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“Chronicle” redefines superheroes

Alex Williams February 3, 2012

There’s no denying that the found-footage genre is beginning to wear thin. When the genre was getting off the ground, many of the best horror films of their respective years were heralded as examples,...


Director makes successful, terrifying film after nine years

Alex Williams February 3, 2012

The evil-little-boy genre is a tried and true offshoot of horror cinema, and films like “The Omen” are classics for a reason. However, “We Need to Talk About Kevin” is a much more...


“The Grey” is more than a violent survival film

Alex Williams January 27, 2012

When the first trailer for “The Grey” hit, the idea of Liam Neeson reuniting with his “The A-Team” director Joe Carnahan for an extended arctic battle with wolves sounded almost...


‘Vampire Diaries’ offers fresh look in fantasy genre

ChinLin Pan January 26, 2012

Forget glittery Edward Cullen and your traditional bat-turning, cape-wearing and victim-stalking vampire fiction. The CW’s drama-fantasy “The Vampire Diaries” offers an incredibly...


‘Being Human’ brings different twist to supernatural genre

Ricardo Valenzuala January 25, 2012

“Being Human,” originally a BBC original series, has been adapted for U.S. audiences by the Syfy channel. Based in Boston, the show follows a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost that decide to...


Academy favorites take nominations

Alex Williams January 25, 2012

In the Tuesday announcement of the Academy Award nominees, some of the year’s best films have been left out in the cold as usual. Overall, this year’s race is shaping up to be a bit blander...

Streep transforms into Thatcher in Oscar-nominated role

Isaac Gomez January 24, 2012

For every movie, documentary and foreign film buff, the start of the new year stands as a reminder that the Academy Awards are right around the corner. With award nominees revealed each January, it’s...


‘Red Tails’ aims for the sky, but loses momentum with simplicity

Alex Williams January 20, 2012

“Red Tails” has the potential to be a landmark film for many reasons. First off, it’s a film that George Lucas has been prodding into theaters since the 1980s, and it represents a true...


‘Extremely Loud’ fails to capture magnitude of tragedy

Alex Williams January 20, 2012

Since the dawn of cinema, Hollywood has been quick to exploit tragedies new and old for cinematic value, not to mention the occasional awards season boost in prestige. It wouldn’t be too difficult...

2011-11-07_Music_FFFFest_Day 3_Trent

Portlandia vs. Auslandia

Aleksander Chan January 20, 2012

Fred Armisen, of “Saturday Night Live,” and Carrie Brownstein, formerly of the band Sleater-Kinney and currently of Wild Flag, don gender-bending costumes, floppy wigs and peculiar accents...


New season brings revamped Horror Story

Katie Stroh January 19, 2012

 TV showrunners Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk’s creations are often controversial and divisive. Last year’s “American Horror Story” was no different. The showrunners are not...


Contraband provides bare minimum, leaves much to be desired

Alex Williams January 19, 2012

Generic action films like “Contraband” are rarely worth getting excited for, as most of them tend to capitalize on their star’s heroic persona while forgoing unnecessary elements such...

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