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Embrace the outdoors with hike and bike trails

Ruben Paquian August 8, 2018

Everyone knows Austin is a little different than most Texas towns, something we are very proud of. One distinguishing feature that separates us from the rest is the plethora of green spaces and trails....


Float Fest 2018 Recap

Ruben Paquian July 24, 2018

With one of the biggest lineups in the festival’s history happening on one of the hottest weekends in history, this year’s Float Fest made for one hot hell of a time. Just one of many Texas...


Under-the-radar shows to check out

Ruben Paquian July 3, 2018

Summer is in full swing in the live music capital of the world, and there is no better way to finish off a hot day at the pool than with a cool evening concert. With so many artists making their way through...


Austin’s black history museum unites East Austin community with Juneteenth celebration

Ruben Paquian June 19, 2018

For some, the annual Juneteenth celebration is more than an excuse for a cookout — it’s an important opportunity to learn and gain understanding from one another. Located in East Austin,...


Texas music Festivals to get you pumped for summer

Ruben Paquian May 4, 2018

With finals knocking at the door, the sweet relief of summer is soon to follow. What better way to spend those study breaks than by planning your summer music festival itinerary? Here are a few festivals...


Q&A: Pearl Earl feels Levitation love

Ruben Paquian May 1, 2018

Known for being some of the biggest names out of Denton’s do-it-yourself music scene, the members of Pearl Earl have had quite a busy year. Following the release of their first self-titled...


Omni reveals new track name and teases new 7” release date

Ruben Paquian May 1, 2018

Perfectly controlled chaos is one way to describe the sound of Atlanta's post-punk trio Omni. Since the band’s 2016 debut with their LP “Deluxe,” the band has gained quite the momentum....


Bigger crowds keep Levitation around

Ruben Paquian April 28, 2018

Levitation 2018 is in full swing this weekend. Spanning across 4 days and 8 venues in Austin’s Red River music district, the niche and focused festival celebrates psychedelic music and art from a...


Blues singer Miss Lavelle White is keeping the genre alive

Ruben Paquian April 27, 2018

With up and coming artists as well as music hall of famers calling Austin home, it’s easy to miss hidden gems such as blues legend Miss Lavelle White. At 88 years old, White has worked alongside...


Dead Sullivan gets big break at Levitation Festival

Ruben Paquian April 25, 2018

Boone Patrello, better known as the frontman of Dead Sullivan, a Denton-based lo-fi rock band, has been playing shows in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for about a year and a half. Speaking with The Daily...


Levitation fest rises from the ashes, returns to Austin

Ruben Paquian April 24, 2018

Back from the brink of extinction following a last-minute cancellation in 2016 and a year off in 2017, Austin’s psychedelic music festival, Levitation, will return April 26 through 29 with a whole...

a perfect circle court of BMG

A Perfect Circle’s ‘Eat the Elephant’ addresses the band’s many elephants in the room

Ruben Paquian April 23, 2018

A Perfect Circle’s gloomy and ominous fourth studio album Eat the Elephant takes listeners through a list of troubles faced in today’s society with a sound that’s reminiscent of their...

King Tuff

King Tuff’s latest LP ‘The Other’ sounds like no other

Ruben Paquian April 16, 2018

Kyle Thomas takes a leap into a new psychedelic folk genre with his latest King Tuff LP The Other. Through folk ballads and rock anthems, Thomas produces an album that echoes themes of redemption. Since...


Longhorns lend a helping hand during citywide cleanup day

Ruben Paquian April 11, 2018

With community projects taking place all over Austin this weekend, many students plan on doing their part to help keep Austin beautiful. Since 1985, local nonprofit Keep Austin Beautiful has...


Dance to the end of times with Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s ‘Sex and Food’

Ruben Paquian April 9, 2018

With funky psychedelic grooves and somber Spanish influenced sonnets, Unknown Mortal Orchestra explores disappointments with modern society with their fourth studio LP Sex and Food. From their sophomore...


SXSW 2019 falls one week before UT spring break

Eilish O'Sullivan and Ruben Paquian April 5, 2018

Prepare for increased FOMO next spring — South by Southwest 2019 will fall the week before spring break for UT and other surrounding schools. Last month, SXSW announced the upcoming iteration...

frankie cosmos court of Sub Pop

Frankie Cosmos’ Vessel delivers solid tunes with subtle sadness

Ruben Paquian April 1, 2018

With 18 short, high-energy, indie pop-punk tracks, Frankie Cosmos’ Vessel poetically explores themes of doubt, loss and the pains and joys of love. Greta Kline, best known for her work under the...

varsity_promo court of Kristina Pedersen

Varsity moves forward with post-SXSW momentum

Ruben Paquian March 27, 2018

After making their South by Southwest debut a couple weeks ago, Varsity is gearing up for the release of their new album Parallel Person. The indie pop-rock band’s fresh groovy surf-esque tunes discuss...

Jack-White court of Third Man Records

‘Boarding House Reach’ is Jack White’s biggest blunder

Ruben Paquian March 26, 2018

Jack White’s latest solo album Boarding House Reach is a bold but failed experiment that tries blending industrial electronic with funky blues rock ‘n’ roll. With cringe-worthy moments,...


Luck Reunion 2018

Ruben Paquian and Elias Huerta March 19, 2018

If you are viewing this article on a mobile device, the slideshow above may not display properly. To see it, click here.


Music legend Nile Rodgers talks career at SXSW

Ruben Paquian March 16, 2018

In an eventful Q&A, Nile Rodgers explained how he became one of the biggest producers in music history. Rodgers spoke of his time in the music industry and what it’s like working with both classic...


Q&A: Sitting down with Summer Salt

Ruben Paquian March 14, 2018

The former trio now quartet, Summer Salt sat down with the Daily Texan to talk about touring, their upcoming album and new member, MJ Tirabassi of the Walters. Within the past year, Phil Baier, Matt Terry,...


Samurai, The AI Apocalypse, and Elon Musk At SXSW’s Westworld Panel

Ruben Paquian March 12, 2018

At their panel, the Westworld cast and crew talked about season two, the struggles of being on set and challenges humanity faces. Saturday, directors and Actors of the critically acclaimed HBO TV drama...


Q&A: Mother Falcon Prepares for a Second Flight

Ruben Paquian March 10, 2018

The 12-man Austin-based indie orchestra Mother Falcon, formed in 2008, have been composing and performing orchestral pop tunes for years. Since their successful albums You Knew, Alhambra and Good Luck...


Moby’s ‘Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt’ dives into extraordinary melancholy

Ruben Paquian March 7, 2018

After a series of mediocre releases, Moby’s Everything Was Beautiful and Nothing Hurt delivers a sound reminiscent of his early ’90s electro vibes, creating an album that is guaranteed to have...


Meet the woman who takes it off to pay it off by selling nudes on Twitter

Ruben Paquian March 2, 2018

Editor’s note: The full name of one source in this article has been redacted in order to protect the source’s privacy. College students find themselves doing a plethora of things to make...

auto_student_0228_MelWestfall_StudentNetwork copy

Students run self-organized text alert system

Ruben Paquian February 28, 2018

Editor’s note: Autonomous Student Defense declined an official interview with The Daily Texan, but allowed attendance to their public meeting. Although the UT Police Department sends text alerts...

Ought_ought court of merge records

Ought ventures into new territory with latest LP The Room Inside the World

Ruben Paquian February 19, 2018

The latest studio album, The Room Inside the World, from Canadian post punk/alternative rock band Ought takes a leap into new territory. However, despite talking classic elements from the past and present,...


Austinites come together to celebrate stick sculpture at Pease Park

Ruben Paquian February 15, 2018

A mile from campus, five twisted, leaning towers stand in the middle of Pease Park. Warped and furnished with windows and walkways, the wooden structures create the illusion of being in a small maze. Equipped...

mgmt-little-dark-age court of columbia records

‘Little Dark Age’ ushers in new golden age for MGMT

Ruben Paquian February 12, 2018

With classic psychedelic synth jams like “Electric Feel” and “Time to Pretend,” MGMT set the bar high, but over the past ten years and two albums, they’ve been failing to...

Rhye comes back from the depths with an album that gives what they do best, but nothing more

Ruben Paquian February 5, 2018

On Rhye’s second studio album, writer and producer Mike Milosh treats listeners to sensual and smooth sounds — the perfect disguise for a breakup album. Producers Mike Milosh and Robin Hannibal...


Tat-Tuesday: Students share stories behind their ink

Ruben Paquian January 30, 2018

Editor’s note: Tat-Tuesday is a weekly series that features students around campus and their tattoos. Lexie Mulkey Lexie Mulkey used to be a chemistry major until she took a political theory...


East Austin Theatre’s production of 100-year old play holds up a mirror to modern society

Ruben Paquian January 29, 2018

Students can now travel through time and space, thanks to a local theater company located just minutes away from campus. The City Theatre Austin is well known for its classic performances, and since Jan....


UT meme lords develop university-themed cryptocurrency

Ruben Paquian January 24, 2018

With the recent growth in popularity of cryptocurrencies, new coins pop up every day. Aside from popular coins such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can trade coins such as Dogecoin, Anti-Bitcoin, The Vegan...

Bahamas court of Brushfire Records

Bahamas finds a new way to channel the blues with ‘Earthtones’

Ruben Paquian January 23, 2018

Songs about depression, changing times and nostalgic self-reflection aren’t usually paired with upbeat rhythms and funky guitar riffs, but that’s exactly what Toronto-based singer-songwriter...


Crumbling Castle: Austin artists prep for Graffiti Park’s move

Ruben Paquian January 19, 2018

A day before the impending freeze earlier this week, families and artists scaled the colorful concrete jungle known as HOPE Outdoor Gallery, aka Graffiti Park. Amateurs and professional artists alike left...


Dispensaries, patients anticipate future of medical marijuana in Texas

Ruben Paquian December 8, 2017

When their daughter, Catherine, was diagnosed with intractable epilepsy at three years old, Terri Carriker and her husband were desperate to find something that would treat her seizures. After multiple...


Tat-Tuesday: Students share stories behind their ink

Peter Cowie Many children play cards with their grandparents, but for radio-television-film freshman Peter Cowie, the memory stands out in his childhood. Cowie’s first tattoo, a playing...


Light up the darkness of finals season with holiday cheer

Ruben Paquian November 30, 2017

December is just around the corner,  and it’s just barely socially acceptable to put up Christmas lights. Naturally, the Austin Metro area is already abundant with jolly displays that capture...


DJ’s and Yoga: Trap Yoga Class Offers New Yoga Experience

Ruben Paquian November 28, 2017

Dressed in athletic attire with mats in hand, yogis gather every Tuesday evening at an East Austin music studio for a different kind of yoga class.  Trap Yoga Tuesdays, hosted by local DJ and music...


Old Taylor Swift fans denounce her current pop persona

Ruben Paquian November 16, 2017

From sweet country singer based out of Nashville, Tennessee, to international pop diva, Taylor Swift’s transformation has given former Swifties much to talk about. Last Friday, Swift released...

Thrift1108_MadiBeavers_thrift copy

Vintage vendors share tricks of the trade

Ruben Paquian November 8, 2017

Austin’s vintage vendors spend hours collecting rare treasures from estate sales and auctions, pinching pennies to make any cash they can. In the minds of vendors, the rare treasures they collect...


For some, campus carry is personal

Ruben Paquian October 25, 2017

The right to possess a firearm is more than just a political stance for accounting junior Quinn Cox — it’s a personal matter.  As the southwest director of national organization Students...


Tat-Tuesday: Friday the 13th edition

Ruben Paquian October 17, 2017

Tattoo lovers have come to relish Friday the 13th. Shops across the country offer discounted tattoos for the price of only $13, provided they incorporate the number into the designs. The leads to...


Get tatted on Friday the 13th with a spook-tacular deal

Ruben Paquian October 13, 2017

Watch out for ladders, cracks in the sidewalk and black cats, it’s Friday the 13th. The day infamous for bad luck is oft-dreaded, but many tattoo lovers can’t wait for it to arrive. Every...


Sneaking into ACL

Ruben Paquian October 10, 2017

Whether it’s because one didn’t have the money, refused to pay the two hundred bucks or were too busy preparing for midterms, you may be one of many students still without ACL tickets. For...


Youth group celebrates indigenous heritage and culture

Ruben Paquian October 6, 2017

This Thursday, the Austin City Council voted to replace Columbus Day with Indigenous Peoples’ Day. For members of the International Indigenous Youth Council of Texas, or IIYC, it’s a decision...


Music writer speaks on entering the music industry

Ruben Paquian September 28, 2017

From writing for Grammy Magazine and Forbes, to performing in the same lineup with the likes of Kendrick Lamar and Lupe Fiasco, Ogden Payne has found himself in the center of music industry. The Austin...


UT students critique gentrified art through ‘Work in Progress’

Ruben Paquian September 20, 2017

Dressed in the same navy Dickey’s overalls, a quintet of performers use an array of power tools to create quality handmade objects out of wood and paint. The scent of sawdust lingers in the air over...

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