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30: Editor-in-chief edits chiefly

Alexander Chase May 5, 2017

I was never supposed to work here. In high school, my parents sat me down and told me that I’d be poor and unhappy if I went into journalism. I threw some garbage at them about being “interdisciplinary”...


30: Editor-in-chief retires to cry into his beer

Alexander Chase May 5, 2017

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting...


Daily Texan Forum says goodbye, for now

Emily Vernon, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase April 28, 2017

After months of terrible jokes and overexplaining other writers’ pieces, this week’s Forum is our last of the semester. In our place in next Friday’s issue will be the opinion department...


Independent local press plays essential role in democracy

Alexander Chase April 7, 2017

Last spring, as the presidential primary races for both the Democratic and Republican parties heated up, so too did attacks against the mainstream media. I was elected editor-in-chief shortly after Super...

Trump abandons free trade’s opportunities

Alexander Chase January 24, 2017

Yesterday morning, President Donald Trump “left” the Trans-Pacific Partnership, better known as the TTP. Congress’ choice not to ratify the deal in the previous session all but assured...

Find your voice, join The Daily Texan this semester

Alexander Chase January 17, 2017

Whether you spent your winter in the snow or on some tropical beach, I’m excited to welcome you back to the 40 Acres. We greatly value what makes our home unique — a diverse array of large...


Democracy requires our efforts after Election Day

Alexander Chase November 11, 2016

We’ve been writing about this election for far too long. For many of you on campus, the way it ended was a disappointment; for others, a begrudging victory or a vindication. But to believe it is...


Forum: Politicization of fact

Jordan Shenhar and Alexander Chase October 24, 2016

After four primetime events moderated by five of television’s most prominent journalists for a total of six hours, the presidential debate schedule has finally reached its conclusion. Yet not once...


Forum: No still means no

Leah Kashar, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase October 14, 2016

Last week, the Republican nominee for president admitted on tape that he has used his power as a celebrity to assault women. And the party still endorses his campaign to hold the most powerful office on...


Youth turnout will define America’s future

Jordan Shenhar, Leah Kashar, and Alexander Chase October 7, 2016

As Ted Cruz so eloquently put it at this year’s Texas Tribune Festival, this election, “we’re facing a binary choice.” And indeed, 2016 is unlike any election year that the United...


Share your story with Daily Texan Forum

Leah Kashar, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase September 2, 2016

No matter how diverse a staff we have here at The Daily Texan, there will always be moments where the most qualified voices to speak on a topic are not our own. Whether an issue is personal, political...

Find your voice, work for The Daily Texan

Alexander Chase August 22, 2016

Whether you are stepping on campus for the first time this fall or have called it home for years, I’m excited to welcome you back to the 40 acres. We greatly value what makes our home unique —...


Media coverage of Whitman sets example not worth following

Alexander Chase August 1, 2016

On Aug. 2, 1966, Texas’ newspapers had to break the news to their readers that a student and former Marine had killed 13 others from the tower of their flagship university. On their shoulders rested...


Find your voice, apply to work for The Daily Texan

Alexander Chase June 6, 2016

The Daily Texan is holding summer staff tryouts now through June 15. For every passion you may have, there is a department here to help you explore it, regardless of your major or previous experience. There...


If the GOP cannot handle Cruz’s eligibility, can they tackle immigration reform?

Alexander Chase January 21, 2016

As a Canadian citizen and decent human being, I am pleased to no end that Ted Cruz renounced his Canadian citizenship in 2014. In a somewhat unfortunate twist, this action virtually guaranteed that he...


In daily fantasy sports, anyone can play but only some win

Alexander Chase December 3, 2015

Disappointed Dallas Cowboys fans cannot magically make the football season start over. If they wish to throw some money away, though, they can reset their fantasy football season. Fantasy football has...


Indiscriminate tuition cuts would not benefit low-income students

Alexander Chase November 20, 2015

With the UT System considering a tuition increase, some students are upset that an extra $150 per year will be coming out of their pockets. While tuition increases have made public education significantly...


Climate change research should be less political

Alexander Chase November 13, 2015

Climate change is no matter of opinion. As its impacts become more devastating, inaction has become unthinkable. Even so, politicians who deny climate change have enormous power over climate policy and...


Want to debate policy? Try respecting your opponent

Alexander Chase November 6, 2015

With a large field crowding the past Republican debates, specific policy proposals have been hard to come by. While CNBC tried to make this a point of focus in the last debate, their tone offered a way...


Safe Campus Act endangers sexual assault victims

Alexander Chase October 28, 2015

While UT students have been fighting sexual assault through efforts like Not On My Campus, Texas representatives in the U.S. House have written legislation to make that fight much more difficult. The...


Crowded GOP race leaves little room for policy specifics

Alexander Chase October 23, 2015

With a third GOP debate on the horizon next Wednesday, likely Republican voters have yet another chance to decide who best represents them. However, the crowded field of candidates is guaranteeing a long...


Legislature ignores police voices with passage of campus carry

Alexander Chase October 16, 2015

This summer when the NRA-backed campus carry bill passed through the Texas Legislature and the individuals who best understand guns on campus and have the most to lose from it were entirely ignored. The...


Point: Uber drives to make our streets safer

Alexander Chase October 11, 2015

Editor's note: This column appears in a point-counterpoint regarding Uber regulations. Read this column's corresponding counterpoint here. While Austin City Council mulls whether to extend regulations...


Students must take lead to prevent bike theft

Alexander Chase October 2, 2015

For thousands of students on campus, biking to class makes a great deal of sense. However, the choices that students make to protect their bicycles do not. Short-sighted locking and registration practices...


Contrary to Republican rhetoric, climate change damages US economy

Alexander Chase September 25, 2015

During last Wednesday’s GOP debate, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida) unveiled a new conservative argument against active climate policy, arguing that it would be economically disastrous without producing...


Revisionist Confederate history must fall like the statues

Alexander Chase September 18, 2015

Two weeks after the Jefferson Davis statue’s removal, many individuals continue to believe that states’ rights was his Confederacy’s cause for secession, not slavery. In order to heal...


Car ownership is a poor choice for students

Alexander Chase September 8, 2015

As UT’s student body has grown, the demand for parking on campus has not kept pace. There are 15,858 parking spots on campus, 7,110 of which are for students. That roughly measures to one parking...

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