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30: Forum tyrant’s khanate of terror draws to a close

Jordan Shenhar May 5, 2017

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing permanent staff to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting...


Daily Texan Forum says goodbye, for now

Emily Vernon, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase April 28, 2017

After months of terrible jokes and overexplaining other writers’ pieces, this week’s Forum is our last of the semester. In our place in next Friday’s issue will be the opinion department...

Forum: Week of April 21

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar April 21, 2017

As we promised last week, this week’s Forum touches on the future of the Republican Party — and many, many other subjects, largely responding to content we’ve published in the past week. Second-year...

Forum: Texas officials aim to serve campus community

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar April 14, 2017

In the weeks since the UT System released its preliminary survey on sexual assault, we’ve covered the issue from the student perspective, with guest pieces from Voices against Violence and the Interpersonal...


Forum: Press criticism fails to acknowledge diversity in media

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar April 7, 2017

Failing. Narrative-driven. Lying. Timid. Feckless. Elitist. Biased. Unwatchable. Enemy of the people. Unwoke. Globalist. (((Globalist))). In today’s polarized climate, criticizing the press is...

Forum: Students mull improvements to campus life

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar March 24, 2017

In less than two weeks, UT will inaugurate a new class of student leaders. Seeing as none of them have drawn the consternation of Energy Secretary Rick Perry, we expect them to be halfway decent. Nevertheless,...


Forum: Addressing racist threats on campus

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar March 10, 2017

Both the winners and the runners-up in this year’s Executive Alliance election vowed during their campaigns to continue Kevin Helgren’s legacy of confronting racial harassment on and around...


Forum: National affairs consume campus politics

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar March 3, 2017

For the third consecutive year, Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow on Student Government election day, and so the UT student body will enjoy another week of campaigning. Much of the conversation surrounding...


Forum: SG Executive Alliance Candidates

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 24, 2017

In this week’s Forum, the three Executive Alliance tickets detail why they are uniquely qualified to tackle what they see as the most pertinent issues on this campus. To summarize, Isaiah Carter...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

Help us determine The Daily Texan’s future

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 17, 2017

After a controversial election last year in which Alexander Chase took office despite losing the popular vote to sole opponent “Reset my vote,”* The Daily Texan is pleased to announce that...


Forum: Previewing campus-wide elections

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 10, 2017

This week, a federal appeals court upheld a stay on President Donald Trump’s immigration ban. The Texas Senate passed SB4, its controversial crackdown on city-level protections for undocumented immigrants,...


Forum: Refugee ban hits UT community

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar February 3, 2017

Here at the Daily Texan Forum, we seek to provide a platform for a variety of perspectives on the week’s topic of focus. Today is different. There are not multiple opinions worth printing on President...

Daily Texan Forum needs new voices to take on new challenges

Emily Vernon and Jordan Shenhar January 27, 2017

On June 16, 2015, Donald Trump hijacked America’s political culture and transfixed its staid media institutions with a single escalator ride to the lobby of his eponymous skyscraper. Three days...


Forum: Electoral College

Jordan Shenhar November 18, 2016

In this space last week, we urged readers of all political persuasions to stay hopeful that President-elect Donald Trump might somehow channel his vitriolic campaign rhetoric into positive reforms to America’s...


Forum: Learn from our past, fight for your future

Jordan Shenhar November 11, 2016

In 1881, a wealthy, protectionist New York Republican with no political experience and funny-looking hair took the Oath of Office, to much of America’s horror. He had no popular mandate — he...


Forum: Politics at its best ­— and its worst

Jordan Shenhar October 28, 2016

This week’s forum features two articles showcasing a competition of political ideas — and one that serves as a sobering reminder of the racially motivated vitriol that has all too often precluded...


Forum: Politicization of fact

Jordan Shenhar and Alexander Chase October 24, 2016

After four primetime events moderated by five of television’s most prominent journalists for a total of six hours, the presidential debate schedule has finally reached its conclusion. Yet not once...


Forum: No still means no

Leah Kashar, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase October 14, 2016

Last week, the Republican nominee for president admitted on tape that he has used his power as a celebrity to assault women. And the party still endorses his campaign to hold the most powerful office on...

Jill_Stein_Courtesy_Gage Skidmore

Jill Stein’s regressive populism hits marginalized communities hardest

Jordan Shenhar October 14, 2016

The Daily Texan's presidential endorsement was correct in noting that Gary Johnson and Jill Stein are both unserious and unqualified presidential candidates. No need to rehash why that is —...


Youth turnout will define America’s future

Jordan Shenhar, Leah Kashar, and Alexander Chase October 7, 2016

As Ted Cruz so eloquently put it at this year’s Texas Tribune Festival, this election, “we’re facing a binary choice.” And indeed, 2016 is unlike any election year that the United...

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Forum: Patrick, McRaven tackle University controversies

Jordan Shenhar September 16, 2016

The astronomical cost of attending college has become a political touchstone of late. Several presidential candidates, as well as President Barack Obama, have emphasized the issue during this campaign...

unnamed (2)

Unlike Paxton, SG supports gender inclusivity

Jordan Shenhar September 9, 2016

This week’s Texan Forum, inspired both by recent Student Government legislation and a nationwide political discussion that grabbed headlines this summer, focuses on transgender and transsexual rights. Back...


Share your story with Daily Texan Forum

Leah Kashar, Jordan Shenhar, and Alexander Chase September 2, 2016

No matter how diverse a staff we have here at The Daily Texan, there will always be moments where the most qualified voices to speak on a topic are not our own. Whether an issue is personal, political...


Protests against Israel can incite antisemitism

Jordan Shenhar November 20, 2015

In 1938, Nazi soldiers marched into my grandfather's village in rural Austria and forcibly took control of his parents' small linens shop. At the time, no country in the world was accepting Jewish...


System moves toward transparency

Jordan Shenhar September 4, 2015

With a new president in Gregory Fenves and a fairly new chancellor in William McRaven, UT’s leadership has gotten a chance to rebrand itself following years of acrimonious disputes between former...

UT’s registration system affects graduation rates.

Jordan Shenhar May 4, 2015

UT graduates 52 percent of its students within four years. That’s a terrible mark in comparison to those of other highly ranked public flagships, like the University of Virginia (86 percent, as of...

UT’s work-study program needs improvement

Jordan Shenhar April 28, 2015

The internship economy is less than ideal for most college students, who often have to work long hours for little or no pay in order to gain the sort of entry-level experience that so many employers require. But...

Ranking system a poor reflection of Texas public universities

Jordan Shenhar April 14, 2015

A ranking is only as useful as its underlying methodology. If it relies on an algorithm that reasonably weighs empirically measured variables against one another, it might have some value. But...

UT should make guest lectures more accessible to students

Jordan Shenhar April 6, 2015

On Thursday morning, KLRU hosted an on-campus conversation between Texas Tribune showrunner Evan Smith and Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-VT, a potential 2016 presidential candidate and one of the only independents...

UT’s social organizations must balance merit and inclusivity

Jordan Shenhar March 30, 2015

In the span of 11 days in the middle of February, UT rose to the forefront of one of the country’s most divisive controversies surrounding university culture. On Feb. 7, a now-infamous party took...

Protesters of Israel Block Party unjustly target culture over politics

Jordan Shenhar March 24, 2015

“A celebration of culture does not require supporting a political entity. However, the Holi festival on the LBJ Lawn makes it unapologetically clear that it promotes India and proactively legitimizes...

UT administration should give Student Government more power

Jordan Shenhar March 9, 2015

Last week, I discussed how a Rotnofsky-Mandalapu victory in this week’s runoff election for Student Government president and vice president can help UT students reclaim Student...


Rotnofsky-Mandalapu ticket presents opportunity to reform SG

Jordan Shenhar March 6, 2015

Within the confines it has created for itself, Student Government works. It’s very effective at upgrading library and facility hours as the student body sees fit, and it frequently attempts to make...


Debate over Senate Bill 11 is misguided

Jordan Shenhar February 23, 2015

It’s caused an uproar among students, it’s spawned forceful condemnations from the Faculty Council, and it’s been covered nonstop by local media. And, despite the incendiary rhetoric,...


Texas public universities shouldn’t have to rely so heavily on tuition increases

Jordan Shenhar February 17, 2015

This Valentine’s season, there’s been no love lost between Chancellor William McRaven and the Texas state legislature. Ever since the state of Texas dissociated itself from setting tuition...

UT’s AAU survey could help fight campus sexual assault

Jordan Shenhar February 10, 2015

Colleges and universities in every corner of the U.S. are trying to fight the problem of campus sexual assault, but it’s unclear whether any of their efforts are actually working. That’s why...

flipped classroom

Flipped classrooms at UT raise questions regarding the benefits of online education

Jordan Shenhar February 3, 2015

Like a lot of my peers, I don’t enjoy getting up early, I do enjoy watching videos on the Internet, and I have the attention span of a campus squirrel. And so, like a lot of my peers, I often find...

Tone-deaf Common Core rives broken communities yet further

Jordan Shenhar January 27, 2015

Public education systems across the United States are plagued with more problems — and more complex problems — than you’ll find on any trendy standardized math test. They perpetuate intergenerational...

UT students’ response to Hebdo a slippery slope to full censorship

Jordan Shenhar January 22, 2015

Last fall, the Young Conservatives of Texas planned a mock sting operation to protest President Obama’s support for immigration reform, in which students would compete for prizes by tracking down...

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