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Crime in Austin interactive

Miles Hutson May 11, 2015

The first of its kind of the Austin area, The Daily Texan's interactive crime map allows users to browse the various crimes the Austin Police Department has reported, separated by location and type...


Tech team leader appreciates lessons learned at the Texan

Miles Hutson May 8, 2015

Editor’s note: A 30 column is a chance for departing senior staffers to say farewell and reflect on their time spent in The Daily Texan’s basement office. The term comes from the old typesetting...


Interactive: Summer music festivals map

Emily Gibson, Miles Hutson, and Elizabeth Benefiel April 15, 2015

It seems that every year, cities across America are adding "music festival" to their list of tourist attractions. If you've got a free weekend, a couple hundred dollars and a reliable road-tripping...


No need for outside monitoring of construction sites, says UT facilities program director

Miles Hutson April 30, 2013

Dave Dixon, executive director of program management for UT’s Office of Facilities Planning & Construction, said he saw no pressing demand for outside monitoring of University construction sites,...

C!RCA amazes audience with high-flying stunts, creative choreography

Miles Hutson April 29, 2013

Audience members in Bass Concert Hall held their breath Saturday night as performers engaged in feats of strength and complicated routines, tossing each other far into the air, performing handstands on...

Fourth, final candidate to replace retiring UTPD Police Chief speaks in Friday Forum

Miles Hutson April 29, 2013

UTPD held an open meeting with Austin Police Department assistant police chief Raul Munguia, the fourth and final candidate for its next Chief of Police this Friday, allowing students, faulty and staff...


UT students work on entry for genetic engineering competition

Miles Hutson April 22, 2013

A team of UT students is working to identify a genetic engineering project to follow-up on last year’s success at an international competition. About 20 students are members of UT’s International...


DHFS kicks off earth week with gardening event

Miles Hutson April 22, 2013

Students added mulch, new compost and a trellis for climbing plants to grow on to Kinsolving Dining Hall’s garden Sunday morning, in the first event of the Division of Housing and Food Service’s...

Construction workers protest, claim wages were withheld by future freshman residence Callaway House

Miles Hutson April 22, 2013

About 200 construction workers and supporters marched in West Campus on Friday in a protest against Callaway House, a private luxury freshman residence hall which they claimed withheld wages from about...


Soundbites are creating policy, UPenn speaker Kathleen Jamieson says

Miles Hutson April 16, 2013

Kathleen Jamieson, director of the Annenberg Public Policy Center at the University of Pennsylvania, said political advertising is warping the way politicians make decisions. “We are now affecting...


Photographers share insight in Friday talk

Miles Hutson April 15, 2013

Noted photographers said what it’s like to be behind the lens in a talk on Friday where portraits, music and documentary techniques were discussed. The talk, which featured work from top publications...


Texas Revue talent show fills Hogg Auditorium to capacity, gives top prize to Punjabbawockeez

Miles Hutson April 15, 2013

Chinese yo-yos, dancing, electronic violins and band performances drew a full crowd at Hogg Auditorium this Saturday, as more than 1,200 people came to Texas Revue, the University’s annual talent...


International Socialist Organization marches on Capitol with Texas State Employees Union

Miles Hutson April 11, 2013

International Socialist Organization members, students and staff marched to the Capitol today in protest of previous University budget cuts, as well as cuts proposed in a report that might privatize and...


Queer People of Color and Allies hosts second-chance prom ‘MasQUEERade’

Miles Hutson April 8, 2013

Students and community members took out their partners and friends for a night of dancing and fun on Saturday, as Queer People of Color and Allies held its second-chance prom in the Student Activity Center‘s...

Hot Science Cool Talks describes future of self-diagnosis

Miles Hutson April 5, 2013

When you wake up with a stuffy nose, according to UT biochemistry professor Andrew Ellington, you should be able to test yourself for the flu.  In the Environmental Science Institute’s 85th...


School of Undergraduate Studies Council interviews Steven Brint for Dean of UGS

Miles Hutson April 2, 2013

Steven Brint, current vice provost for the University of California at Riverside, interviewed with students from the Undergraduate Studies Council on Monday as one of five finalists for the position of...


More than 10,000 show up for neon lights and electronic music of Electric Run

Miles Hutson April 1, 2013

A light show and celebration greeted the more than 10,000 finishers of Electric Run as they completed a colorful run accompanied by electronic music. The 5K, located outside the Travis County Exposition...

University Co-op celebrates Easter with egg hunt

Miles Hutson April 1, 2013

The University’s main Co-op held its second annual Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday, hiding 1,000 prize-filled eggs throughout the store for college students and families to find and use to get 10 to...


Students and staff voice opposition to committee’s cost-cutting recommendations

Miles Hutson March 28, 2013

Student groups and members of the Texas State Employees Union gathered in the Texas Union Building on Wednesday to voice their opposition to a plan by a committee working for President William Powers Jr. The...


Students participate in Holi, UT Festival of Colors

Miles Hutson March 25, 2013

The South Mall was soaked with dyes and water Sunday, as students partook in the Hindu Students Association’s tenth Holi event.  The event was intended to celebrate cultural diversity and...


Free Minds offers free courses for underprivileged adults

Miles Hutson March 25, 2013

Tari Jordan wants to teach elementary school English, and Free Minds, a program administrated out of UT, is helping her to do it. “I thought I knew so much already,” Jordan said. “I...


Stampede supercomputer has already powered 583 science projects, director of TACC says

Miles Hutson March 6, 2013

UT’s new Stampede supercomputer, which has been operational since January, is capable of doing previously impossible science and making predictions that can save money and lives, according to Jay...

Graduate students work to improve lives in Santo Domingo ‘informal’ settlement

Miles Hutson March 4, 2013

Graduate students from UT have established a pilot project for processing organic waste in a poor settlement in the Dominican Republic’s Santo Domingo, establishing four composting sites. The...

Neighborhood Longhorn Program and Beta Upsilon Chi give 53 Title I middle school students a tour of UT

Miles Hutson March 4, 2013

Fifty-three students of Webb Middle School, a local Austin school with a high proportion of students from low-income families, toured UT and learned about its application process and monetary requirements...


UT chemical engineering student and two-time AIChE president Rebekah Scheuerle receives Gates Cambridge scholarship

Miles Hutson February 26, 2013

Rebekah Scheuerle, a UT chemical engineering senior, received a full-ride scholarship to Cambridge University from the Gates Foundation last week, making her the third student in the department of chemical...


Robert Bullard, father of environmental justice, speaks at UT in ESI lecture

Miles Hutson February 25, 2013

Robert Bullard, widely considered to be the father of environmental justice, said wide disparities in environmental quality still exist along racial boundaries in an open lecture in the Student Activity...

Former UT student starts cellphone charging company Brightbox, plans to go national

Miles Hutson February 20, 2013

Adam Johnson, a radio-television-film alumnus, had an idea that led him to found a company called Brightbox with more than 100 installations in the New York tri-state area.  Johnson said when...

Gender queer speaker Shane Whalley discusses the transgender community and its struggles in an open session

Miles Hutson February 13, 2013

Shane Whalley, education coordinator of the University’s Gender and Sexuality Center, said progress has been made in accommodating the transgender community both on and off campus, but there is a...

Engineering association recognizes professors

Miles Hutson February 12, 2013

Professors Joseph Beaman Jr. and Sharon Wood were inducted into the National Academy of Engineering in recognition of their achievements in the engineering world. Beaman received an undergraduate education...


UT engineering students tour renovations for historic St. Mary’s Cathedral

Miles Hutson February 11, 2013

UT engineering students traversed up five stories of scaffolding outside St. Mary’s Cathedral on Friday, touring the cathedral’s current architectural renovations. The cathedral is listed...


UT renovates the Jesse Jones Communication Center with more modern office space

Miles Hutson February 6, 2013

The Jesse H. Jones Communication Center’s (CMA) appearance is changing, with renovations that will make its interior resemble The Belo Center for New Media across the street.  Renovations...

2013-29-01_LBJ Legislative Meeting_Jonathan

UT teaches state speakers from across the nation

Miles Hutson January 28, 2013

UT played host to majority leaders from states across the nation this weekend, offering them lessons and seminars aimed to help them lead at home. Fifteen of the United States’ 23 first-time state...

Founder of UT’s International Office, Joe W. Neal, dies at 96

Miles Hutson January 22, 2013

Joe W. Neal, founder of UT’s International Office and a former professor in both the College of Communication and the College of Liberal Arts, died Jan. 14 at the age of 96. Neal earned a bachelor’s,...


Construction on new affordable housing units begins in East Austin

Miles Hutson January 17, 2013

East Austin will be getting 24 energy-efficient affordable housing units in 2014 after the city broke ground on the construction site Wednesday. Located a short distance from downtown on East 12th Street,...


UT labs recycle foam packaging using Green Fee funding

Miles Hutson December 4, 2012

The plastic foam packaging that often accompanies shipments to UT laboratories is now making its way to a recycling center instead of landfills with the help of funding from student fees. During the second...


Former weightlifters Terry and Jan Todd call Austin their home

Miles Hutson November 30, 2012

Terry and Jan Todd are no strangers to attention. Terry Todd, a former English student, doctoral candidate and lecturer at UT, was the first man to officially perform a 700-pound squat. Sports Illustrated...

Students encounter travel difficulties because of classes day before Thanksgiving

Miles Hutson November 21, 2012

The University cannot give faculty and staff a holiday the Wednesday before Thanksgiving, Adrienne Howarth-Moore, director of UT’s human resource services, told The Daily Texan Tuesday. The...

LBJ panelists discuss Republican defeat in presidential election

Miles Hutson November 9, 2012

Republicans lost because they went too far to the right, disenfranchising Hispanics, youth voters, women and moderates, according to LBJ panelists in Bass Lecture Hall on Thursday. Wayne Slater, a columnist...

Texas Venture Expo provides platform for Central Texas business startups

Miles Hutson November 9, 2012

Sara Rodell said when she moved to New York, she had a lot of friends do a lot of favors for her, and she wanted to pay them back. “I had all these people doing kind things for me, and I didn’t...


Powerlifting couple describe the differences between bodybuilders and superheroes

Miles Hutson November 8, 2012

Wife and husband Jan and Terry Todd said the appearance and feats of superheroes and other creations of the entertainment industry closely track developments in strength competitions in a presentation...

College of Communication celebrates formal opening of Belo, start of new media age

Miles Hutson November 2, 2012

The College of Communication celebrated what officials said is a new building for a new age in a dedication ceremony attended by campus leaders, building designers, distinguished guests and students Thursday. The...


New York Times columnist David Carr gives opinion on future of journalism

Miles Hutson October 25, 2012

David Carr, columnist for The New York Times, said the world of professional journalism has drastic changes to make, but can survive the new digital age. Carr, a media reporter for The New York Times...


Holocaust survivor warns that history is repeating itself

Miles Hutson October 24, 2012

A survivor of the Holocaust warned UT students that the same circumstances that led to his people’s treatment by Nazi Germany were being mirrored today. Irving Roth, survivor of both the Auschwitz...


Former Texas football player sued for fraud — again

Miles Hutson October 23, 2012

A 1970s UT football star is once again in legal trouble after an Austin resident filed suit against him for fraud earlier this month. According to the suit, plantiff Matthew Hand loaned $40,000 to each...


City Council votes against new sewage treatment plant

Miles Hutson October 15, 2012

The Austin City Council voted unanimously against a new sewage treatment plant Thursday that some claim could pollute Barton Springs and the drinking water of 50,000 to 60,000 people. The project, a 130-acre...


Fake gun causes concern Friday

Miles Hutson, David Maly, and Bobby Blanchard October 15, 2012

Many students were pleased with the University’s issuance of a timely and informative text alert Friday after receiving reports that a man with a gun and a gas mask was sighted on campus. The gun...

Clinics help undocumented immigrants apply for deferral

Miles Hutson October 8, 2012

UT law students and volunteers helped undocumented individuals organize the materials they needed to apply for relief from deportation and obtain legal work status for the next two years. Implemented...

2012_09_01_Kilmanjaro_Maria_Arrellaga 067

UT sophomore and double-amputee ascends Mount Kilimanjaro to raise awareness for international adoption

Miles Hutson October 1, 2012

A UT student born without functioning legs ascended Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa this summer in a bid to publicize difficulties faced by Russian orphans. Alex D’Jamoos, international relations and...


Green fee to fund several sustainability projects on campus

Miles Hutson September 24, 2012

UT will use $500,000 gathered from student fees to fund various new sustainability projects on campus this year, a move some hope will make the university’s green initiatives more widely known. The...

Environmental philoshopher David Orr delivers lecture over preparations for climate change

Miles Hutson September 17, 2012

Dr. David Orr, an award-winning environmental philosopher, questioned how society could prepare for the unpredictable and potentially disastrous effects of climate change in an open lecture Friday. The...

UT slips by one in nation-wide college ranking

Miles Hutson September 13, 2012

UT fell one spot to No. 46 on U.S. News and World Report’s 2013 national university rankings. University spokesperson Tara Doolittle said the publication gave UT a lower score partially based on...


UTPD still looking for fire alarm suspect

Miles Hutson September 12, 2012

The UT Police Department is still looking for the man who disrupted campus by pulling fire alarms in eight campus buildings Monday. UT spokesperson Cindy Posey said the false alarms resulted in evacuations...

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