and University President Bill Powers recommend on Tuesday to the University Board of Regents that Mack Brown’s contract be extended.

    “We want Mack Brown to be The University of Texas football coach for as long as he wants,” Dodds and Powers said in a joint statement. “Consequently, we are recommending that the UT System Board of Regents extend Coach Brown’s contract an additional four years, taking it to 2020.”

    Brown’s contract, which expires in 2016, is the only topic on the UT Board of Regents agenda on Thursday. Brown is 141-39 in his 14 years as head coach, and has averaged 10 wins a year during that time. Brown also won a national championship in 2005, and it is safe to say that his impact on the program has been immense in terms of both overall on-field success and financial gain. 

    “He has achieved a level of success rare in college athletics and has done so with the class and integrity that embodies The University of Texas at Austin," Dodds and Powers said. “Our football program is in a great place thanks to Mack’s hard work. Mack is as energized as ever, has a great staff and an exciting young team. Our future is very bright.”

    “We’re proud of everything Coach Brown does for us and, with this recommendation, are thrilled to have him leading our football program for years to come.”