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Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan

Official newspaper of The University of Texas at Austin

The Daily Texan


EDITORS WEIGH IN: Powers addresses the state of UT

The Daily Texan Editorial Board September 16, 2010

Editor’s note: President William Powers Jr. delivered his fifth annual State of the University address Wednesday afternoon, identifying UT’s budget priorities and its role as an institution...

Horns up, horns down

The Daily Texan Editorial Board September 15, 2010

<strong>Horns down: Recession drives up grad school applications<strong> A report released Tuesday by the Council of Graduate Schools revealed that the number of students applying to...

OVERVIEW: Improve Texas SAT scores; A&M’s measures miss the mark

The Daily Texan Editorial Board September 14, 2010

Improve Texas SAT scores A report released Monday by the College Board showed that the average SAT scores for Texas high school students dropped five points since the previous year. In contrast,...

Greener game days

Douglas Luippold September 13, 2010

Despite the unity created by 100,000 individuals wearing burnt orange and chanting the same cheers, UT football is deceptively controversial. Mack Brown’s enormous salary, the special privileges...

Speaking with a united voice

Viviana Aldous September 10, 2010

Student Government is once again a member of the Texas Student Association, thanks to a resolution passed Tuesday night. TSA is a nonpartisan organization that aims to bring together students...

Ignore college rankings

Dave Player September 9, 2010

Fellow students, we bring good news. Our honor has been restored, our dignity preserved, our horns turned right side up. But first, we must offer our condolences to our peers to the East. We’re...

The triumphs of Title IX

Susannah Jacob September 8, 2010

The UT women’s volleyball victory against Long Beach State on Saturday night was a near thing. The 15 women on Texas’ team won the first two sets, lost the third and fourth and triumphed,...

Overview: State financial aid faces cuts; Capitol guards will carry M4 semi-automatic rifles…

The Daily Texan Editorial Board September 7, 2010

State financial aid faces cuts On Monday, The Dallas Morning News reported that state-funded financial aid for college students is set to drastically decrease for the upcoming year in light...

We deserve a debate

Lauren Winchester September 3, 2010

Editor’s note: On Aug. 27, five major Texas newspapers jointly announced they would sponsor a gubernatorial debate on the UT campus with KLRU-TV, Austin’s public television station....

Keep the streets free

Dave Player September 1, 2010

On Wednesday, Student Government hosted a town hall meeting to discuss proposed parking meters in West Campus. The proposal was first put forth last March by University Area Partners (UAP), an organization...

Financial favoritism

Susannah Jacob August 31, 2010

Texas Gov. Rick Perry appoints UT System Board of Regent members who donate to his political campaigns — a reality that his gubernatorial campaign quickly points out doesn’t distinguish...

Horns up, horns down: Involving students in budget cut decisions; UT is the king of royalties

The Daily Texan Editorial Board August 30, 2010

Horns up: Involving students in budget cut decisions The Senate of College Councils recently announced it will form student committees to help address college-specific budget cuts for the...

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