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Pregame meals for athletes should be adaptable, full of protein and fluids, experts say

Rahi Dakwala November 20, 2018

While it’s called a pregame meal, athletes shouldn’t pregame for games like people do for parties. Keli Hawthorne, director of clinical research in the Department of Pediatrics at Dell Medical...

CRISPR 1115_AlbertLee(CRISPR) copy

Researchers unearth mysteries behind natural ‘DNA scissors,’ CRISPR

Kevin Dural November 15, 2018

Clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats, CRISPR, is a family of DNA sequences naturally found within unicellular organisms such as bacteria. The sequences provide considerable advantage...


New study links depression and immune system responses

Rahi Dakwala November 12, 2018

Depression and stress have been studied for the psychological effects they have on the human body, but doctors are now looking at how the disease can affect the immune system. The Immune System, Stress...


Individual personalities meld in secure relationship, study says

Lauren Rahman November 1, 2018

When you’re in a relationship with a person long enough, you might start to act like them. Courtney Walsh, a human development and family sciences graduate student, published research this year in...


“Zombie” flies control invasive ant species

Catherine Vincent October 29, 2018

Scientists are using brain-munching, mind-controlling flies to “zombify” and kill invasive fire ant species. This past weekend, Dr. Robert (Rob) Plowes, a research scientist in the Department...


UT researcher advances ovarian cancer detection techniques

Samagra Jain October 24, 2018

On September 2016, a UT employee named Rebecca W. began experiencing some pain in her pelvis, but she was convinced that it was just something like indigestion. When the pain worsened, her family doctor...


Fossil finding reveals how some dinosaurs got so big

Lauren Schneider October 23, 2018

The group of dinosaurs known as sauropods includes the largest animal to ever live on land, according to Historical Biology. This month, UT Ph.D. graduate Adam Marsh and professor Timothy Rowe published...

psychology and sports1011_AlekkaHernandez(psychology and sports)

SportsPsych: UT psychologist provides solutions for mental block in athletes

Rahi Dakwala October 18, 2018

Editor’s Note: Balls on the Brain is a recurring column that discusses the psychological aspects behind sports.  Many athletes experience mental blocks, where their emotions get the best...


Gut-on-a-chip could transform intestinal disease modeling

Tien Nguyen September 20, 2018

A new innovation developed by UT researchers involving guts on a microchip may end the era of lab rats and petri dishes in the study of human disease.   Woojung Shin, biomedical engineering...

UT researchers engineer bacteria to produce more-stable therapeutics

Elizabeth Robinson June 13, 2018

A team of UT scientists recently perfected their method of using E. coli to produce more stable versions of therapeutic proteins by making the bacteria healthier. The method was published in the academic...

march for science cover_ court_Liz Hostetler

March for Science stands up for science-backed policy, funding for research

Cason Hunwick April 3, 2018

At the 2017 March for Science, Austin police estimate that over 10,000 people marched to support science. This year, Liz Hostetler, co-organizer of the March, hopes the event will draw an even bigger crowd. Hostetler...

lemur_0328_JebMilling_Lemur copy

Little leaping lemurs’ social lives influence what bacteria is found in their digestive systems

Larissa Herold March 28, 2018

Conventional wisdom says you are what you eat, but for lemurs, it’s who they hang out with that influences the composition of their gut microbiomes, UT researchers have found. The gut microbiome...

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