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1970s reality show offers insight, depth TV Tuesday

Aleksander Chan April 26, 2011

Reality television is often thought of as the ugly stepchild of modern television. Unless it’s a competitive series of slightly esoteric taste (such as the foodies’ “Top Chef” or...

Documentary satirizes ads in films, TV using humor

Alex Williams April 21, 2011

Morgan Spurlock has a habit of making light, funny documentaries that tackle subject matter ranging from disgusting (“Super Size Me”) to potentially inflammatory (“Where in the World...

Despite complicated plot, HBO fantasy adaptation shows a promising future

Katie Stroh April 19, 2011

Amid a massive amount of media hype and fan anticipation, HBO premiered its ambitious serialized television adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s sprawling fantasy book series “A Song of Ice...

Latest movie in franchise loses steam in final scenes

Aleksander Chan April 18, 2011

Wes Craven’s “Scream 4” is less of a fourth installment in the horror-satire series and more of a throwback to the 1996 original. But retro is in: This movie operates at a bizarre...

Movie sets film-making process in background of political strife

Alex Williams April 11, 2011

“Even the Rain” was lucky enough to be selected as Spain’s submission for this year’s Academy Awards. Although it wasn’t nominated, the film still proves to be worthy of...

‘Your Highness’ exceeds stoner-comedy expectations

Alex Williams April 8, 2011

David Gordon Green’s recent reinvention of his career has been nothing short of fascinating to watch. After creating a name for himself making glacially paced, poetically written indies such as...

Latest generation of teen shows paint distorted picture of fame

Katie Stroh March 8, 2011

Scan the schedule of any kid-centric TV channel these days and it’s impossible to overlook a distressing theme: shows depict young teenagers living glamorous celebrity lives. Shows such as Nickelodeon’s...

Cuts endanger Texas TV, film industry

Julie Rene Tran March 8, 2011

With budget cuts across the legislative board, some members of the acting community are worried the arts will be the first to go. Tonight, Texas actors, producers and writers will gather at Austin...

‘Pirates’ director brings flair to animated Western

Alex Williams March 4, 2011

Director Gore Verbinski turned a lot of heads when he abandoned his “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise to make “Rango,” an animated Nickelodeon Western populated entirely with...

Documentary brings to light problems facing music scene

Ali Breland February 23, 2011

Despite the Austin music scene’s illustrious history, it has been harboring fundamental flaws that stand to compromise the interests of the artists involved, the core of its reputation, and what...

‘I Am Number 4’ far from No. 1

Alex Williams February 22, 2011

“I Am Number Four” is a frustrating film. There are elements of a good film in there. The underused Timothy Olyphant is always a pleasure to watch, and the film’s action scenes...

‘Cedar Rapids’ boasts good casting, Helms’ versatility

Alex Williams February 22, 2011

In the 2009 box office giant “The Hangover,” Ed Helms (along with every other principal cast member) suddenly became a household name, and, like his “Hangover” co-stars, his...

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