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Under the Radar: JuiceLand’s Exploded Records celebrates two years of juice and jams

Emily Gibson July 21, 2015

In Austin, JuiceLand stores seem to be everywhere. The healthy-juice chain boasts 13 standalone stores throughout the city and even more juice stands in gyms and markets. At the Hyde Park location,...

Under the Radar: Ezra Furman challenges society in new album

Emily Gibson July 13, 2015

Rock music heralds the misfits, and perhaps no one knows this better than singer-songwriter Ezra Furman, who released his third solo album, Perpetual Motion People, on July 10. The 28-year-old Chicago-native...


Under the Radar: Sailor Poon keeps punk alive in Austin

Emily Gibson July 6, 2015

Punk-rock enthusiasts have grieved the genre’s death since the early ’80s, but Austin-based Sailor Poon are reviving punk dreams of the ’70s.   The band is composed of seven members...


Under the Radar: Born Cages ready to break out of confinement

Emily Gibson June 29, 2015

The New York-based Born Cages have stayed under the radar since releasing their debut album, I’m Glad I’m Not Me, on June 2. But with a slot on the 2015 Vans Warped Tour and a top-ten song...


Austin Music Census shows local industry lacks female musicians

Danielle Lopez and Emily Gibson June 15, 2015

On a typical night in the “Live Music Capital of the World,” crowds drink cider, swing their hips to salsa music, stomp their feet at a folk concert or get thrown around a mosh pit —...


Austin-based vocalist Elizabeth McQueen collaborates with local musicians on latest project

Emily Gibson June 15, 2015

When Elizabeth McQueen moved to Austin from Columbia, Maryland, in 2000, she had tired of the East Coast lifestyle. But more than that, she was finally pursuing her dream of becoming a musician. “I...


Elizabeth McQueen reigns over Austin music scene

Emily Gibson April 29, 2015

When Austin musician Elizabeth McQueen was growing up in Columbia, Maryland, she thought she would become a professor. She didn’t expect to make a living as a musician and certainly never thought...


Local band Calliope Musicals prepares for festival, album

Emily Gibson April 17, 2015

The members of Austin-based Calliope Musicals haven’t had just one near-death experience on tour — they’ve had multiple. A rattlesnake nearly bit guitarist Matt Roth on Tennessee’s...


Interactive: Summer music festivals map

Emily Gibson, Miles Hutson, and Elizabeth Benefiel April 15, 2015

It seems that every year, cities across America are adding "music festival" to their list of tourist attractions. If you've got a free weekend, a couple hundred dollars and a reliable road-tripping...


Austin Fashion Week’s fLAWLESS Surrealist Ball is the sur-real deal

Emily Gibson April 13, 2015

Offstage, the man’s name is Brady Faucett. Onstage, it’s CupCake – winner of Austin’s Next Drag Superstar season one and Miss Austin Pride 2013 and the poster girl for the fLAWLESS...


Local band Comforter doesn’t want to get too comfortable

Emily Gibson and Mary Cantrell April 13, 2015

Tucked away in Kismet Cafe’s loft, The Daily Texan talked to local band Comforter about hot tubs, average middle-agers and the process of releasing their first full-length album. Ryan Curtis,...

Waxahatchee shows vulnerability in most recent album

Emily Gibson April 9, 2015

Youthful experiences aren’t always conducive to smooth pop ballads, and no one knows that better than vocalist Katie Crutchfield, who goes by the moniker “Waxahatchee.” Waxahatchee...


Forklift Danceworks brings trees to center stage at Fusebox Festival

Emily Gibson April 1, 2015

Although the employees of Austin’s Parks and Recreation Department’s Urban Forestry Division aren’t classically trained in dance, they’re the stars of Forklift Danceworks’...


Five places to go if you want to avoid the RoundUp crowds

Emily Gibson March 27, 2015

The neon invasion has begun. Across campus, RoundUp attendees are suiting up in their fanny packs and securing their wristbands, preparing themselves for the weekend to come. If you're not participating...

Review: Smallpools’ debut album doesn’t make waves

Emily Gibson March 25, 2015

Just seven months after Los Angeles-based band Smallpools formed in 2013, they signed with major label RCA Records and their song “Dreaming” climbed the alternative charts. On Monday, 22 months...


Austin photographer takes rare pictures of Texas Petawatt Laser facility

Emily Gibson and Mary Cantrell March 12, 2015

As popularized in the science fiction novel “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy,” the answer to the universe is 42. That’s also the number of photographs in Austin photographer...


Student record label Moonburn Collective prepares for SXSW

Emily Gibson March 6, 2015

A bicycle hung from the ceiling of the red bedroom that doubles as a recording studio. At the desk directly underneath the bike, Carlos Ramirez sat in front of his computer and a wide array of beat-machines...


Puns, quilts, kites and bats: Niche conventions keep Austin weird

Emily Gibson February 20, 2015

For some, the word “convention” conjures an image of thousands of comic book creators and enthusiasts milling around San Diego in elaborate cosplay. For others, “conventions” bring...


UT students explore “real-life” love story in thesis film, “What We Talk About”

Emily Gibson February 18, 2015

A couple semesters after radio-television-film seniors Kelsey Hockmuller and Olivia Biehle met outside a professor’s office for the first time, Hockmuller knew it was time to take her relationship...


London-based PAN Studio brings “Hello Lamp Post” project to Austin

Emily Gibson February 12, 2015

Ben Barker, co-founder of London-based PAN Studio, is bringing “talking lamps” to Austin. But for Barker and his co-founder Sam Hill, the biggest challenge wasn’t giving a lamppost the...

Title Fight’s third album, “Hyperview,” sends listeners into dreamy haze

Emily Gibson February 6, 2015

Title Fight’s third studio album, “Hyperview,” feels like a car ride down a forest-lined road. It feels like the days after a breakup, where the world stands still except for the quiet...


Austin sketch-comedy group Comedy Bazaar premieres latest act

Emily Gibson February 5, 2015

It all started with the word murder scribbled on a dry-erase board during a pitch meeting. That concept of homicide evolved into Comedy Bazaar’s new stage show, “A Brief History of Murder.”  Producer...


Grad student writes and stars in ‘100 Heartbreaks,’ an authentic country musical

Emily Gibson January 27, 2015

Charlane Tucker, the protagonist of Joanna Garner’s latest play, thought it would take 100 broken hearts to write the perfect country ballad. It only took 43. Garner’s new show tells...


UT alum to premiere new art exhibit at Austin’s Mill and Leaf Gallery

Emily Gibson December 1, 2014

Where some artists use pencils or paintbrushes, UT alumna Chalda Maloff uses a Wacom tablet and an electronic stylus. Each stroke she makes with her stylus is transcribed into a computer, coming together...

Exhibits and studios to see during this year’s East Austin Studio Tour

Emily Gibson November 17, 2014

Bundled up in scarves, hats and parkas, hundreds of art lovers ventured out to a variety of galleries, businesses and artists’ homes for this year’s East Austin Studio Tour. Each stop on the...


Fun Fun Fun Fest is an authentic alternative to Austin City Limits Music Festival

Emily Gibson November 5, 2014

Less than a month after ACL stages are torn down and the mud dries in Zilker Park, the infamous taco cannon is erected in Auditorium Shores, and crowds begin to prepare for Austin’s next fall music...


Team of interns helps set up Austin Film Fest

Emily Gibson October 23, 2014

After she arrives at the small house on Salina Street and signs into the book dubbed the “Intern Bible,” public relations junior Hillary Hurst is ready to begin her day as an intern for the...


Students create club to boost self-esteem on campus

Emily Gibson October 9, 2014

Sitting around a table in the Texas Union, the creators of UT’s new self-esteem boosting club try to describe their project in one word. One describes it as “groundbreaking,” another...

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