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Sports editor reflects on reporting, leadership, memes

Jori Epstein December 4, 2015

I wanted to join the Texan as soon as I committed to UT. The decision: Which section? I felt unqualified to offer opinions when I barely knew my way around campus. News reporting was tempting, but I heard...


Horns must treat Baylor as a rival to chance an upset

Jori Epstein December 4, 2015

A decade has passed since Texas last won a national championship. Its last title game appearance, too, dates back six years. In Austin, even winning seasons have become a luxury. The burnt orange’s...


Perrin loses “interim” title, receives two-year contract extension

Jori Epstein December 4, 2015

University President Gregory Fenves extended Mike Perrin’s contract as the men’s athletic director through 2017–18 on Thursday. Perrin had filled the position on an interim basis...


Royal continues fundraising effort at 90

Jori Epstein November 12, 2015

Friends, family, celebrities and Alzheimer’s researchers flocked to Edith Royal’s 90th birthday party last week. The party did more than just celebrate Edith’s life. It also marked the...


Longhorns need to learn from Malik Jefferson’s attitude

Jori Epstein November 6, 2015

Texas’ freshman class ranked No. 9 in the nation. The team touted ample talent and the freshmen have stepped up on the field and in the locker room. Eleven of them played defense against Iowa State...


Texas buys out Patterson in $3 million deal

Jori Epstein November 5, 2015

The University released its final contract with former athletic director Steve Patterson on Wednesday. The contract guarantees Patterson $1.48 million for UT fiscal year 2015-2016 and $1.52 million for 2016-2017.  Patterson...


Texas must focus mentally to continue winning

Jori Epstein October 23, 2015

Head coach Charlie Strong is excited to play Kansas State at 11 a.m. this Saturday. A 5:30 a.m. staff meeting doesn’t faze the early riser, and he loves waking the players at 6 a.m. “I tell...


Longhorn mascot Bevo XIV dies after 11 years of service

Jori Epstein October 19, 2015

In hindsight, Bryant McKenzie says, it makes sense. For months, Bevo XIV had stopped eating as much. McKenzie and the longhorn’s other handlers thought Bevo XIV was trying to outsmart them. “We...


Texas must plug leak to stay afloat at Red River Rivalry

Jori Epstein October 7, 2015

Before Texas’ matchup with Oklahoma State two weeks ago, no Longhorn football team had ever lost three games by September’s end. Sure, two of the Horns’ losses this season combined...


Tejas Club hosts Lance Armstrong in weekly speaker series

Jori Epstein October 2, 2015

Lance Armstrong has battled cancer, biked for hours on end and lost claim to seven Tour de France titles. He says he can’t count the number of times he has been called a “disgrace.” But...


Longhorns need to quell third quarter struggles

Jori Epstein September 25, 2015

In Greek mythology, a universal storyline drives each tale. A hero emerges, with great ability and competence. The hero encounters a challenge, the action rises and a tragic flaw – colloquially,...


With Perrin in as interim athletic director, Plonsky says focus shouldn’t be on her

Jori Epstein September 17, 2015

At interim athletic director Mike Perrin’s introductory press conference Wednesday, women’s athletic director Chris Plonsky said Perrin is a great choice to replace Steve Patterson. “Mike,...


Confusion rampant on offensive line

Jori Epstein September 11, 2015

In Texas’ 38-3 loss at Notre Dame last week, confusion abounded. The offense seemed confused which plays it was running. The defense didn’t maintain its coverage, despite studying the routes...

Column: Athletics paves way for transgender policies

Jori Epstein September 10, 2015

Editor’s note: A version of this column previously ran in The Daily Texan opinion section. Xiaomin Xue always felt like something was off. He grew up in an Asian Christian household in Houston...


Stat Gal: Johnathan Gray needs to get more touches

Jori Epstein September 9, 2015

In Texas’ 38-3 loss to No. 9 Notre Dame on Saturday, the Horns set FBS records for their inability to produce offense. Racking up just 163 total yards, Texas’ average of 3.13 yards per play...


Horns’ full roster touts better luck than in 2014

Jori Epstein September 4, 2015

I’ve been asked countless times this week my prediction for the Notre Dame game. There’s confusion that as sports editor, I foresee the news rather than reporting it. I don’t. I can’t...


Ten years later, senior guard Javan Felix reflects on Katrina evacuation

Jori Epstein August 28, 2015

When senior guard Javan Felix evacuated New Orleans, he and his family left nearly everything behind. Felix, then 11, brought just three sets of clothes. “We left under the assumption that it...


2015 schedule breakdown

Jori Epstein August 12, 2015

Sept. 5 at Notre Dame This game will truly set the tone for Texas’ season. If Texas upsets Notre Dame — and it would be an upset, as the Fighting Irish slotted No. 11 in preseason rankings...


Other football-related news while you were away

Jori Epstein August 3, 2015

From some angry boosters to the extra bucks in student athletes’ pockets, Texas Athletics has been abuzz while students were away for summer. To catch you up, here are four things to know before...


UT’s model adoption of Title IX in 1970s is partially to thank for rise of women’s athletics today

Jori Epstein July 25, 2015

Editor’s Note: This column is a part of a series exploring the Title IX Amendment at UT. When the U.S. won the Women’s World Cup final July 5, this country had plenty to celebrate....


If Texas Athletics is the front door of the University, Steve Patterson is the doorman

Jori Epstein July 20, 2015

When head coach Charlie Strong assumed leadership of the football team last year, he made national headlines before the season even started. Strong’s five core values — honesty, treating women...


A writer’s request: Visit the Nazi Olympics exhibit

Jori Epstein July 13, 2015

Imagine Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium. At capacity, it can hold roughly 100,000 people  — a greater number of people than many students can imagine ever being in the same place with...


With new NCAA pay policy, give student athletes financial literacy, too

Jori Epstein July 7, 2015

Why are so many college athletes hungry or even homeless? They’re employees of the school and are being exploited. The amateur spirit is the beauty of college sports, and their education is a valuable...


Regulations protect transgender athletes in intramural sports

Jori Epstein June 30, 2015

Xiaomin Xue always felt like something was off. He grew up in an Asian, Christian household in Houston after moving from China at the age of eight. He played and managed sports teams through high school,...


In athletics department ‘reorganization,’ longtime staffer John Bianco to leave University

Jori Epstein June 16, 2015

Texas Athletics is beginning a “reorganization of its communication division,” according to a media release Monday. The reorganization includes a search for two new staffers, one...


Recent student-athlete cheating allegations symptomatic of a greater problem

Jori Epstein June 14, 2015

When the Chronicle for Higher Education released its allegations of academic misconduct in the University’s athletics department this week, a collective groan was issued across the 40 Acres. Legal,...


Fenves must continue sexual assault awareness and prevention efforts

Jori Epstein June 9, 2015

Editor's note: This is the first in a series of columns exploring the Title IX amendment at UT. Since its enactment in 1972, the Title IX amendment has been a hot topic on college campuses. Its...

Students’ social media activities have real-life consequences

Jori Epstein March 26, 2015

As the only time college ball supersedes professional sports, the NCAA Tournament bestows a maddening amount of attention on colleges. When lower-seeded teams pull off scintillating upsets, fans laud their...

homeless photo

Austin’s ‘street community’ deserves respect

Jori Epstein February 18, 2015

One sector of Austin’s street community may be seen ambling down the stairs of the University Baptist Church each Sunday, ready to spend a few hours in the safety and comfort of the church basement...


Texas finishes losing season with loss to Arkansas in AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl

Jori Epstein December 30, 2014

HOUSTON-- For Texas, Monday night epitomized head coach Charlie Strong’s first year struggles and sophomore quarterback Tyrone Swoopes’ inconsistent play.  At NRG Stadium...


Texas faces Arkansas in AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl Monday night

Jori Epstein December 28, 2014

For Texas head coach Charlie Strong, Monday’s night bowl game marks a career milestone. Texas’ matchup with Arkansas in the Advocare V100 Texas Bowl reignites a historical rivalry...


Texas will play Arkansas in AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl

Jori Epstein December 8, 2014

Texas accepted its invitation to play in the 2014 AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl on December 29 in Houston. The Longhorns (6-6, 5-4) will face the Razorbacks (6-6, 2-6) at 8 p.m. at NRG Stadium, where the Houston...


Even at regular season’s end, offense still looks inexperienced

Jori Epstein December 2, 2014

Heading into the home matchup against BYU in September, Texas’ offensive line made headlines. Following a series of suspensions and injuries, the linemen boasted just five combined starts, making...


Athletic Boykin leads surprising Horned Frogs

Jori Epstein November 26, 2014

Junior quarterback Trevone Boykin isn’t your typical student-athlete.  In 2013, Boykin became the first TCU player ever to tally a 100-yard rushing game, 100-yard receiving game and 200-yard...


SEC efforts to halt Texas-Texas A&M bowl game detrimental to school spirit

Jori Epstein November 25, 2014

It was already a beautiful day: sunny, 70 degrees and a cool breeze after days of thunderstorms. College Station almost could have been nice. Except that it’s College Station.  On Sunday,...


When giving thanks, also give two dollars to The Challenger

Jori Epstein November 20, 2014

Nestled beneath an overhang at Dean Keeton and Guadalupe sits a man named David. Many of you have likely seen him there — he’s become practically a fixture in recent months. With copies of...


Freshman wide receiver makes impact early

Jori Epstein November 18, 2014

There’s always a benefit to a fresh perspective — something head coach Charlie Strong is well aware of. Entering his first year at Texas, Strong didn’t bring preconceived notions of...


Oklahoma State’s Jacobs motivated by family, pain in breakout season

Jori Epstein November 14, 2014

At season’s start, sophomore linebacker Seth Jacobs was excited.  Coming off a redshirt freshman season in which he saw limited action in six games, Jacobs had earned a starting spot for...


Freshman Andrew Beck exhibits versatility in first year

Jori Epstein November 13, 2014

In the multi-faceted world of Texas football training, coaches hold an all-freshmen practice each preseason to identify young talent. Watching as the newcomers run a series of drills, the coaching staff...


Offensive line practices, plays big

Jori Epstein November 11, 2014

Texas’ offensive line doesn’t do anything on a small scale.  Against West Virginia on Saturday, junior center Taylor Doyle and company weren’t just trying to open small gaps for...

Transfer Trickett enjoying success at final destination

Jori Epstein November 7, 2014

Much of the West Virginia team travelling to Austin this weekend will enter Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium with fond memories.  Boasting a 2-0 all-time program record in Austin, veteran...


Clearer vision helps Mykkele Thompson

Jori Epstein November 4, 2014

Although senior safety Mykkele Thompson hasn’t missed a game in his four years at Texas, a few of his competitions are a little hazy.  It’s not because the multitude of games blur...


Adversity all too familiar for Texas Tech’s Fehoko

Jori Epstein October 31, 2014

When Texas Tech’s defense gave up 82 points in its 55-point loss last weekend, spectators around the country took note in amazement.  Word spread of TCU’s dominance, as it scored the...


Texas fails to live up to standards

Jori Epstein October 28, 2014

Although head coach Charlie Strong first came to Texas in January, he understands traditions that date back long before his arrival. Texas historically secures winning records, glides smoothly to...

Oklahoma State sues Texas coach Joe Wickline

Jori Epstein October 24, 2014

Joe Wickline, Texas’ offensive coordinator and offensive line coach, thought he was done dealing with Oklahoma State administrators in January when he left Stillwater, Oklahoma, to work for Texas.  But...


Kansas State’s Waters making move from JUCO to FBS look easy

Jori Epstein October 24, 2014

It seems that everyone — opponents, teammates, coaches and scouts — sees Jake Waters, Kansas State’s senior quarterback, a little differently.  Some say he’s tough, others...


As a starter and scholarship player, Haines reflects on walk-on days

Jori Epstein October 21, 2014

The first time defensive coordinator Vance Bedford called Dylan Haines’ name on the first-team list, Haines, a redshirt sophomore defensive back, thought Bedford had made a mistake. “I looked...

Richardson carries Cyclones, sets school records

Jori Epstein October 17, 2014

Sam B. Richardson, Iowa State’s redshirt junior quarterback, likes to play to his opponents’ weaknesses. If defenders are moving slowly, as he felt Toledo was last weekend, he’ll change...


Doyle welcomes new challenges at center

Jori Epstein October 14, 2014

Taylor Doyle isn’t sure what’s more challenging: starting against Oklahoma in a position he had never played before or drinking the team-mandated beet juice. Both challenges energize him —...


The Red River Rivalry, from a fan’s perspective

Jori Epstein October 13, 2014

At the Red River Rivalry, it’s always the rivalry that stands out the most. The win, the players and the level of play certainly matter, but tidbits from the rivalry atmosphere often stick in fans’...


Dallas-area Longhorns excited to return home for Red River Showdown

Jori Epstein October 9, 2014

For years, in Garland, just 25 miles from Cotton Bowl Stadium, a Longhorn football hopeful watched the emblematic Red River Rivalry matchup with elation.  For half the game each year, he was glued...

Stoops relishes Red River Rivalry

Jori Epstein October 8, 2014

For Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops, the hype surrounding the Red River Rivalry is nothing new.  He brought home nine wins in 15 matchups against former Texas head coach Mack Brown. But now, as...


Senior linebacker Steve Edmond puts in the time to achieve success

Jori Epstein October 7, 2014

Although Texas’ 2-3 record doesn’t quite reflect it, the Longhorn defense stands strong this season. The Baylor offense entered Saturday’s game ranked highly, averaging 56.8 points, 641...

Baylor’s Hager returns to Austin to face father’s alma mater

Jori Epstein October 3, 2014

When Baylor senior linebacker Bryce Hager steps on the field at Darrell K Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium on Saturday, he’ll be competing on behalf of two families: his biological family and his Baylor...


Freshman Jason Hall making early season impact

Jori Epstein September 30, 2014

When asked about freshman safety Jason Hall, teammates and coaches consistently mention the same trait: Hall’s energy. “He’s the safety on the nickel package; he’s the starter...


NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell meets with Charlie Strong

Jori Epstein September 29, 2014

Although the Longhorns didn’t return from Lawrence, Kansas, until late Saturday night, head coach Charlie Strong was back at work Sunday morning. NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and Troy Vincent,...

Heeney relishes Kansas spotlight, leads by example

Jori Epstein September 26, 2014

Kansas’ Ben Heeney knows he can’t hide — not on the field, not in the locker room and not on campus. Wherever he goes, someone is always watching.  But, the senior linebacker...


Senior cornerback Quandre Diggs internalizes recent upsets

Jori Epstein September 25, 2014

Although football is often characterized by its physicality and aggression, senior cornerback Quandre Diggs often internalizes the psychological factors. It’s not unusual for the emotions of the...


Top-10 teams struggle in week 4

Jori Epstein September 23, 2014

While Texas rested its feet this weekend, underdogs around the country gave top-10 opponents a run for their money. Jameis Winston, the Heisman-winning redshirt sophomore quarterback who was suspended...


Like all fifth-year players, wide receiver John Harris wants to finish his career strong

Jori Epstein September 18, 2014

In some ways, senior wide receiver John Harris’ story is the same as that of many of his teammates.  A fifth-year player, an injury delaying his college progress, and a breakout season...


Concussions end junior quarterback David Ash’s career

Jori Epstein September 18, 2014

Texas head coach Charlie Strong announced Wednesday evening that junior quarterback David Ash will no longer play football after suffering his third concussion earlier this season. “We just decided...


SEC continues football domination despite Oklahoma win

Jori Epstein September 16, 2014

Continuing its domination of college sports and college football, in particular, the SEC placed five of its 14 teams in top-15 range of AP’s ranking this weekend. Highlighted by Alabama at No. 3,...

Jack of all trades: UCLA athlete plays both ways

Jori Epstein September 12, 2014

For Texas, experience on the field is becoming a rarity. As suspensions continue to mount, the Longhorns have been forced to field a team that hardly resembles its projected preseason starting lineup....


Texas’ game against UCLA will gauge success of ‘parent-child’ relationship

Jori Epstein September 12, 2014

Defensive coordinator Vance Bedford has some advice for the Longhorns: Take a look in the mirror. “If you can’t be your worst critic when you wake up in the morning, and you look in the...


Among inexperienced offensive line, Malcolm Brown sees need for leader

Jori Epstein September 9, 2014

As a four-year starter and offensive presence on the team, senior running back Malcolm Brown knew he’d need to be a leader this season. What he didn’t know was how inexperienced an offensive...


NCAA assesses misdemeanors, delivers consequences

Jori Epstein September 9, 2014

Head coach Charlie Strong isn’t the only one pushing suspensions and dismissals in an effort to clean up a football program. While Texas surveys a team down eight players since last season, coaches...

Report: LB Deoundrei Davis no longer on the football team

Jori Epstein September 5, 2014

Linebacker Deoundrei Davis is no longer on the football team, according to reports Friday afternoon. Davis, a redshirt freshman from Cypress, spent last year sidelined to finish rehab...

Quarterback Hill leads BYU against Texas

Jori Epstein September 5, 2014

Before Brigham Young quarterback Taysom Hill steps on the field each week, he prepares himself mentally. Imagining his ideal outcome for each game, Hill sets goals that generally fade away alongside the...


Texas defense ready to redeem itself against BYU

Jori Epstein September 4, 2014

If the Texas defensive linemen could erase one memory from their college football experiences, it would be their time in the locker room in Provo, Utah, last fall.   “It was terrible and...

Strong’s 2014 recruiting class expected to see field Saturday

Jori Epstein August 28, 2014

Between a handful of injuries and two handfuls of suspended players over the past few years, the Texas football staff has learned to rely on more than just veteran players alone.  As Shawn Watson,...


Defensive tackle Malcom Brown in place to lead defensive line

Jori Epstein August 27, 2014

When the Longhorns hit the field Saturday, a few things will be different for junior defensive tackle Malcom Brown.  Starting time and playing time are nothing new; the junior has played in 26...


After two injury-laden seasons, Hicks ready to return strong

Jori Epstein August 25, 2014

After playing in all 25 games his freshman and sophomore seasons, senior linebacker Jordan Hicks and his role on the team took a sudden plunge.  He played three games in 2012 and just four in 2013....


Column: Texas’ latest punishments harsher than other Big 12 policies

Jori Epstein August 4, 2014

Texas head coach Charlie Strong has vowed to “put the T back in Texas” — toughness, trust, togetherness and team, as he professed during Big 12 Media Days in Dallas. Under the subsection...

Column: Turnaround of men’s basketball program leads to Myles Turner commitment

Jori Epstein May 1, 2014

When Texas hit a bump in the road in the 2012-13 season, it needed to rebuild its chemistry, its school confidence and its recruiting program. The Longhorns went from losing in the first round in the lowly...


Texas volleyball downs New Mexico State in home exhibition match

Jori Epstein April 14, 2014

Proving her All-American dominance doesn’t fade in the spring, junior outside hitter Haley Eckerman led the Longhorns to a 4-1 victory over New Mexico State in this weekend’s exhibition match....


Column: The key to Texas’ ‘One Shining Moment’

Jori Epstein April 10, 2014

There are few things more exciting than watching David Barrett’s rendition of “One Shining Moment” each April. It’s a moment many fans miss if they dare switch off the television...


Rebounding from injuries, Ashley Roberts dreams of coaching

Jori Epstein April 9, 2014

Season-ending injuries are always devastating. But for senior guard Ashley Roberts, whose only season as a Longhorn came to an abrupt end after suffering a left knee injury in January, it might have been...

Longhorn recruit Ariel Atkins to play in All-American Game on Wednesday night

Jori Epstein April 1, 2014

It all started at recess. Ariel Atkins dribbled the basketball up and down the concrete with spunk, like she always did at home, when the school’s coach approached her.       ...


Women’s basketball’s first tournament victory since 2008 sets up second round date with Maryland

Jori Epstein March 25, 2014

Texas’ perfect 18-for-18 foul-shooting performance, en route to a 79-61 win over 12th-seeded Penn (22-7, 12-2 Ivy League), proved that free throws can make the difference between winning and losing. “Anytime...


No. 5 Texas takes on No. 12 Penn in Sunday’s March Madness game

Jori Epstein March 21, 2014

It hasn’t hit sophomore center Imani McGee-Stafford that she’s playing in the NCAA Tournament for the first time. It hasn’t set in that her Longhorn team earned a No. 5 seed, its best...


Women’s basketball to face Penn on Sunday in NCAA Tournament

Jori Epstein March 18, 2014

The Longhorns have put on their dancing shoes as they head to the NCAA Women’s Basketball Tournament for a date with No. 12 Penn, which will take place Sunday in College Park, Md.  The Quakers...

No. 5 seed Texas to take on No. 12 Penn in Sunday’s NCAA Tournament game

Jori Epstein March 18, 2014

The Longhorns have put on their dancing shoes with a No. 5 seed as they head to the Big Dance for a date with No. 12 Penn. And head coach Karen Aston says they’re putting in their all. “As...

Women’s basketball tops Oklahoma, faces West Virginia in Big 12 semifinals

Jori Epstein March 9, 2014

OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla.—Before Saturday, sophomore center Imani McGee-Stafford hadn’t won a Big 12 Tournament game. And none of her teammates had enjoyed a berth to the tournament’s...


Texas women’s basketball heads to Phillips 66 Big 12 Women’s Championship

Jori Epstein March 7, 2014

Chesapeake Energy Arena, home of the Oklahoma City Thunder (46-15), is already a bastion of Longhorn dominance. Former Longhorn and OKC small forward Kevin Durant finished with 42 points, nine rebounds,...


From team manager to walk-on, senior guard Helen Tau found her way on the court

Jori Epstein March 6, 2014

When senior guard Helen Tau suits up before each game, she doesn’t worry about playing time. Tau doesn’t think she deserves more than the 22 minutes she has stepped on the court all season....

After beating Texas Tech on Saturday, women’s basketball faces No. 15 Oklahoma State

Jori Epstein March 3, 2014

Back in January, Texas fought valiantly against then-No. 11 Oklahoma State in an attempt to open conference play with a win. Junior forward Nneka Enemkpali contributed 18 points and nine rebounds to the...

Multi-talented Nekia Jones, Texas to host TCU

Jori Epstein February 25, 2014

Most collegiate basketball players keep their focus on a basketball, but freshman forward Nekia Jones isn’t like most players.  The Texas sharp shooter boasts a gold medal in shot put...

McGee-Stafford posts 26 in women’s basketball’s third straight loss

Jori Epstein February 24, 2014

Playing an overaggressive, undisciplined defense Saturday night, Texas sent the Cyclones to the charity stripe repeatedly. Iowa State scored 30 points off free throws compared to Texas’ mere four. The...

Longhorns to face OU, ready for blood

Jori Epstein February 19, 2014

It never feels great, but sometimes a team needs a taste of blood to find motivation.  “They just came out hungrier,” junior forward Nneka Enemkpali said after Sunday’s 72-56...

Texas must rise to the challenge of No. 7 Baylor

Jori Epstein February 14, 2014

As losses become memories of the past, Texas’ improvement is evident in its conference schedule. In fact, the Longhorns — despite ending many games in single-digit margins — have won...

Davenport’s growth fuels Texas’ Big 12 success

Jori Epstein February 12, 2014

Sophomore guard Empress Davenport has left her nerves behind. She’s grown into her position on the court, not just adjusting to but also excelling at her role.            “I...


Sanders’ energy drives Texas’ Big 12 chase as it looks to Iowa State

Jori Epstein February 7, 2014

When sophomore guard Brady Sanders suits up for each game, she knows she owes more than 40 minutes of play to her teammates.  As the self-described “energy player” on the team, Sanders...


Texas extends home-game win streak with 88-51 victory over Texas Tech

Jori Epstein February 6, 2014

Texas overpowered a slow defense Wednesday night to smother Texas Tech, 88-51. The Longhorns held a 48-4 scoring advantage in the paint to prove head coach Karen Aston that they are, in fact, “a...


Enemkpali scores 19 as Longhorns fall to No. 9 Baylor

Jori Epstein February 3, 2014

Though junior forward Nneka Enemkpali grabbed 15 boards to complement 19 points, Texas (14-7, 5-4) couldn’t maintain its halftime lead against No. 9 Baylor (18-3, 8-1). The Longhorns fell 87-73 to...


Despite win streak, Barnes cautions against ‘drinking the poison’

Jori Epstein February 3, 2014

When freshman point guard Isaiah Taylor entered the locker room at Saturday’s halftime, he had much to be proud of: 11 points on 4-for-6 shooting. No. 25 Texas (17-4, 6-2 Big 12) had a 15-point...


Women’s basketball will look to win two straight on the road at Baylor

Jori Epstein January 31, 2014

Entering the round-robin series against Baylor last year, head coach Karen Aston knew hopes were lost. At 9-12, 2-8 Big 12, Aston’s squad held no chance against then-No. 1 Baylor (21-1, 11-0 Big...


Women’s basketball looks to sweep Kansas, grab first Big 12 road win

Jori Epstein January 28, 2014

Karen Aston, women’s basketball head coach, and the Longhorns know how to win a basketball game. They know how to beat ranked opponents, and they know how to outrebound, outscore, outplay and outlast...


Enemkpali’s 21 rebounds help raise women’s basketball above No. 18 West Virginia

Jori Epstein January 27, 2014

Coming off a loss against TCU, Texas knew what happens when it doesn’t play well for a half. It also knew what No. 18 West Virginia (17-3, 6-2 Big 12) was capable of, as the Mountaineers had handed...


Women’s basketball falls to TCU for first time in program history

Jori Epstein January 21, 2014

Struggling with poor first-half defense and 26 turnovers, the Longhorns suffered their first loss against TCU in program history. The Horned Frogs jumped out to a 30-18 halftime lead en route to a 54-48...

Texas A_admi (1)

Texas tops Texas A&M and Memphis, falls to Syracuse at Paradise Jam

Jori Epstein December 2, 2013

When sophomore guard Brady Sanders subbed in with 2:31 left Thursday night, the Longhorns were down 21 points to Syracuse. Sanders didn’t let it faze her, though, draining a trifecta of 3-pointers...

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