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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

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Learn how to preserve food

Kate Clabby September 20, 2010

“No Impact Man” is a popular documentary about Colin Beavan, a man in New York City who decides to “completely eliminate his personal impact on the environment” for one year....

Students in the city

Dave Player September 20, 2010

Seventeen years ago, Maxis Software released SimCity 2000, a city-planning computer game that would go on to become a best-seller. The game allowed players to take control of a city and build it up...

Keep it local

Douglas Luippold September 20, 2010

Throughout the month of October, eager students across campus will attend meetings for political organizations to learn how to make a difference in November’s elections. After hearing how to...

Technology: distracting but necessary

Erin Gleim September 19, 2010

Many of the panels, speeches, issue sessions and awareness campaigns I attend focus on the same few facts and issues. People working in similar areas often joke that they could give each other’s...

Avoid soda, eat fruit

September 19, 2010

In Wednesday’s column, “Fight the ‘freshmen 15,’” Ian Floyd recommends Sprite or Gatorade as a way to replenish electrolytes while staying health conscious. Gatorade is...

A more balanced picture of UT

Charlie Saginaw September 17, 2010

Look at a map of the UT campus and the Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium dwarfs the other buildings. One only needs to witness the 100,000 fans in the crowd walking to a home game to gauge the...

Can I get an amendment?

Dan Treadway September 17, 2010

I suppose my grandmother was right; it is a pretty peculiar question. While speaking with her last week, we happened to stumble across the subject of politics, and during the course of lamenting...

Budgeting for student input

Viviana Aldous September 17, 2010

With academics taking a hit as budget cuts make their way around the University, student input is more important than ever. Take, for example, the Vietnamese language program, which was eliminated...

Bring back Cronkite; Research organic food

September 17, 2010

<strong> Bring back Cronkite </strong> As the third quarter of Saturday’s Texas-Wyoming game wrapped up, necks under the “Godzillatron” craned toward the screen in...

EDITORS WEIGH IN: Powers addresses the state of UT

The Daily Texan Editorial Board September 16, 2010

Editor’s note: President William Powers Jr. delivered his fifth annual State of the University address Wednesday afternoon, identifying UT’s budget priorities and its role as an institution...

No response from Student Government

September 16, 2010

Thank you, Student Government, for nothing. Over the summer, a hurricane ravaged the northern Mexican city of Monterrey. People died, hundreds were injured and thousands were left without any services....

Learning to love UT

Erin Gleim September 15, 2010

“Anywhere but Texas!” There it was in black and white, taunting me. I wrote the goal in my “freshman letter,” a note my freshman-self wrote for my senior-self to read four years...

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