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Anxious Maria finds voice in Daily Texan basement, remains anxious

Maria Mendez May 10, 2019

After my first semester as a senior reporter for The Daily Texan in the fall semester of 2017, Peter told me, “When you first started, I didn’t think you were very good, but you’ve become...


‘It’s not for us’

Maria Mendez May 8, 2019

Maria's project

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First-gen, low income students often work twice as hard for college admission. What’s your story?

Maria Mendez March 14, 2019

"First-Gen UT" is a year-long, collaborative series that shares the stories of first-generation Longhorns. Stories are published in partnership with The Daily Texan and the UT chapters...


Introducing the Texan’s Raising Voices initiatives: Same paper, new commitment to diversity, inclusion

Tiana Woodard, Lisa Nhan, and Maria Mendez February 4, 2019

Editor’s Note: This is an introduction to The Daily Texan's new Diversity and Inclusion Board and our Raising Voices initiatives, which seek to improve representation in our strories and...


For this first-generation student, graduating wasn’t just for her. It was for her community, too.

Maria Mendez January 25, 2019

Wearing the outdated class ring she ordered years ago along with her cap and gown, Veronica Rivera looked out in awe at the crowd of 30 people waiting to greet her. It was Dec. 8, the fall 2018...


‘A new era’ for first generation students

Maria Mendez September 18, 2018

This is the first installment of the semester-long, collaborative series “First-Gen UT,” which will share the stories of first-generation Longhorns. Stories will be produced in partnership with UT’s...


UT System officially appoints James B. Milliken as new chancellor after McRaven’s departure

Maria Mendez August 27, 2018

The UT System Board of Regents officially appointed James B. Milliken, the former City University of New York chancellor, as its new chancellor at a special meeting on Monday. After naming the long-time...


Study abroad program helps shape students’ Mexican identities

Maria Mendez August 7, 2018

Growing up in Houston, history junior Diana Landa heard her parents talk about life in Mexico, but couldn’t relate to them. This summer, Landa visited Mexico and met her extended relatives for...


Regents announce chancellor finalist

Maria Mendez August 5, 2018

The UT System Board of Regents named James B. Milliken as the sole finalist for UT System chancellor at a special Saturday meeting. This concludes the monthslong search for a successor to William McRaven,...


UT System names interim chancellor, approves $7 million loan to potentially run nuclear lab

Maria Mendez May 18, 2018

The UT System Board of Regents named former UT-Austin President Larry R. Faulkner the interim chancellor during a Friday special meeting. Faulkner, UT president from 1998 to 2006 and a renowned chemist,...


Semester in Review: looking back, looking forward

CRIME: Looking forward Meechaiel Criner’s trial is set to begin July 9. Criner was indicted by a grand jury for capital murder in connection with the 2016 death of dance freshman Haruka Weiser. Looking...


Undocumented student overcomes financial struggles to finally graduate at UT

Natalie Venegas and Maria Mendez May 3, 2018

Five years ago, Eveling was shocked by her housing bill for her first semester at UT. Looking at the thousands of dollars she owed the University, she wondered what she would do. “My tuition was...


UT System prepares for 2019 legislative session, honors McRaven

Maria Mendez May 2, 2018

As Texas’ 86th legislative session approaches, the UT System emphasized the importance of state funding and the upcoming elections during Tuesday’s Board of Regents meeting. UT System university...


Lori Brown honors son by advocating for safer UT

Chase Karacostas and Maria Mendez May 1, 2018

Walking on campus in April, Lori Brown remembered her son Harrison Brown’s first year at UT. “Harrison had a moped down here,” Lori said with a laugh in the AT&T Center parking...


McRaven delivers final State of System address, honored with endowment

Maria Mendez April 30, 2018

UT System chancellor William McRaven, who is leaving office in May, was honored with an endowment in his name during his final State of the System address on Friday.  McRaven, who joined the System...


UT’s first-generation graduates, students share experiences

Maria Mendez April 26, 2018

Carmel Fenves, a textile artist and First Lady of UT, said her parents always worked for her to go to college, but could not offer advice to navigate the college experience. “As much as my parents...


System institutions to help Texas schools reach state education standards

Maria Mendez April 25, 2018

To help increase student success in Texas, UT-Austin and four other UT System universities will collaborate with schools flagged as “Improvement Required” by the Texas Education Agency for...


University to provide free tuition, increased financial support

Maria Mendez April 23, 2018

Next fall, UT will cover tuition for qualified Texas freshmen from families earning up to $30,000 through four-year awards. On Friday, UT President Gregory Fenves announced the University will also...

Financial_Aid_0423_MelWestfall_FinancialAid copy

UT works to improve student success with two new spaces

Maria Mendez April 23, 2018

Kate Lemley, a 2017 alumna, remembers almost having a meltdown after trying to navigate UT’s administration to get financial aid. “When I was (at UT), my biggest problem with financial aid...


Breaking: University unveils additional financial aid

Maria Mendez April 20, 2018

Next fall, UT will cover tuition for qualified Texas freshmen from families earning up to $30,000 through four-year awards. On Friday, UT President Gregory Fenves announced that the University will...


Never fear, UT turtles will stay here

Chase Karacostas and Maria Mendez April 19, 2018

Students were sent into a frenzy Tuesday as horror-film-esque rumors circulated — the turtle pond and the BOT greenhouse might be demolished. However, the turtle pond and greenhouse are not going...


Energy executive Jim Hackett is another candidate for UT System chancellor

Maria Mendez April 18, 2018

Energy executive James “Jim” Hackett has become another contender to replace retiring UT System Chancellor William McRaven, according to the Houston Chronicle. Hackett, 63, is now the second...


After three years as chancellor, McRaven to leave UT System, join UT-Austin faculty

Maria Mendez April 18, 2018

As UT System chancellor, William McRaven has traveled across Texas, meeting students from the System’s 14 institutions — something he will miss when he retires in May. “The thing I...


What does it take to be UT System’s chancellor?

Maria Mendez April 12, 2018

With UT System Chancellor William McRaven set to retire in May, reports about former U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson being a potential candidate have sparked discussions about who the Board of Regents...


Tuition update: What will the new increases fund?

Maria Mendez April 9, 2018

With slightly higher tuition bills for the next two years, students will help UT fund efforts for student success and faculty salaries.  In March, the UT System Board of Regents allowed the University...


How much will you make? UT graduate earnings by major

Maria Mendez April 4, 2018

Earning roughly $119,936 one year after graduation, petroleum engineering majors have the highest earning potential out of all UT-Austin graduates, and outearn graduates of other fields of study by about...


Texas lawmakers continue work to change higher ed funding

Maria Mendez March 29, 2018

After lawmakers’ attempts to overhaul higher education funding during the last legislative session, Texas universities may still face potential changes in 2019. A committee of 10 state senators...


UT System, US Census Bureau unveil graduates’ national earnings, debt

Maria Mendez March 28, 2018

UT students now have a better glimpse at their economic future, thanks to an innovative UT System partnership with the U.S. Census Bureau. On Monday, the UT System released nationwide data on the earnings...


UT-Dallas creates database of school shootings to inform policy, discussions

Maria Mendez March 26, 2018

Advertising senior Madi Poirot remembers reading The New York Times headline, “After Sandy Hook, More Than 400 People Have Been Shot in Over 200 School Shootings,” in February and being surprised. “I...


Reports: UT System eyeing Rex Tillerson for chancellor after McRaven steps down

Maria Mendez March 24, 2018

The UT System may be eyeing departing U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson to be its next chancellor, according to The Wall Street Journal and other media reports on Friday. The UT System is in...


UT, UT System clarify data on financial aid for tuition

Maria Mendez March 22, 2018

UT only covers the full tuition of roughly 60 percent of students from families earning $80,000 or less, University officials said after data from the UT System raised questions on Monday. During the...


UT System approves tuition increases, funding to rebuild Marine Science Institute

Maria Mendez March 20, 2018

With newly approved tuition increases, UT students will face slightly higher tuition bills next fall. The UT System Board of Regents, which governs all UT institutions, approved 2 percent tuition increases...


Bill Murray celebrates UT alumnus’s donation of comedy posters

Maria Mendez March 19, 2018

Comedian and actor Bill Murray made a brief appearance at the Moody College of Communication on Saturday morning. “I have no idea why I’m here,” Murray said to a laughing crowd of...


Despite national improvements, black students underrepresented in AP testing

Maria Mendez March 19, 2018

Chemical engineering junior Diael Thomas has been able to do more at UT thanks to the Advanced Placement tests she took in high school. Without the credits she earned through the AP tests, Thomas said...


Students protest Dean of College of Fine Arts at SXSW Edu, call to save Fine Arts Library

Maria Mendez March 8, 2018

Chanting “You can’t take our books away!” about 50 UT students and faculty members protested the removal of materials from the Fine Arts Library at SXSW EDU on Wednesday. Members of...

UT System’s search for a new chancellor officially underway

Maria Mendez March 2, 2018

The UT System is officially launching the search for a new chancellor to replace Bill McRaven, who is set to step down in May. The System invited the public to submit comments and nominations for a...


Board of Regents approve $7.4 million for student well-being initiatives

Maria Mendez February 28, 2018

The UT System Board of Regents allocated almost $7.4 million to promote students’ mental health, safe alcohol consumption and sexual assault prevention across UT institutions during a meeting...


Fenves violated UT-Austin’s presidential flight rules, will reimburse $27,000

Maria Mendez February 27, 2018

UT President Gregory Fenves will reimburse the University $27,000 for violating UT-Austin rules by flying business class instead of economy multiple times. A February audit by the UT System found Fenves’...


UT Austin: High School students won’t have admission chances dampened by protesting gun laws

Maria Mendez February 27, 2018

Following suspension threats from Texas school districts, UT-Austin reassured high school students on Monday that disciplinary actions for peaceful protests will not impact their admission chances. Rice...


Fenves violated UT Austin’s presidential flight rules, will reimburse $27,000

Maria Mendez February 26, 2018

UT President Gregory Fenves will reimburse $27,000 for violating UT Austin rules by flying business class instead of economy multiple times. A February audit by the UT System found Fenves’ business...


Balancing UT’s budget and rising tuition: Where does the University’s money come from and where does it go?

Maria Mendez February 22, 2018

UT President Gregory Fenves proposed 2 percent tuition increases for the 2018-19 and 2019-20 academic years last December. Now, the future of every UT student's tuition will be up to the UT System...


Castro brothers, mother reflect on upbringing, future political careers

Maria Mendez February 20, 2018

Twins Julian and Joaquin Castro have both made names for themselves in American politics — but they could not have done it without their mother, Maria del Rosario ‘Rosie’ Castro. While...


UT attempts to address sexual misconduct with expanded faculty, staff training

Maria Mendez February 19, 2018

In an anonymous spreadsheet listing accounts of sexual misconduct in academia, UT appears multiple times. The spreadsheet “Sexual Harassment In the Academy: A Crowdsource Survey,” first...


UT System pulls the plug on $75 million online learning institute

Maria Mendez February 13, 2018

The UT System’s Institute for Transformational Learning was supposed to pioneer an online brand for UT, but it shut down two weeks ago. After investing a total of $75 million in the institute,...


Students over 25 create a space for themselves at UT Austin

Maria Mendez February 8, 2018

Felicia Green and her daughter Madison Baker are both Longhorns, but their college experiences are very different. Baker, a communications studies senior, entered UT along with many recent high...


POLL: Latinx. Hispanic. Latina/o. Which term should The Daily Texan use?

Maria Mendez February 2, 2018

Hispanic. Latina/o. Latinx. Which term are you supposed to use? Well, it depends. Researchers have grappled with discussing race and ethnicity for years, but there is still no clear solution, especially...


French ambassador to the US celebrates UT-France endowment

Maria Mendez February 1, 2018

With a visit from the French ambassador and the creation of an endowment, UT commemorated its ties to France while ensuring future international academic collaboration. Gerard Araud, the French ambassador...

UT, UT System institutions remove online open records request logs

Maria Mendez January 29, 2018

UT-Austin and UT System institutions are no longer posting past open records requests on their websites. The UT System’s open records policy required its institutions to display filed open records...


UT System launches online job-matching platform

Maria Mendez January 26, 2018

Employers can now reach students from all 14 UT System institutions through a single platform called UT Connects Talent. The new employment-matching platform aims to expand and improve employment opportunities...


Negotiating Dreams: DACA’s possible end pushed student to leave UT-Austin

Maria Mendez January 24, 2018

Over the last year, protections for undocumented students, known as DREAMers, have become leverage for negotiating border wall funding and immigration reform in U.S. politics. This is what these federal...

UT-Austin remains one of the few Texas universities to track student suicide deaths

Maria Mendez January 19, 2018

UT has tracked student deaths by suicide for years, but a January investigation by the Associated Press found that about half of U.S. public colleges do not consistently track student suicide deaths. After...

new info-2

As Latinx student enrollment grows, graduation gaps persist

Maria Mendez January 18, 2018

More Latino students are enrolling at UT and U.S. universities, but they are still not graduating at the same rate as white students. A December report by The Education Trust highlighted a 10-percent...


Harry Ransom Center acquires playwright Arthur Miller’s archive

Maria Mendez January 16, 2018

The Harry Ransom Center, UT’s humanities research library and museum, will officially house all of Arthur Miller’s manuscripts, personal letters and journals. The University announced the...


Chancellor William McRaven to leave UT System in May

Maria Mendez December 16, 2017

Chancellor William McRaven announced he will leave the UT System in May at a special Board of Regents meeting today. McRaven, a renowned former U.S. Navy admiral and UT Austin alumnus, was appointed...

Looking forward

Student Government Campaigns for Student Government positions will take place in the spring as candidates announce their intent to run at the start of the semester and continue until voting takes place...


Semester in review

From President Donald Trump visiting Austin to the Speedway bricks being ripped up, here are some of the top moments during the fall.  Hurricane Harvey Many students’ semesters were stalled...

FAFSA to launch mobile application

Maria Mendez December 11, 2017

For years, college students have applied for financial aid through the website, but next spring they’ll get to do it on their phones. Hoping to facilitate the financial aid application...


Chancellor McRaven to continue leading UT System

Maria Mendez December 8, 2017

William McRaven, a former U.S. Navy admiral, became the first and only UT System chancellor to get hired on a contract three years ago. McRaven’s contract is coming to an end this month, but he’s...


Increased FAFSA verification requests cause students trouble

Maria Mendez December 8, 2017

UT and universities across the U.S. are reporting increased FAFSA verification requests from the U.S. Department of Education, complicating the financial aid application process for students. The Department...


New York Times White House correspondent discusses Trump politics

Maria Mendez December 7, 2017

As a political journalist, Peter Baker has observed many presidents, but none like President Donald Trump. “We’ve never seen a president in real time give us all and any of his point of...


Track twins join ranks of the few black student athletes to graduate from UT electrical engineering

Katie Balevic and Maria Mendez December 6, 2017

With graduation around the corner, Charles Anumnu tweeted that he and his twin brother, Carlton Anumnu, would be the first black student athletes to graduate from UT’s electrical engineering department. Within...


US, Texas universities and UT see decreases in international interest

Maria Mendez December 5, 2017

UT is receiving fewer applications from international students since 2016, a trend seen across the state and the U.S. While the number of international students enrolled at UT has continued growing,...


Higher education official sparks discussion about Texas’ enrollment by gender

Maria Mendez November 30, 2017

A Texas higher education official is raising concerns about the underrepresentation of college males in Texas, but the UT community doesn't feel the same way. Raymund Paredes, the leader of...


High school couple benefits from surprise Impact Scholarships

Maria Mendez November 29, 2017

Alejandro Martinez never expected UT officials to show up at his home in Mission, Texas, with an admissions letter, giant check and balloons for him. But when it happened, he quickly texted his...


Regents vote to compete to run the Los Alamos lab despite safety concerns

Maria Mendez November 28, 2017

The UT System will officially compete to run the historic Los Alamos Nuclear Laboratory. UT System Board of Regents voted 4-3 to submit a management proposal for the nuclear research laboratory at a...

0225_illo_JohnPesina copy

Students worry open access to internet could end with net neutrality

Maria Mendez November 27, 2017

Surfing the internet in the United States may become more expensive if a recent proposal to end net neutrality rules comes to fruition. The Federal Communications Commission released a proposal last...


UT’s West Texas lands grow greener with solar energy

Maria Mendez November 21, 2017

The UT System’s West Texas lands could become a hub for renewable energy through new solar and wind energy projects. University Lands, the entity that manages 2.1 million acres of state land benefiting...


Unadvertised University procedure alters students’ path to graduation

Maria Mendez November 17, 2017

Junior Quynhanh Tran had her four years at UT all laid out, but her plans were shaken up by UT’s new auto-graduation procedure.  Tran planned to complete her economics and Plan II degrees...


University announces possible tuition increases

Maria Mendez November 13, 2017

The University is collecting student input on a possible 2 percent tuition increase until Thursday. The preliminary recommendations to increase tuition for the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 academic years...


Fine arts community debates future of Fine Arts Library

Maria Mendez November 10, 2017

Almost 100 students voiced opposition to the removal of fine arts books and collection materials at the UT Fine Arts Library, FAL, town hall Thursday. The town hall was prompted by concerns about changes...


Among UT grads, Latina women earn less than white men

Maria Mendez November 8, 2017

Public relations senior Joy Puder worries she will not earn what her white male counterparts earn after graduation. “A Latina woman, to make the same amount of money a white man does in a...

Students disapprove of possible tuition increases

Maria Mendez November 7, 2017

A recent Senate of College Councils survey shows almost half of UT students strongly disapprove of more tuition hikes. The survey, which started early October and ended last Thursday, sought to gather...

New UT journal informs policymakers, public on national security

Maria Mendez November 3, 2017

National security concerns such as terrorist attacks or North Korean nuclear missiles often make headlines, but in-depth analysis is often missing from national security conversations, according to a new...


Dell Medical School, AISD collaboration up for election

Maria Mendez November 2, 2017

The Dell Medical School could provide health training for students in the Austin Independent School District if a $1 billion AISD bond passes. The AISD and Dell collaboration announced their proposal...


Senate of College Councils survey gets student thoughts on tuition hikes

Maria Mendez November 1, 2017

With possible tuition increases on the horizon, a Senate of College Councils survey is collecting student opinions on tuition until Wednesday night. With a $20 million budget reduction in June, University...


Chatbot helps students become entrepreneurs

Maria Mendez October 30, 2017

When trying to sell promotional products, political communications senior Elizabeth Haynie became overwhelmed by the permits, taxes and numerous requirements necessary to start a business. To help student...


Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright shares pins, political views

Maria Mendez October 27, 2017

Some people wear their heart on their sleeve, but former U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright wore her foreign policy stances on her chest — with pins. Wearing a Lone Star and cowboy pin,...

UT sees drop in fall FAFSA applications

Maria Mendez October 26, 2017

The Office of Financial Aid was flooded with 40,000 financial aid applications last October after a new timeline for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, was implemented in 2016. FAFSA...

Fine Arts community experiences growing pains

Maria Mendez October 24, 2017

The future of UT’s Fine Arts Library has come into question with recent layout changes and on-campus space constraints. Over the last year, 75,000 Fine Arts Library books, music scores and periodicals...


Alcohol-free tailgate at UT unites Austin’s sober community

Maria Mendez October 23, 2017

Saturday was not Miriam Rivero’s first UT tailgate, but it was the first where she felt comfortable as a student in recovery from addiction. Rivero attended an alcohol-free tailgate, hosted by...

Cost of student access to research rises for UT libraries

Maria Mendez October 20, 2017

A messy publishing system drives up the costs of research journals every year, straining UT Libraries’ budget and the University’s access to research information. UT Libraries spends a yearly...


Environment Texas campaign reopens questions about UT’s methane impact

Maria Mendez October 18, 2017

Tabling on the West Mall on Tuesday, UT students and advocacy group Environment Texas reignited a campaign to reduce methane emissions from hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, on UT System-controlled land. The...

grant1010_DanielleHenderson_DellMed copy

Local mental health care to be addressed by UT with $1.8 million grant

Maria Mendez and Anna Lassmann October 10, 2017

With a new $1.8 million federal grant, UT will train students to improve mental health care for low-income and uninsured populations in Travis County. To address the lack of mental health care professionals...


Chairman Tucker recalls career journey

Maria Mendez October 9, 2017

As a young girl from Laredo, Texas, Sara Martinez Tucker never imagined she would become the newest chairman of the UT System Board of Regents. She was once told by a guidance counselor that she was...

Scholarship_105_2017-10-02 Scholarship_for_homeless_Huang_Angie 043

New scholarship supports Texas homeless students

Maria Mendez October 5, 2017

The Texas Homeless Education Office at UT will award the new Barbara Wand James Homeless Student Support Scholarship for Texas homeless college students this Friday. The new scholarship was modeled...


UT Medical Branch researchers are one step closer to protecting humans from Zika

Maria Mendez October 3, 2017

A single-dose Zika vaccine developed by UT Medical Branch researchers is one step closer to protecting humans from the virus. For the first time, UTMB researchers protected primates from Zika infection...

UT’s Laboratories obtains historic research contract from Navy

Maria Mendez September 29, 2017

UT’s Applied Research Laboratories acquired the largest research contract in the University’s history, with potential funding of about $1 billion over 10 years, from the U.S. Navy on Thursday. The...

$118 million sale of oil-populated land will fund UT, Texas A&M

Jenan Taha and Maria Mendez September 27, 2017

A recent $118 million lease sale of state lands to oil companies will continue funding UT and Texas A&M universities through oil and natural gas wells. The lease of approximately 44,000 acres of...


Austinites step up to help Mexico after earthquakes

Maria Mendez September 27, 2017

Staying true to its “We are all Mexico” mural, Austin Mexic-Arte Museum sent donations on Monday to survivors of Mexico’s earthquakes. Three major earthquakes and various aftershocks...


Local control debate takes stage at 2017 Texas Tribune Festival

London Gibson and Maria Mendez September 25, 2017

Politicians rehashed the sanctuary cities and Uber controversies, reopening the debate about city and state control at this weekend’s Texas Tribune Festival. The divide between state politicians...


Texas Tribune panel reveals stark takes on DACA, health care policies

Maria Mendez and Forrest Milburn September 25, 2017

The state’s two Republican U.S. senators displayed starkly different takes on where Texas is headed going into the 2018 midterm elections, one day after a Democratic candidate for Senate made his...


Tribune Festival Live Blog: The Fight Over Sanctuary Cities

Maria Mendez September 22, 2017

The discussion over sanctuary cities continues with Senate Bill 4 authors, advocates, and the mayor leading the lawsuit against the bill.


Tribune Festival Live Blog: Higher Education Funding and Spending

Maria Mendez September 22, 2017

As college costs continue to rise nationwide, learn about the future of college affordability from experts, including university presidents and national and local congressmen.


Texas Tribune Festival 2017

Follow this page for all of The Daily Texan’s coverage of Texas Tribune Festival 2017.  We’ll bring you moments from the biggest discussions, covering topics like local control, sexual...

Regents_sara_martinez_tucker_court_UT_Board_of_regents copy

UT System regents elect Tucker as board chair

Maria Mendez September 20, 2017

Sara Martinez Tucker was elected to lead the UT System Board of Regents as its new chairwoman on Tuesday. Regent Tucker, a UT alumna, was nominated by Regent Paul Foster to succeed him, and she was...

US lawmakers seek increased support for homeless, foster care college students

Maria Mendez September 20, 2017

A recent national bipartisan bill aims to remove barriers to college for students facing homelessness or transitioning out of foster care. The Higher Education Access and Success for Homeless and Foster...

Competition increases as UT automatic acceptance rate drops

Jenan Taha and Maria Mendez September 18, 2017

Admissions to UT will become more competitive with a 6 percent automatic acceptance rate for fall 2019 applicants. The decrease to 6 percent will be UT’s lowest automatic acceptance rate since...

JOLT_914_09-02-17_SB4 Rally_Angel

Local nonprofit Jolt helps pay for DACA renewals

Maria Mendez September 14, 2017

As undocumented students grapple with the end of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, the nonprofit Jolt is fundraising to help Central Texans submit and pay for the last round of DACA applications...


UT System hopes to run renowned Los Alamos Nuclear Lab

Maria Mendez September 12, 2017

Looking to expand in national security and nuclear research, the UT System will compete to run the historic Los Alamos National Laboratory. LANL, the laboratory established under the Manhattan Project...


Title IX sexual misconduct guidelines to be redesigned by Betsy DeVos

Maria Mendez September 8, 2017

Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos announced her plans to change Title IX System guidelines for sexual assault and harassment cases on college campuses in a press conference at George Mason University Thursday...

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