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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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UT System regents elect Tucker as board chair

Maria Mendez September 20, 2017

Sara Martinez Tucker was elected to lead the UT System Board of Regents as its new chairwoman on Tuesday. Regent Tucker, a UT alumna, was nominated by Regent Paul Foster to succeed him, and she was...


Moody College of Communications opens gate to Hollywood for students

Mason Carroll September 19, 2017

Thanks to a donation from the Cain Foundation, students can continue to study where the only other UT campus where you might run into Matthew McConaughey is located: Hollywood. Earlier this month, the...


UT System hopes to run renowned Los Alamos Nuclear Lab

Maria Mendez September 12, 2017

Looking to expand in national security and nuclear research, the UT System will compete to run the historic Los Alamos National Laboratory. LANL, the laboratory established under the Manhattan Project...

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UT health institutions resume full operations after Hurricane Harvey

Maria Mendez September 6, 2017

UT System health institutions in the Houston area reopened clinics and classrooms yesterday after surviving Hurricane Harvey with little damage to facilities. The MD Anderson Cancer Center reopened...


UT System police clarify impact of ‘sanctuary cities’ bill on campus

Maria Mendez September 1, 2017

San Antonio federal court Judge Orlando Garcia temporarily blocked Senate Bill 4, the “anti-sanctuary” law, on Wednesday, two days before it was set to be implemented. The UT Police Department...


UT System developing political strategy for tuition increases

Maria Mendez August 31, 2017

New principles for tuition-setting guidelines were discussed and approved by the UT System Board of Regents this past Thursday. Though the principles do not impact tuition immediately, they signal the...


UT Southwestern researchers develop new method of diagnosing Autism Spectrum disorder using blood biomarkers

Jennifer Liu August 30, 2017

Southwestern Medical Center are working to develop blood protein tests that could help diagnose those on the autism spectrum with greater than 90 percent accuracy. According to the group’s study,...


Language open education brings teachers around the country to UT

Rajya Atluri July 26, 2017

Language teachers from around the country gathered at UT on Monday to learn about open education through the Teaching Effectiveness for Language Learning Collab event. The three-day collaborative event...

UT System grads out-earn peers in Texas and U.S., but salary disparities persist

Maria Mendez July 21, 2017

A new study from Georgetown University released Wednesday morning showed higher earnings for University of Texas System bachelor’s degree holders, while emphasizing the importance of a student’s...


UT System Board of Regents meeting interrupted by PETA supporters

Wesley Story July 17, 2017

A UT System Board of Regents meeting was interrupted Wednesday afternoon when two animal rights activists barged into the meeting room holding signs with dog pictures.   The Board of Regents met...


UT sued again for affirmative action policy by architect of Fisher case

Albert Zhao June 28, 2017

Edward Blum, president of Students for Fair Admissions and the self-described “architect” of the Fisher v. University of Texas case, filed a lawsuit Tuesday against UT for the University’s...


Fenves announces interim vice president for diversity and community engagement

Tristan Davantes June 10, 2017

President Fenves announced Tuesday that Leonard Moore will fill the role of interim vice president of diversity and community engagement starting July 17. Moore is taking the place of Gregory J. Vincent,...

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