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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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McRaven, other university chancellors praise bills that target sexual assault

Albert Zhao May 31, 2017

UT Chancellor William McRaven signed a letter with five other university chancellors Tuesday in support of bills that fight sexual assault on college campuses as the Texas Legislature concluded its final...


Former University president Peter Flawn passes away

May 7, 2017

Former UT president Peter T. Flawn left a legacy of excellence and academic rigor at the University when he passed away overnight Sunday at age 91. In a University press release, UT president Gregory...


Chancellor McRaven gives State of the System address

Chase Karacostas May 1, 2017

As a four-star admiral in the military, Chancellor William McRaven said Friday afternoon he was surprised to learn of widespread sexual assault within the Special Forces, a revelation which led to his...

UT System chief medical officer stresses importance of reform in mental health hospitals

Anusha Lalani March 31, 2017

Five of the 11 mental health hospitals in Texas need to be replaced because of improper infrastructure and need for repair, according to David Lakey, UT System chief medical officer. “You can...


Fenves releases campus sexual assault survey

Claire Allbright March 24, 2017

UT President Gregory Fenves released a System-wide report containing sexual assault statistics he said were a “wake up call”, in an email to UT students Friday. According to the Cultivating...


Bill proposes additional regulations for college land purchases

Mikaela Cannizzo March 6, 2017

Texas public universities and colleges seeking to purchase land outside of areas surrounding their main campuses could face stricter requirements before proceeding. House Bill 1737 would require...


McRaven cancels plans for UT Houston expansion

Van Nguyen March 1, 2017

Plans for the UT System’s heavily criticized Houston expansion have come to an end. In a memo to the Board of Regents Wednesday, UT System Chancellor William McRaven said his decision to cancel...

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Recently confirmed regent focuses on higher education

Anusha Lalani February 15, 2017

UT System Regent Kevin Eltife, the youngest child of three, was raised by his mother on veteran administrative and social security benefits and has always been passionate about higher education.  “I...


Recently confirmed regent debates System’s handle on debt

Anusha Lalani February 10, 2017

Just two days after his final confirmation in the state Senate, UT System Regent Kevin Eltife questioned the transparency of the System.  The Board of Regents had their first meeting of the semester...


Former regent speaks at Tejas club

Chase Karacostas February 10, 2017

At the end of his six years as a UT regent, Alex Cranberg shared stories of his ascension from being an undergrad at the University to a powerful member of the oil and gas industry and a University...

RadWeaver_Courtesy of Rad Weaver

CEO of McCombs Partners prepares for newly appointed term as UT System regent

Anusha Lalani February 9, 2017

As a senior in high school, Rad Weaver was determined to become a professional baseball player, but he never expected in 20 years he would be the CEO of McCombs Partners and a new UT System regent. Last...

UT System plans to create biobank to advance medical research

Kayla Meyertons February 6, 2017

The UT System is in the process of creating a biobank, a shared collection of medical data and tissue samples, with seven of its own academic institutions to use for medical research and scientific discovery.  The...

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