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30: System reporter stayed for the free meals

Van Nguyen May 5, 2017

Working at The Daily Texan led to a lot of firsts for me. It was the first time I’d ever written for a newspaper. I applied on a whim in the middle of the summer before my senior year because I wasn’t...


Tower remains dark to commemorate death of distinguished alumna Margaret C. Berry

Van Nguyen April 11, 2017

The Tower remained dark Monday night as the University honored distinguished alumna Margaret C. Berry, who died just after midnight Sunday, according to the Austin American-Statesman.  “Margaret...

Sen. Kirk Watson looks to innovate psychiatric care in Central Texas

Van Nguyen April 6, 2017

State Sen. Kirk Watson, D-Austin, has partnered with the Dell Medical School to innovate psychiatric care in Central Texas and replace the Austin State Hospital, which was built in the 1850s. The Texas...


UT alumnus recalls political journey

Van Nguyen March 29, 2017

From serving in the White House with President Bill Clinton to being a political commentator on CNN, UT alumnus Paul Begala returned to campus Tuesday for a talk titled “Don’t Whiz in the Well...

Bill filed to meet mental health needs of Texans

Van Nguyen March 10, 2017

There are currently only four psychiatrists on staff at UT to serve the mental health needs of 50,000 students. A bill filed in the Texas House of Representatives may help improve psychiatric services...

West Campus apartments evacuated due to gas leak

Van Nguyen March 6, 2017

Two apartment complexes located on 22nd and San Gabriel streets were evacuated shortly after 3 p.m. due to a gas leak, according to a tweet sent out from Austin Fire Department. 2 apartment complexes...


Sexual assault occurs near campus Saturday

Van Nguyen March 6, 2017

A UT student was sexually assaulted near campus late Saturday night, according to a campus-wide alert from the University of Texas Police Department.  The Austin Police Department informed UTPD...


McRaven cancels plans for UT Houston expansion

Van Nguyen March 1, 2017

Plans for the UT System’s heavily criticized Houston expansion have come to an end. In a memo to the Board of Regents Wednesday, UT System Chancellor William McRaven said his decision to cancel...


Canvas back after outage

Van Nguyen February 28, 2017

Update (3:26 p.m.):  Canvas as well as other Amazon Web Services applications are back online after the root of the outage was identified.  According to the Canvas website, they are still...

City Council boosts funding for immigrants in Austin

Van Nguyen February 17, 2017

Legal and counseling services for immigrants in Austin received a $200,000 boost from the Austin City Council on Thursday. The funding is added to an existing contract, in place with the Catholic Charities...

APD denies involvement with federal immigration officers

Van Nguyen February 15, 2017

Over the weekend, 51 people were arrested in the Austin area by federal immigration officers, which has led to rumors surrounding Austin Police Department’s involvement with these arrests, according...


Ellen DeGeneres giveaway event to occur at 3:30 p.m. on Main Mall

Van Nguyen February 7, 2017

Update (1:14 p.m.): Ellen DeGeneres will begin her giveaway at 3:30 p.m. at the Main Mall, according to her Twitter.  How fast can you pull together a Beyonce costume, @UTAustin? Meet you...

New grant aims to combat alcoholism

Van Nguyen February 7, 2017

A grant of $29 million for alcoholism treatment research may pave the way for new discoveries in the field at UT.  The National Institutes of Health awarded a total of $29 million to the Integrative...


Local LGBT groups discuss call to action for advocacy

Van Nguyen January 20, 2017

Close to 100 LGBT community members and allies packed into a lecture hall at the UT School of Law Thursday night to discuss ways to promote LGBT advocacy in Austin. The Austin LGBT Bar Association,...


Megabus moves to indoor location

Van Nguyen January 17, 2017

Students who use Megabus services will have to walk a bit farther than usual to get to the service’s new terminal located on 15th Street and San Jacinto Boulevard. Megabus spokesperson Sean Hughes...


Student organization pushes for change in campus carry law

Van Nguyen December 5, 2016

Campus carry is here to stay, but some students are eager to change the law going into the new year.  The law, which went into effect Aug. 1, prompted several student protests against it during...

2016-12-2_Gun violence Press confrence_Ravin

Gun violence prevention advocates speak at Capitol

Van Nguyen December 2, 2016

Susan Nelson was at a friend’s house in 1993 when a robber shot her in the back of the head. The gun belonged to Nelson’s friend, who had stored it away, but the robber was able to retrieve...


Secretary of education promotes campus inclusion and diversity

Van Nguyen November 30, 2016

U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King Jr. released a letter last Friday arguing more work needs to be done by universities to ensure campuses are safe, inclusive and supportive environments, which encourage...


Second MindBody Lab opens in SAC

Van Nguyen November 29, 2016

A second MindBody Lab opened Monday in the Student Activity Center just in time for finals week, when stress for college students can reach all-time highs.  The lab features audio and video instruction...


Ken Paxton and other regents support Wallace Hall in lawsuit

Van Nguyen November 22, 2016

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and two UT System Board of Regents members filed court briefs last week in favor of Regent Wallace Hall’s lawsuit against Chancellor William McRaven. This...


Fake news thrives on social media

Van Nguyen November 22, 2016

With the rise of fake news during the 2016 presidential election, Austin, Texas had its own taste of viral misinformation in the post-election aftermath. “Anti-Trump protestors in Austin...


Student group questions Nike, University on working conditions of factories

Van Nguyen November 18, 2016

Students at UT-Austin have been working for more than a year now to bring better working conditions to those employed in factories with sweatshop conditions where UT-Austin apparel is created, according...


Trump presidency may reverse Obama policy, affect student loans

Van Nguyen November 18, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump’s plans for higher education policy will reverse legislation already in place if implemented.   In 2010, President Barack Obama moved to allow the federal...

Other new tower Rachel Zein

State education agency sends report to Abbott to better Texas education

Van Nguyen November 17, 2016

A collaborative governmental education agency sent its report to the governor earlier this month on how to develop strong links between education and the work industry. In March, Gov. Greg Abbott authorized...


Future of GOP discussed in LBJ panel

Van Nguyen November 16, 2016

About 100 students and LBJ Future Forum members interested in public policy packed a room nearly to capacity Tuesday evening to hear GOP strategists and commentators discuss president-elect Donald Trump’s...


House Democrats push for increase in summer financial aid

Van Nguyen November 15, 2016

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives are pushing to bring back year-round Pell Grants, which allow students across the nation and at UT to access federal aid during summer semesters.  Currently,...


Fenves addresses bias-related incidents following election

Van Nguyen November 15, 2016

UT President Gregory Fenves said in a University-wide email Monday that the University is developing policies to support students, faculty and staff of all political affiliations following the results...


Regents hear recommendations at meeting Wednesday

Van Nguyen November 11, 2016

The final UT System Board of Regents meeting scheduled for the year was held Wednesday, where members of the board listened to recommendations on how to proceed into the upcoming year. The 85th Texas...

ONLINE Megan McFarren infographic predictive analytics

Predictive analytics determines student success

Van Nguyen November 11, 2016

Forty-one percent of universities, including UT–Austin, are using predictive analytics for targeted student advising, adaptive online coursework or forecasting class size and financial aid need,...


Fenves pushes higher four-year graduation rates

Van Nguyen November 10, 2016

When UT Austin President Gregory Fenves  returned to the University as Dean of the Cockrell School of Engineering in 2008, he was surprised to learn that the four-year graduation rate was just over...


UT students follow presidential election outcome through various media options

Van Nguyen November 10, 2016

Journalism senior Taylor Rice was sitting in a bar as she watched the results of the 2016 election unfold.  “I watched for over three hours until I saw [Trump] won and I watched his speech,”...


Republican congressman enters 30th year in office starting in May

Van Nguyen November 9, 2016

Republican Congressman Lamar Smith was elected for his 15th term representing the 21st Congressional District of Texas last night.  Smith won 57 percent of the vote, beating out Democratic candidate...


City council gains one new member with three reelection wins, one runoff

Van Nguyen November 9, 2016

Last night’s election helped fill four seats in the Austin City Council, with a runoff election for District 10 planned for later this year. Four of the five candidates who led the polls were in...


Conservative journalist Ben Shapiro criticizes campus censorship at YCT event

Van Nguyen November 4, 2016

“Facts don’t care about your feelings” is conservative journalist Ben Shapiro’s catchphrase, which he uses to denounce views of the left that he believes stifle freedom of...


Obama leaves office with higher education legacy

Van Nguyen November 4, 2016

President Barack Obama’s changes to higher education during his time in office have impacted students at UT-Austin and universities nationwide. The Obama Administration worked to make college...

online color graphic

Blacks have twice as much debt as whites four years after graduation

Van Nguyen November 3, 2016

Black students owe twice the amount of student loan debt white students do four years after graduation, according to a report released by the Brookings Institution.   The Brookings report...


Activists protest UT land use in front of McRaven’s office

Van Nguyen October 31, 2016

Close to 15 pro-environment activists from Environment Texas dressed as zombies and polar bears from a post-global warming world and marched outside UT Chancellor William McRaven’s office Friday...


Student-created petition calls for removal of Young Conservatives of Texas from campus

Van Nguyen October 28, 2016

A student-created petition calling for the University to suspend Young Conservatives of Texas as a result of their anti-affirmative action bake sale has gathered more than 800 signatures, while the Campus...


Third party candidates differ in higher ed proposals

Van Nguyen October 27, 2016

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson are polling closely, according to averaged polling data from Real Clear Politics, but their positions when...


Anti-affirmative action bake sale causes protest, sparks discussion

Van Nguyen October 26, 2016

Update 7:02 p.m.: Among the tablers on the West Mall, the Young Conservatives of Texas held a bake sale — but instead of selling cookies for charity, they used baked goods to express their opinions...


Trump’s higher education plan targets student loan debt

Van Nguyen October 26, 2016

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump announced his plans to lower caps for loan income-driven repayment plans at an Oct. 13 rally. Trump said he plans to combat the current U.S. student loan...


Best Global Universities list ranks UT at No. 30

Van Nguyen October 26, 2016

UT-Austin has been ranked at No. 30 in the world in U.S. News and World Report’s Best Global Universities. According to a UT press release, this marks the fourth time this year the University has...


College-educated voters will back Clinton, according to survey

Van Nguyen October 21, 2016

The divide in voter preference is growing between those with and without a college education, according to a survey performed by the Pew Research Center.  The survey, which was conducted in August,...

2016-10-21_paralympians talk_Ravin

Paralympic athletes share success stories at panel

Van Nguyen October 21, 2016

Four paralympic athletes spoke Thursday evening to share their stories of succeeding in their respective sports and representing the United States on an international stage. The Paralympic Games is...

UTIMCO CEO court Melanie Thompson

UT System and Texas A&M System investment fund looking for CEO

Van Nguyen October 20, 2016

The corporation that manages investments benefiting the University of Texas System and Texas A&M System is looking for a new CEO after Bruce Zimmerman, the previous CEO, resigned last week.  Zimmerman...

Tuition WEB

Poll shows Americans want affordable tuition

Van Nguyen October 19, 2016

New America, a think tank in Washington D.C., conducted a survey of 800 Democrats, Republicans and Independents which showed Americans believe higher education is “necessary but expensive.”...

Missing details in Clinton college plan raise questions

Van Nguyen October 14, 2016

When Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton presented her plan to make tuition at public colleges and universities free over the summer, it garnered considerable praise from the left, but some...


Gov. Abbott promises to push for stricter abortion laws

Van Nguyen October 14, 2016

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is no stranger to the anti-abortion community, as he has pushed for limits on abortion procedures throughout his political career and plans to continue to support further restrictions...


Panelists look back to learn from Black Power Movement

Van Nguyen October 13, 2016

“Moving forward through looking back” is how public affairs and history professor Peniel Joseph described a panel which aimed to address problems the Black Power Movement encountered and how...


UT land added to 11 Most Endangered Historic Places list

Van Nguyen October 12, 2016

Located on UT System-owned land in west Austin, one of Texas’ first desegregated golf courses was added to the National Trust for Historic Preservation’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places...


Petition against transcript price increase rises to 6,000 signatures in a week

Van Nguyen October 10, 2016

Biology senior Rahil Gour started a petition last week calling for the repeal of the increase in transcript prices, gaining 6,000 supporters in a week since its creation. Last Monday, the Office...


Black students lie in front of tower in protest

Van Nguyen October 7, 2016

About 70 black students laid in front of the UT Tower on Thursday to bring attention to issues facing black college students across the nation, while non-black allies stood in solidarity holding up signs...


SG representative works to bring more gender-inclusive bathrooms to campus

Van Nguyen October 6, 2016

Adding more gender-inclusive bathrooms on campus is an issue University-wide Representative Ashley Choi has been working on for the majority of the year, and she is hopeful campus building managers will...


Women in Engineering works to increase number of female undergraduates, faculty

Van Nguyen October 4, 2016

The number of female undergraduates and faculty in the engineering departments at UT are trending upward, and the Women in Engineering Program is working to make those numbers match the demographic of...


Lawsuit against McRaven appealed for the second time

Van Nguyen September 30, 2016

UT System Regent Wallace Hall recently filed an appeal with the Texas Supreme Court for access to confidential student records, his second in the case he brought against Chancellor William McRaven in...


Classroom gun bans will lead to disciplinary action according to UT handbook

Van Nguyen September 30, 2016

Banning guns in classrooms is not allowed at UT, and if a faculty member is found to have done this, they will face disciplinary action from the University, according to the UT handbook of operating...


Graduate students hold gun-free office hours at off-campus bar

Van Nguyen September 30, 2016

Anti-campus carry graduate students who don’t have offices of their own will soon begin to host office hours at Hole in the Wall, a bar located on Guadalupe Street across from the University.  There...


New UT System online learning platform in development

Van Nguyen September 29, 2016

The UT System is developing TEx, a new online learning platform, which will benefit students in the System and bring a UT education to potential students around the world. The Board of Regents established...


New Texas rule requires fetuses from abortions and miscarriages to be buried or cremated

Van Nguyen September 29, 2016

A new rule in Texas will require fetal remains from abortions and miscarriages to be buried or cremated. The Texas Health and Human Services Commission introduced the rule early in July with little...


Diversity, tuition costs on college campuses addressed at Texas Tribune Festival

Van Nguyen and Cassi Pollock September 26, 2016

Panelists at the Texas Tribune Festival met over the weekend to discuss issues in higher education affecting students across Texas. The slow growth of racial diversity and high tuition costs at Texas...


Panelists at Texas Tribune Festival discuss the rise of Donald Trump

Van Nguyen and Katie Keenan September 26, 2016

Republican campaign strategists and political pundits gathered over the weekend at the Texas Tribune Festival to discuss the reckoning force with which Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump bulldozed...

Hillary_bernie_AP_Charlie Neibergall

Texas Tribune Festival: 2016 election raises questions for many

Van Nguyen September 24, 2016

The 2016 election is coming to a close, but the events leading to now have caused some to be concerned for the future. Evan Smith of the Texas Tribune moderates a discussion Sunday about the 2016 presidential...


Texas Tribune Festival: Funding for higher education a concern for Texans

Van Nguyen September 24, 2016

Funding for higher education is a hot topic going into the next legislative session. There have been talks in 2016 of cutting tuition set-asides and possibly cutting parts of the Hazelwood Act. The Texas...


Texas Tribune Festival: Increasing diversity in higher education is a priority going forward

Van Nguyen September 24, 2016

Increasing student diversity on college continues to be a growing concern for Texans. Last year, the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board presented 60X30TX, a plan that would increase the number...


Lawsuit against Chancellor McRaven denied

Van Nguyen September 23, 2016

A lawsuit filed against UT System Chancellor William McRaven by Board of Regents Member Wallace Hall was denied last week. On Sept. 15, three judges from the Third Court of Appeals unanimously ruled...


Several Texas universities start offering online counseling

Van Nguyen September 23, 2016

Several Texas universities have started to offer online therapy programs through their counseling centers. UT is currently monitoring the programs at these schools before implementing it as a part of the...

Color grad graphic resized

University sees increase in four year graduation rate, minority enrollment

Van Nguyen September 21, 2016

UT saw a higher four-year graduation rate and increased Hispanic and African American enrollment in 2016, according to a preliminary report released by the University Monday. The report shows 60.9 percent...

AP_910539621256 resized

Ray LaMontagne cancels Bass Concert Hall show over campus carry concerns

Van Nguyen September 21, 2016

Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne canceled his Thursday show at Bass Concert Hall, citing campus carry as one of his concerns. “I realize this is a controversial issue and there are strong feelings...


Professor lectures on taking a Christian approach to interracial communication

Van Nguyen September 20, 2016

George Yancey, a sociology professor at the University of North Texas, held a lecture Monday on what Christianity can teach about increasing interracial communication on racism. The event was sponsored...


Bullet casings found on campus with anti-campus carry sign defaced

Van Nguyen September 20, 2016

Three bullet casings have been found around campus, according to Patricia Roberts-Miller, a professor in the rhetoric and writing department. Roberts-Miller said a staff member found a bullet casing...


Bullet casing found on campus with anti-campus carry sign marked

Van Nguyen September 17, 2016

A bullet casing was found inside a campus building Friday on top of a board holding a Gun Free UT sign which had been written on. Casey Boyle, rhetoric and writing professor, posted on Twitter Friday...

Swerdlow class_CourtesyofKatie

UT System program brings students to D.C. for an academic experience in the nation’s capitol

Van Nguyen September 16, 2016

The Archer Fellowship Program brought UT alumnus Arjun Rawal from Austin to Washington D.C. and provided him with an experience he said greatly impacted his time as a student. The UT System offers the...


Student Government approves new budget, hear new legislation for school year

Van Nguyen September 14, 2016

Student Government approved the 2016-2017 budget at Tuesday’s meeting, and representatives presented legislation for the upcoming school year. Members of SG approved the budget unanimously. Legislation...


Higher Education Committee hears recommendation on Hazlewood Act

Van Nguyen September 14, 2016

The House Higher Education Committee held a meeting Tuesday to hear recommendations on how to amend the Texas Hazlewood Act going into the next legislative session. The Hazlewood Act allows qualified...


Three arrested in West Campus in connection with fraternity shooting

Forrest Milburn and Van Nguyen September 12, 2016

Three arrests related to the Sigma Chi fraternity shooting early Sunday morning were made at 26 West apartments at around 11:30 p.m., according to an officer on the scene. The shooting at the Sigma...


Man shot at Sigma Chi house Sunday morning, APD still looking for suspects

Van Nguyen September 11, 2016

A shooting early this morning at the Sigma Chi house has left one person injured. APD responded to gunshots at 27th and Nueces streets around 3 a.m. in the morning. There was a party at the time and...


McRaven sends memo asking athletes to stand after Kaepernick protest

Van Nguyen September 11, 2016

In response to San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s decision to not stand for the national anthem before a football game, UT System Chancellor William McRaven sent out a memo Aug. 29...


Senate of College Councils wants to keep tuition set-asides

Van Nguyen September 9, 2016

The UT Senate of College Councils kicked off the fall semester Thursday to pass Senate Resolution 1602, a piece of legislation supporting the continuation of tuition set asides for Texas public universities.  Up...

cc states graphic web

Campus carry in other states led to minor accidents

Van Nguyen September 9, 2016

Texas is not the first state to have concealed weapons in college classrooms, and in other states with campus carry, the controversy behind the law has died down, accompanied only by minor gun-related...


Addition of University land to National Register of Historic Places may not prevent development

Van Nguyen September 8, 2016

The Lions Municipal Golf Course, a piece of land owned by the UT System, was added to the National Register of Historic Places over the summer, but that may not stop developments once the city’s...


Texas plans to increase college graduation rates by 2030

Van Nguyen September 8, 2016

The 60x30TX plan ­— introduced last year by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board — aims to ensure 60 percent of those between the ages of 25 to 34 have a college certificate or...


Gun rights advocates wish to inform those on campus on positives of new laws

Van Nguyen September 7, 2016

While some on campus have protested the implementation of campus carry since the beginning of the semester, other students, faculty and members of the Austin community support the law and wish to educate...


New UT System partnership looks to enhance ties with Mexico

Van Nguyen September 7, 2016

The UT System established the ConTex office last week to oversee the partnership between UT System institutions and Mexico’s National Council of Science and Technology, also known as CONACYT. The...


Counseling services on campus may not offer immediate services due to lack of funding

Van Nguyen September 1, 2016

The Counseling and Mental Health Center may not be able to offer their services immediately due to a lack of funding.  According to Terri Bohuslav, executive assistant to the associate vice...


$30 million approved by Regent’s to help recruit nationally recognized faculty members

Van Nguyen September 1, 2016

The Faculty Science and Technology Acquisition and Retention program received a $30 million budget to fund equipment in order to encourage faculty research. The $30 million budget, which was approved...

budget graphc_WEB

The Board of Regents sets operating budget for 2017 at $17.9 billion

Van Nguyen August 30, 2016

The Board of Regents met last week to approve a $17.9 billion budget for the 2017 fiscal year, a 5.4 percent increase from the previous fiscal year. According to UT System Chancellor William McRaven,...


Campus carry town hall held on campus Monday

Van Nguyen August 30, 2016

CBS Austin and The Daily Texan hosted a town hall Monday at the AT&T Conference Center to discuss the campus carry law with panelists from both sides of the debate. Senate Bill 11, more commonly...


Panels near Littlefield fountain honoring fallen Confederate soldiers removed from campus

Van Nguyen August 26, 2016

Panels honoring fallen Confederate soldiers who served during the Civil War have been removed from campus without the University notifying the UT community.  On July 7, the panels were marked...


First day of classes begin with campus carry protests

Van Nguyen August 25, 2016

Students, faculty and Austin community members gathered in the West Mall on Wednesday, wielding dildos and shouting “Cocks not glocks” in unison. The crowd was protesting campus carry,...


$25,000 award presented to outstanding faculty members of the UT System Wednesday evening

Van Nguyen August 25, 2016

Eleven faculty members received recognition from the UT System as recipients of the Regents’ Outstanding Teaching Award. The award is given annually to outstanding UT system professors who innovate...


Hearing held to discuss tuition set-asides at Texas universities

Van Nguyen August 24, 2016

The Texas Senate Committee on Higher Education held a public hearing Tuesday morning at the Capitol to review the effectiveness of tuition set-asides, a program mandated by state law which reallocates...


Fall semester begins with student and faculty protests of campus carry

Van Nguyen August 24, 2016

Students are tying dildos to their backpacks on the first day of the fall semester in protest of the new campus carry law that went into effect Aug. 1. Anti-campus carry movement Cocks not Glocks held...


Judge denies three professors’ lawsuit to block campus carry days before classes begin

Van Nguyen August 23, 2016

An attempt to block recent campus carry policies from taking effect was denied by a federal judge Monday, two days before students begin classes for the fall semester. In July, three UT professors sued...

Cocks not glocks court Marshall Tidrick

Students protest with dildos strapped to backpacks on August 24th

Van Nguyen August 22, 2016

To voice their disapproval of the campus carry laws that went into effect Aug. 1, anti-campus carry movement Cocks Not Glocks has organized a protest for the first day of class in which participants will...


Texas tightens gun laws since 1966 shooting

Van Nguyen August 1, 2016

On the morning of Aug. 1, 1966, Charles Whitman purchased one of the seven weapons found with him on the observation deck of the Tower. Whitman was sold a 12-gauge shotgun at Sears Roebuck & Co. at...

millenial infographic

Millennial generation defined by diversity

Van Nguyen July 25, 2016

The most defining quality of the millennial generation will be its racial diversity, according to an article published on the Brookings Institution website. The article, written by William Frey,...


Austin Police Association, APD hold vigil for fallen Dallas officers

Van Nguyen July 16, 2016

As night fell on the Texas Peace Officer Memorial monument on Thursday, hundreds gathered with blue ribbons pinned to their clothes and blue glow sticks in hand to remember and recognize the five officers...


Campus Carry Implementation Task Force provides information on campus carry

Van Nguyen July 12, 2016

Starting on Aug. 1, those with a License to Carry (LTC) will be permitted to carry a concealed handgun on campus. During the fall 2015 semester, the Campus Carry Policy Working Group developed 25 policies...

Arcade City_courtCoinTelegraph

Austin Department of Transportation hands out citations for Arcade City drivers violating city code

Van Nguyen July 6, 2016

The Austin Department of Transportation began conducting undercover operations to hand out citations to Arcade City drivers, who the city says are violating city laws. Arcade City is a online group...


Freshman Research Initiative improves STEM major retention, graduation rates

Van Nguyen June 30, 2016

The Freshman Research Initiative in the College of Natural Sciences helps improve both STEM major retention and the graduation rates for students involved in the program, according to a recent study. The...

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