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American Statistical Association releases statement questioning p-values

Eunice Ali April 8, 2016

Science journals commonly use p-values, a statistical index used in research data, to decide whether papers are worthy of publication. However, even scientists frequently misuse p-values, according to...


Computer science professor discusses the future of artificial intelligence

Eunice Ali March 25, 2016

About 70 students took a study break to discuss the future of artificial intelligence Wednesday evening. Bruce Porter, computer science department chair and professor, primarily researches artificial...


Excluded children imitate group behaviors to fit in

Eunice Ali February 15, 2016

Children, like adults, have an innate desire to belong. When excluded, they imitate their peers’ behaviors to try to fit in. Psychology postdoctoral researcher Rachel Watson-Jones found that children...


UT alumnus leads team in detecting gravitational waves, confirms Einstein’s theory

Eunice Ali February 13, 2016

UT alumnus David Reitze led the first direct detection of gravitational waves, 100 years after Albert Einstein predicted them in his general relativity theory. On Sept. 14 of last year, Reitze and his...


Science Scene: Genetically based weight loss programs

Eunice Ali February 11, 2016

Many wish that research on genes could help them fit into their skinny jeans, but scientists said more work still needs to be done before successful genetically-based weight loss programs can become a...


Staged mock shooting near campus met with student protest

Eunice Ali December 13, 2015

In response to a gun-support organization’s plan to stage a mock shooting near UT campus Saturday, a group of UT students protested with signs, chants and fart noises. Approximately 10-15 members...


Ideathon furthers discussion on gender-based violence

Eunice Ali December 4, 2015

Around 10 UT students joined a worldwide discussion aimed at combating gender-based violence across college campuses. Only two of them were males, including the male co-host. In support of the United...


Increasing number of campus projects crowdfund using HornRaiser

Eunice Ali December 2, 2015

More members of the University are using HornRaiser — the University’s official crowdfunding platform — to fund their projects, according to Marsha Reardon, student philanthropy and special...


Special education department to offer teaching certificate

Eunice Ali November 25, 2015

UT graduate students in special education will soon be able to earn a teaching certificate. This year, Diane Bryant, learning disabilities and behavior disorders professor, and her colleagues will launch...


Fenves meets with black student leaders, discusses actions needed at University

Eunice Ali November 24, 2015

Editor's note: This article has been updated since its original publication to remove students' quotes from a private meeting because of a failure on behalf of the reporter to identitfy herself...


University aims to improve health, scientific communication through partnership with Alda Center

Eunice Ali November 19, 2015

The University is working to bridge the communication gap between the scientific community and the general public. Beginning this month, the Center for Health Communication at the Moody College of Communication...


UT to offer graduate certificate in engineering education beginning fall 2017

Eunice Ali November 17, 2015

Engineering graduate students transitioning into faculty positions can now breathe easily — teaching help is on its way. This year, Maura Borrego, associate professor in mechanical engineering,...


Students rally against tuition fees, student debts

Eunice Ali November 13, 2015

Students chanted and carried signs that said “education should not be a debt sentence” as they rallied against tuition fees and student debts on Thursday afternoon. Members of the rally...


College of Natural Sciences seeks funding to renovate Welch Hall

Eunice Ali November 10, 2015

The College of Natural Sciences has launched a kickstarter for a $1.2 million crowdfunding campaign to renovate Welch Hall. This community giving effort, will be underway until December 2017, is part...


Engineering, business students face off in annual week of competition

Eunice Ali November 6, 2015

Students from the Cockrell School of Engineering and McCombs School of Business are celebrating the “classic rivalry” between both schools by showcasing their physical and mental muscles in...


Senate hosts Academic Enrichment Week

Eunice Ali November 4, 2015

Academic Enrichment Week, a program hosted by the UT Senate of College Councils which aims to enhance students experience outside the classroom, began Monday. The program featured a general study abroad...


Black students from Society for Cultural Unity confront UT President regarding diversity issues at the University

Eunice Ali October 30, 2015

Black students from the Society for Cultural Unity spoke out at The Texan Talks event during an interview with UT President Gregory Fenves, asking if black lives matter to him. Loyce Gayo, president...


Researcher studies newly discovered extinct species of pig-nosed turtle

Eunice Ali October 28, 2015

An extinct species of turtle made its way to the present when a student began studying its remnants, only to discover the reptile was unlike any turtle ever found — it had a nose similar to that...


Study finds preserving fish reproduction sites is key to fisheries and conservation

Eunice Ali October 23, 2015

The preservation of fish reproduction sites is most effective in balancing fisheries and fish conservation, according to UT assistant professor in marine science Brad Erisman. The paper, published in...


University kicks off “I’m A Veteran” campaign

Eunice Ali October 23, 2015

The “I’m a Veteran” campaign, an effort to raise awareness of the culture of veteran students on campus, officially started Wednesday. The campaign, organized by the Student Veteran...


PCL holds book repair workshop

Eunice Ali October 21, 2015

A librarian at the Perry-Castañeda Library said in a workshop Tuesday afternoon that keeping personal books in a cool temperature and dry environment with no direct exposure to sunlight will help...


23 IE students named fall 2015 Kuhn scholars

Eunice Ali October 16, 2015

The Intellectual Entrepreneurship (IE) Pre-Graduate Internship Program awarded Kuhn awards to 23 undergraduates for the fall 2015 semester. Students received $1,000 stipends from the Michael and Alice...


LBJ School names new director of development

Eunice Ali October 14, 2015

The University appointed Maggie Gilburg as the new director of development for the Lyndon Baines Johnson School of Public Affairs. Gilburg, former director of development for the Texas Tribune, said...


UT study finds girls serve longer sentences than boys in juvenile justice system

Eunice Ali September 25, 2015

Girls are sentenced to serve in detention facilities for longer periods than boys in juvenile justice settings, according to Erin Espinosa, research associate within the Texas Institute for Excellence...


Study: Testosterone, cortisol levels affect leadership ability

Eunice Ali September 22, 2015

A research team including UT psychology professor Robert Josephs found male executives with high levels of testosterone and low levels of the stress hormone cortisol tend to have higher-ranking jobs. The...


UT alumna speaks about sexual violence, writing career

Eunice Ali September 18, 2015

UT alumna Amy Gentry spoke about sexual violence and her writing career as part of Joynes Reading Room lecture series Thursday evening.  Every woman experiences sexual assualt in one form or another,...


UT researchers find China’s One-Child policy has psychological benefits

Eunice Ali September 16, 2015

Children born in China without siblings have fewer symptoms of depression and anxiety, according to research published by faculty in the department of educational psychology. The study, published by...


Students learn to become entrepreneurs in Longhorn Startup course

Eunice Ali September 11, 2015

Engineering entrepreneur Ben Dyer encouraged students to “think big and do big” during the Longhorn Startup Seminar on Thursday evening. The seminar is part of an entrepreneurship course,...


Asian American student organizations host annual cultural event

Eunice Ali September 4, 2015

The Asian American Culture Committee and the Asian Desi Pacific Islander American Collective, welcomed new students in the Shirley Bird Perry Ballroom on Thursday night.  The annual event, titled...


University students build energy-efficient house for national competition

Eunice Ali September 2, 2015

A team led by University of Texas at Austin architecture professor Michael Garrison is designing and building a solar-powered home to compete nationally as part of the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon. The...


Study shows aspirin may reduce breast cancer recurrence in overweight women

Eunice Ali September 3, 2014

A study found non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as aspirin or ibuprofen, helped lower hormone-related breast cancer recurrence in overweight women by half. The study — led by Linda deGraffenried,...


Cockrell School of Engineering receives $35 million endowment

Eunice Ali August 7, 2014

The Cockrell School of Engineering received a $35 million donation from UT alumnus T.W. “Tom” Whaley Jr., the University announced Thursday.  Whaley, who died in 2013, received...


Co-op to begin shelving books alphabetically

Eunice Ali August 5, 2014

The University Co-op main store on Guadalupe Street will be shelving textbooks alphabetically by the first author’s last name, instead of by class title, for the fall semester. Michael Kiely,...

Sociology professor to speak at White House symposium

Eunice Ali July 30, 2014

Sociology professor Keith Robinson will be speaking at a symposium held at the White House on Wednesday. Robinson and Duke University professor Angel Harris will discuss their new book on children’s...


HB 2 cuts down abortion clinics and legal abortions in Texas, study shows

Eunice Ali July 28, 2014

Since stricter abortion regulations went into effect in Texas in September, 46 percent of clinics have closed, and legal abortions have decreased by 13 percent, according to a study from the University’s...


UT School of Nursing receives $703,000 grant from St. David’s Foundation

Eunice Ali July 19, 2014

The School of Nursing received a two-year $703,000 grant from St. David’s Foundation, the University announced Tuesday.   The funding will support the UT School of Nursing Wellness Center...

UT professor and colleagues find genes behind evolution of electric organs in electric fish

Eunice Ali July 2, 2014

A research team led by Harold Zakon, integrative biology and neuroscience professor, discovered how genes and pathways in electric fish caused their electricity-producing organs to evolve...


UT professor emeritus James Stice receives lifetime achievement award

Eunice Ali June 28, 2014

James Stice, the Bob R. Dorsey Professor Emeritus in the Cockrell School of Engineering, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Society for Engineering Education on June 16.  The...

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