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Leave MasculinUT alone

Emily Vernon June 12, 2018

“MasculinUT,” a Counseling and Mental Health Center initiative aimed at preventing sexual assault on campus, is on hold after a slew of conservative outlets incorrectly claimed UT treats masculinity...


UT must notify students of sexual assaults near campus

Emily Vernon December 6, 2017

Last Wednesday, a woman was kidnapped and sexually assaulted in Hyde Park.  In the early hours of the morning the Saturday before, a UT student was groped in West Campus, and later that night, reports...


Engaging curriculum vital for students’ education

Emily Vernon November 28, 2017

Large lecture halls often feel monotonous and dreary, leaving students bored and unengaged. While this classic teaching style has endured for decades, it’s not necessarily the most beneficial to...


Students should minimize their fast food waste

Emily Vernon November 14, 2017

Students often lead chaotic lives, and in the midst of the mayhem, it’s not uncommon to grab a coffee or bite to eat at one of the fast food restaurants on campus. But while convenience may rule...

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College Task Force projects student voices

Emily Vernon November 9, 2017

At the end of last month, Austin city officials announced the formalization of a College Task Force that will represent student voices in city government matters. Many of UT’s student leaders are...


Students should utilize Austin’s new Central Library

Emily Vernon October 30, 2017

Austin’s Central Library is the newest addition to the city’s downtown skyline. Six stories overlook Lady Bird Lake on one side and gaze over construction sites and skyscrapers on the other....


Austinites should welcome relocation of Columbus Crew

Emily Vernon October 23, 2017

It’s no secret that Austin is one of the largest U.S. cities without a professional sports team, and Austinites haven’t come to expect this to change any time soon. That is, until last week. Anthony...


Catcallers must be reprimanded

Emily Vernon October 17, 2017

While walking to class last Thursday, I heard an unfortunately recognizable whistle familiar to so many women. Nevertheless, I kept walking — face forward, body language unflinching, gait unchanged....


The National Book Award’s diverse finalists prove a step in the right direction

Emily Vernon October 10, 2017

Though books are often touted as escapes, the publishing industry is grossly homogeneous. Despite this, literary awards often highlight diverse narratives, stressing the importance of books as vehicles...


Concussion education must be included in school curriculums

Emily Vernon October 3, 2017

At the age of 15, I was kicked in the face while playing soccer, leaving me with a traumatic concussion.  I stayed out of school for a month and on the bench for a year. At the time of my accident,...


Students should become more library-literate

Emily Vernon September 28, 2017

Last week my Children’s Literature professor asked students to bring a baby book to class. She highly recommended we check the book out from the Perry-Castaneda Library, and being college students,...


Texas high schools must encourage voting

Emily Vernon September 19, 2017

My senior year of high school, teachers passed out voter registration forms to the graduating class, asking us almost daily if those of us old enough to vote had picked up a form. I remember thinking little...

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Modernization of AISD schools proves vital

Emily Vernon September 12, 2017

Austin Independent School District’s 89.7 percent high school graduation rate is one of the highest in the country, and students in the district consistently exceed the national SAT and ACT averages....


Local Houston media prevailed in coverage of Hurricane Harvey

Emily Vernon September 5, 2017

As hurricane Harvey bombarded the Houston area, I sat on my couch in Austin and consumed every bit of media coverage on the storm I could find. At first, I wasn’t particularly worried about Harvey...


Administrators must heed students’ predictive perspectives

Emily Vernon August 28, 2017

Much to the satisfaction of many students, Confederate statues on the Main Mall were taken down late last Sunday night. But this decision didn't please everyone. A descendant of George Littlefield,...


Daily Texan Forum says goodbye, for now

Emily Vernon, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase April 28, 2017

After months of terrible jokes and overexplaining other writers’ pieces, this week’s Forum is our last of the semester. In our place in next Friday’s issue will be the opinion department...

Forum: Week of April 21

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar April 21, 2017

As we promised last week, this week’s Forum touches on the future of the Republican Party — and many, many other subjects, largely responding to content we’ve published in the past week. Second-year...

Forum: Texas officials aim to serve campus community

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar April 14, 2017

In the weeks since the UT System released its preliminary survey on sexual assault, we’ve covered the issue from the student perspective, with guest pieces from Voices against Violence and the Interpersonal...


Forum: Press criticism fails to acknowledge diversity in media

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar April 7, 2017

Failing. Narrative-driven. Lying. Timid. Feckless. Elitist. Biased. Unwatchable. Enemy of the people. Unwoke. Globalist. (((Globalist))). In today’s polarized climate, criticizing the press is...

Forum: Students mull improvements to campus life

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar March 24, 2017

In less than two weeks, UT will inaugurate a new class of student leaders. Seeing as none of them have drawn the consternation of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, we expect them to be halfway decent. Nevertheless,...


Forum: Addressing racist threats on campus

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar March 10, 2017

Both the winners and the runners-up in this year’s Executive Alliance election vowed during their campaigns to continue Kevin Helgren’s legacy of confronting racial harassment on and around...


Forum: National affairs consume campus politics

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar March 3, 2017

For the third consecutive year, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Student Government election day, and so the UT student body will enjoy another week of campaigning. Much of the conversation surrounding...


Forum: SG Executive Alliance Candidates

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 24, 2017

In this week’s Forum, the three Executive Alliance tickets detail why they are uniquely qualified to tackle what they see as the most pertinent issues on this campus. To summarize, Isaiah Carter...

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Help us determine The Daily Texan’s future

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 17, 2017

After a controversial election last year in which Alexander Chase took office despite losing the popular vote to sole opponent “Reset my vote,”* The Daily Texan is pleased to announce that...


Forum: Previewing campus-wide elections

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 10, 2017

This week, a federal appeals court upheld a stay on President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The Texas Senate passed SB4, its controversial crackdown on city-level protections for undocumented immigrants,...


Forum: Refugee ban hits UT community

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 3, 2017

Here at the Daily Texan Forum, we seek to provide a platform for a variety of perspectives on the week’s topic of focus. Today is different. There are not multiple opinions worth printing on President...

Daily Texan Forum needs new voices to take on new challenges

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar January 27, 2017

On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump hijacked America’s political culture and transfixed its staid media institutions with a single escalator ride to the lobby of his eponymous skyscraper. Three days...

Michelle Carter reminds athleticism and femininity are not mutually exclusive

Emily Vernon August 25, 2016

Michelle Carter, an Olympic gold medalist in women’s shot put, confidently and lovingly refers to herself as the “Shot Diva.” Carter, a UT graduate, won the first gold medal in history for team USA...


Students should reconsider getting pets while in college

Emily Vernon May 4, 2016

It’s no secret that owning a pet can be a rewarding and loving experience. In Austin, one can see the love many have for their furry friends simply by walking down the street. Perhaps you will run...


Alternate admissions policies serve as effective measures to attain elite education

Emily Vernon April 27, 2016

As the May 1 deadline approaches, overzealous high school seniors itching for the thrill of college will finalize their decision of where they will spend the next four years of their life. Those students...


Chariot app offers temporary, beneficial solution in securing women’s safety

Emily Vernon April 20, 2016

In the coming months, a ride-hailing app called Chariot for Women will be launched that is designed to address some women’s fears of riding in a car alone with an unknown man. The company will hire...

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Texas inmates deserve more humane conditions

Emily Vernon April 13, 2016

If you think Texas summers are bad, imagine enduring them without air conditioning. This is just one of the many unfair circumstances inmates in Texas prisons encounter. Other issues include lack of independent...


Governor Abbott needs to actively address pay inequality

Emily Vernon April 6, 2016

Texas Governor Greg Abbott recently expanded the number of women sitting on the Texas Commission for Women from seven to 15 and issued five key points for it to consider: women-owned businesses, STEM education,...

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Schools named after Confederates must be renamed

Emily Vernon March 30, 2016

Monday night, AISD trustees unanimously voted — with the exception of one abstaining member — to change the name of Robert E. Lee Elementary. Upset with the controversial namesake, some parents...

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Delete social media apps to become more productive

Emily Vernon March 24, 2016

Social media may be entertaining and even informative, but it is also a weapon in disguise. Without discipline, one can easily find his or herself being sucked into a vortex of distracted procrastination....


Protective headgear can protect the safety of soccer

Emily Vernon March 9, 2016

Brandi Chastain, most famous for her winning penalty kick and celebration in the 1999 Women’s World Cup, has announced she will donate her brain to postmortem concussion research. Chastain is the...


Trump jokes distract from his serious threat to nation

Emily Vernon March 2, 2016

At the beginning of Donald Trump’s campaign, many of us thought a Trump nomination was a joke. After playing the ignorant schoolyard bully in debates, that amusement intensified, and Trump became...


Austin’s no-kill status is aided by social media

Emily Vernon February 24, 2016

Log on to Facebook, and you are sure to be met with a stream of videos that capture different animals acting in humorous ways. Animals have started to dominate social media, and most people are not complaining....


Equality isn’t always fun, include women in the draft

Emily Vernon February 17, 2016

The transition to adulthood is exciting. But for males, adulthood comes at a price. A draft may require you young men to go to war in the future. Girls, don’t worry about it. Excluding women from...


Vote for the policy, not the gender

Emily Vernon February 10, 2016

The political realm is notorious for being male-dominated and has received scrutiny for being so. The US ranks 75th out of 190 countries in the world for female participation in government. This statistic...


Beauty standards should be abolished

Emily Vernon January 26, 2016

As society accepts gender equality, so, too, does it understand that a woman’s worth is more than her outward appearance. Or, at least that is what we like to believe. A recent and problematic...

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Counterpoint: Holiday sales help consumers deal with procrastination

Emily Vernon December 2, 2015

Editor's note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint regarding holiday shopping. Read this column's corresponding counterpoint here. Christmas time is near, which means so too will...


Charitable giving should be a year-round effort

Emily Vernon November 25, 2015

$20 billion is the amount of money needed to eradicate homelessness. $20 billion is also the amount of money Americans spend each year just on new Christmas decorations.  The means for donations...


Public figures should feel comfortable talking about personal mental health issues

Emily Vernon November 18, 2015

People struggling with mental illness need freedom. Freedom from stigma, freedom from the fear often associated with the topic and freedom from seasonality. For this to happen, people in the public...


Failure of HERO increases discrimination risk in Houston

Emily Vernon November 11, 2015

The rejection of Houston’s HERO ordinance on Nov. 3 now makes the fourth-largest city in the U.S. the only major city without a non-discriminative ordinance. HERO would have protected 15 different...


Religious influence needlessly derails Texas politics

Emily Vernon November 4, 2015

Last week,, a seventh-grader from Katy, Texas, claimed she was forced to admit that “God is not real”...


High-profile figures should address all forms of pay inequality

Emily Vernon October 28, 2015

More women than men are graduating college, yet women are still discriminated against economically. Women often earn less than men who work in the same profession, especially if they are of a different...

Promoting gender equality requires nuanced rhetoric

Emily Vernon October 21, 2015

Women are so often described as “crazy” or “overly emotional” by men that the negative adjectives are often found creeping into a female’s vocabulary when describing other...

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Peeple app disregards complexity of personalities

Emily Vernon October 14, 2015

Imagine you are at a restaurant, waiting for your date — who was supposed to meet you 30 minutes ago — to arrive. Disappointed that the guy who you thought you had a connection with last week...


Social media increases numbness to violence

Emily Vernon October 7, 2015

College students are notorious for keeping their heads down, scrolling through a news feed while walking to a class or waiting on a professor. In fact, approximately 89 percent of people ages 18–29...


Politicians should have to live abroad, learn another language

Emily Vernon September 23, 2015

Politicians like to appeal to American patriotism. However, this mentality of American exceptionalism negatively affects both foreign and domestic policy by encouraging a politically closed-minded culture....

Serious effects of concussions demand attention from specialists

Emily Vernon September 16, 2015

Concussions affect between 1.5 and 2 million Americans annually, including many athletes, but can have more severe effects than a few days off the playing field. In particular, they can lead to post-concussion...


Too much overlap between social media, politics polarizes voters

Emily Vernon September 14, 2015

What happens when two of the most paradoxical institutions of American culture merge? Chaos, divide and chauvinism. These paradoxes, social media and political parties, are two of the most unifying, yet...

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