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For exchange students, adjusting to UT-Austin comes with challenges. Here’s how some navigate campus

Stephanie Adeline August 30, 2018

New faces fill campus as more than 8,000 freshmen navigate through their home for the next four years. But for some students, their time on the 40 Acres is limited. UT had over 600 exchange students...


University eliminates charges on data plans

Stephanie Adeline August 27, 2018

Charges for data plans on the UT network are now eliminated, the University announced last Monday. Previously, students, faculty and staff paid for limited individual network data plans to use internet...


University eliminates charges on data plans

Stephanie Adeline August 22, 2018

Charges for data plans on the UT network will be eliminated, the University announced on Monday. Previously, students, faculty and staff paid for limited individual network data plans to use internet...

Voices Against Violence offers graduation cords to honor survivors

Stephanie Adeline May 4, 2018

In two weeks, Kaitlyn Murphy will be walking across the stage wearing her cap and gown, white stole and a teal cord — which she said will signify the greatest obstacle she has overcome. “I’ve...


UHS subsidizes UT students’ cost for physical exams, nutrition therapy, other services

Stephanie Adeline May 3, 2018

When linguistics sophomore Elizabeth Doyle scheduled an appointment with a registered dietitian at University Health Services in January, she expected to pay $120 out of pocket. But during the appointment,...


Student shares secret to getting free flight tickets

Stephanie Adeline April 26, 2018

When he entered college as a first-generation student five years ago, economics senior Farhan Manjiyani could only dream of going on a study abroad trip. After discovering strategies that allowed him to...


UT Austin’s chapter of It’s On Us hosts first Spring Week of Action

Stephanie Adeline April 24, 2018

As Sexual Assault Awareness Month comes to a close, UT’s chapter of It’s On Us is hoping to make an extra push for sexual assault prevention through their first-ever Spring Week of Action. It’s...

out_0420_GeoCasillas_outofstate copy

How does an out-of-state and international student qualify for in-state tuition?

Stephanie Adeline April 20, 2018

On top of classes, homework and studying, undeclared freshman Sophia Cantor has to allocate time during the week to manage her own video editing business, Modern Montage. But she said she knows all her...


Hey, ‘night owls’: You may have a higher risk for health problems, study suggests

Stephanie Adeline April 18, 2018

“Night owls” have a higher risk of mortality and health problems compared to early risers, according to a study published last week. The study, published in science journal Chronobiology...


One year since CLASE report: What has UT done to address sexual assault on campus?

Stephanie Adeline April 12, 2018

It’s been one year since Briana Torres, a Plan II and English sophomore, read an eye-opening campus-wide email, stating 15 percent of undergraduate women at UT-Austin reported they had been raped....


Liberal Arts Council initiative supports international students in government classes

Stephanie Adeline April 11, 2018

All UT undergraduates are required to take U.S. and Texas government classes. But for international students, this requirement can be a challenge. “I could be studying for, like, the weekly quiz...


VAV hosts Sexual Violence Prevention Month events throughout April

Stephanie Adeline April 5, 2018

Nationally, April is proclaimed Sexual Assault Awareness Month, but Voices Against Violence, VAV, aims to put more emphasis on prevention instead of just awareness. “We really want the focus to...


Students for Planned Parenthood, Flo Code help make feminine products accessible

Stephanie Adeline April 3, 2018

Pads and tampons are basic necessities, but costs and stigma around menstruation can limit access to these products. “It’s so expensive to be a girl,” said Isabella Fanucci, a psychology...


Black, Asian, Latinx alumni tell of segregation at UT ‘as they saw it’

Stephanie Adeline March 30, 2018

Based on their experience as minorities at UT, three alumni told students they have the power to advocate for change in a panel on Thursday night. The panel was hosted by the Division of Diversity and...


Allies in the classroom: Professors take action to create LGBTQ-inclusive environment

Stephanie Adeline March 28, 2018

As a professor who identifies as queer, Beth Bukoski makes sure to intervene when she feels heterosexist discourse is present in her classrooms. However, she is just one of more than 50 professors...


SSD steps in to help students with disabilities address challenges in finding employment

Stephanie Adeline March 23, 2018

Like many students, Caroline Graves is concerned with trying to find internships to enhance her career. But as a student with a disability, Graves also has to ask questions on how accommodating the...


Demand for CMHC services spikes after subsidized counseling charges

Stephanie Adeline March 9, 2018

After UT President Gregory Fenves announced the subsidizing of counseling fees in January, the Counseling and Mental Health Center immediately saw a spike in demand for their services. In January and...


Former New York Times editor to serve as new UT Journalism School director

Stephanie Adeline March 6, 2018

The UT School of Journalism has appointed Associate Director Kathleen McElroy, a former editor at The New York Times, as its new director starting June 1. McElroy has 30 years of experience...

Nobody’s perfect: healthy striving involves admitting failure, CMHC says

Stephanie Adeline February 28, 2018

Robert Epstein used to hold himself to very high standards in academics, relationships and appearances. But during his freshman year of college, he realized nobody is perfect. “It was like...


UT Admissions welcomes LGBTQ prospective students at Longhorn Pride

Stephanie Adeline February 22, 2018

Choosing which college to enroll in can be daunting. For LGBTQ students, how they are welcomed is often the deciding factor. During “Longhorn Pride” this Friday, a visit organized by the...


The Daily Texan hosts annual SG candidates debate

Stephanie Adeline February 20, 2018

Executive alliance and University-wide representative candidates presented their campaigns to a crowd of about 50 students in an annual debate hosted by The Daily Texan on Monday evening. After University-wide...

Campus Climate Response Team’s new webpage addresses transparency in bias incident reports

Stephanie Adeline February 15, 2018

Following an increase in bias incidents reported to the Campus Climate Response Team, the team said students are concerned no actions are taken in response to their reports. With a new webpage, CCRT...

UT-Austin competitive admission gives no advantage to ESL students

Stephanie Adeline February 12, 2018

Manuel Flores entered the UT English as a Second Language program in 2017, aiming to apply to UT’s petroleum engineering graduate program. However, because of UT’s competitive admission, Flores...


UHS flu diagnosis doubled compared to last February

Stephanie Adeline February 7, 2018

Biology sophomore Anh Doan woke up last Wednesday with chills, coughs and body aches. She immediately went to University Health Services to get her flu shot —  but she had already caught...

UHS_resources_0201_GeoCasillas_LGBTUHSResources copy

University Health Services provides inclusive health care for LGBTQ students

Stephanie Adeline February 1, 2018

University Health Services started off the new year making efforts toward improving health care for LGBTQ students. On a webpage published in early January, UHS explained the new resources they have...


CMHC clarifies counseling limitations

Stephanie Adeline January 25, 2018

Despite misconceptions across campus, the Counseling and Mental Health Center has no concrete limit to the number of counseling sessions available to students. Marla Craig, associate director for clinical...


As We See It documents history on African American integration at UT

Stephanie Adeline January 24, 2018

Over 60 years of personal stories from African American UT alumni will be accessible through a single book that will be released later this year. The Division of Diversity and Community Engagement will...


CMHC’s new initiative seeks to promote mental health in UT

Stephanie Adeline January 19, 2018

The Counseling and Mental Health Center has a new way to promote mental health care for students — by bringing it into their classrooms.  The initiative, “Well-Being in Learning Environments,”...


Flu season expected to get worse as spring semester starts

Stephanie Adeline January 18, 2018

Students returning to campus after winter break run the risk of getting the flu after more than 8,000 people in Texas have tested positive for influenza since October — more than six times as many...


Fenves announces CMHC counseling charges will be subsidized

Stephanie Adeline January 18, 2018

UT President Gregory Fenves announced on Wednesday that the University will no longer charge students $10 per counseling appointment in the Counseling and Mental Health Center. Psychiatry services will...


Fenves announces CMHC counseling sessions will now be fully subsidized

Stephanie Adeline January 17, 2018

The University is no longer charging $10 per counseling appointment in the Counseling and Mental Health Center, UT President Gregory Fenves said in an email on Wednesday afternoon. Psychiatry services,...

Dell Medical School launches new clinic for bipolar disorders

Stephanie Adeline December 11, 2017

A new mental health clinic will lower costs for treatment of bipolar disorders, the sixth leading cause of disability, according to the World Health Organization. The new clinic is co-operated by faculty...

ddce_1208_Courtesy of Virginia Cumberbatch

Community Engagement Center moves out from East Austin location

Stephanie Adeline December 8, 2017

For 10 years, the Marvin C. Griffin building has been home to community discussions on social justice and inequality, but last week, it was time to say goodbye. The Community Engagement Center, CEC,...


Project Linking the Arts unifies the UT arts community

Stephanie Adeline December 4, 2017

Nine different student organizations performed at the Hogg Memorial Auditorium on Saturday night, but they had one thing in common — a love for the arts. The event, Project Linking the Arts, was...


Actress discusses ignorance towards black history

Stephanie Adeline December 1, 2017

Americans have an unhealthy relationship with their history, especially when it comes to black history, actress and comedian Azie Dungey said to an auditorium of UT students Thursday afternoon. “There...


Poetry night dispels myths of stuttering

Stephanie Adeline November 20, 2017

Kelly Woodworth does not have a fluency disorder, but on Friday, she voluntary stuttered as she recited her poem to understand what her clients feel like. “This is called choice — we all...

Dell Medical School’s new department hopes to improve diagnostic testing

Stephanie Adeline November 17, 2017

The first step in providing successful medical care is making the proper diagnosis, and the Dell Medical School’s new Department of Diagnostic Medicine aims to ensure this critical step is taken...


We Belong Here event invites students to share on experiences abroad

Stephanie Adeline November 15, 2017

UT alumna Rebecca Dockall said she recognized her privilege while running an errand in India. “I wanted something American … so I was thinking I could get a cucumber,” said Dockall,...


Students share immigrant experiences at Faces of Immigration event

Stephanie Adeline November 10, 2017

Middle eastern studies senior Markfirah Krueng grew up just like every other American kid — or so she thought. Krueng said she only recently realized her experience differs from that of others...


UT students participate in first partisan political hackathon

Stephanie Adeline November 6, 2017

Ten teams gathered on Sunday at a downtown building to present their ideas on utilizing technology to increase progressive votes. Participants created apps and websites this weekend at ATX Political...


Austin’s new Central Library provides innovative services to students

Stephanie Adeline October 30, 2017

Austin’s 200,000-square-foot new Central Library opened its doors to the public on Saturday, 11 years after voters approved of its funding. Residents have long waited for the library’s opening,...


Mid-Autumn Festival celebrates Chinese annual harvest

Stephanie Adeline October 27, 2017

Conversation filled Gregory Plaza on Thursday evening, but when biomedical engineering senior Veronica Stuckey started dancing, all went silent. Her traditional Mongolian dance kicked off the annual...


Texas Southmost College students visited UT for Brownsville Project

Stephanie Adeline October 23, 2017

Forty people filled the Goldsmith Hall Main Jury Room on Friday afternoon, all working to turn an abandoned rail corridor into a new city infrastructure. Architecture students from the Texas Southmost...

Internship_1020_Courtesy of Jeanette Tang

Internships abroad make students more attractive to employers

Stephanie Adeline October 20, 2017

Finance junior Luke Jenison was looking for a way to fit a summer study abroad program into his four-year college plan, but it didn’t seem possible until he found his solution — interning abroad. “In...


Humanity First distributes care packages for the homeless

Stephanie Adeline October 16, 2017

Over 2,000 people deal with homelessness in Austin, according to a 2017 count by the Ending Community Homelessness Coalition. These people often go unnoticed, said Humanity First members, who distributed...

Hispanic_1013_Courtesy of Courtesy of Kristen Balderas

UT Hispanic Coalition raises funds for Puerto Rico, Mexico relief

Stephanie Adeline October 13, 2017

UT is home to over a dozen Hispanic student organizations, and last week, many of them came together for the first time. The UT Hispanic Coalition, which consists of 10 Hispanic student organizations,...


International students face barriers in securing jobs

Stephanie Adeline October 6, 2017

Five years ago, Yifei Chen moved from China to study in the United States in hopes of better career prospects. Now, Chen fears she will not find a job here after graduation. “Companies prefer...


Bake sale raises funds for DACA renewals

Stephanie Adeline September 26, 2017

University Democrats sold baked goods Monday to raise funds for recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, many of whom face renewal fees in the coming weeks. Because of President...

Architecture_922_UT Architecture_courtesy of Edna Ledesma

UT architecture students take part in the development of Brownsville

Stephanie Adeline September 22, 2017

At seven years old, Edna Ledesma immigrated to Brownsville, Texas, from Monterrey, Mexico. Last weekend, she took 15 UT students to Brownsville to show them the realities of living in a border city. Architecture...

CMHC addresses current mental health issues during annual Suicide Prevention Week

Stephanie Adeline September 12, 2017

The UT Counseling and Mental Health Center will start its annual “Suicide Prevention Week,” which seeks to raise awareness and advance conversations about mental health, on Tuesday. Until...


UT places top five in number of graduates working at Silicon Valley

Stephanie Adeline May 4, 2017

UT Austin has more graduates working at Silicon Valley than most Ivy League schools. According to a recent analysis by HiringSolved, an online recruiting company, UT places top five on the list of alma...


UT computer science students wins Midwest Trading Competition

Stephanie Adeline May 2, 2017

Out of 35 schools across the nation, UT’s Undergraduate Computational Finance Team, or Texas UCF, won first place at the Midwest Trading Competition, the nation’s premier algorithmic trading...


Panelists talk racial equity in education through libraries at Beyond Barriers

Stephanie Adeline April 28, 2017

Austin Mayor Steve Adler said public library programs in Austin mitigate racial inequality in access to information at a panel Thursday called “Beyond Barriers.” The purpose of the event,...


UT ROTC celebrates 70th anniversary, honors alumni

Stephanie Adeline April 26, 2017

The Tower was lit orange Tuesday to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the UT Army ROTC program. The UT Army ROTC hosted a reception and ceremony at the Carpenter-Winkel Centennial Room in Darrell K....


UT Libraries acquire archives from architecture professor Anthony Alofsin

Stephanie Adeline April 18, 2017

Architecture professor Anthony Alofsin has donated his archives to the UT Architecture and Planning Library to preserve architectural knowledge in an age of digitalization. Alofsin’s collection...


Language Partnership Program connects ESL and American students

Stephanie Adeline April 13, 2017

Inspired by his experiences as a French, Spanish and ESL instructor in three different states, Matthew Cook started the UT Language Partnership Program in August 2016. LPP pairs students in the ESL...

ROTC_CourtesyHarold W Hamblet

Texas Army ROTC wins first place in ROTC division of military skills competition

Stephanie Adeline April 11, 2017

A team of 11 UT ROTC cadets from different backgrounds and majors came together over the weekend to face 11 challenges throughout a 25-mile course, which included combat swim, trauma care and weapon handling. The...

Texas Orange Jackets hosts discussion on women’s menstruation

Stephanie Adeline March 30, 2017

As a freshman in high school, civil engineering senior Natalie Weston was overwhelmed with embarrassment while playing in a basketball game, all because of something natural — her period.  “It’s...

Courtesy of Jess Cybulski

NASPA awards Get Sexy, Get Consent with Grand Silver Excellence Award

Stephanie Adeline March 29, 2017

Get Sexy, Get Consent, an interactive performance promoting consent in sexual activities, received the Grand Silver Excellence Award from NASPA this month. The performance is a part of Voices Against...


Veterans shared their stories in Israel while recovering from war

Stephanie Adeline March 23, 2017

Veterans visited UT on Wednesday to discuss their trip to Israel as a way to recover from the trauma of war. The veterans, speaking at an information session arranged by UT Student Body President Kevin...

Grant program for bulletproof vests passes through Senate committee

Stephanie Adeline and Claire Allbright March 7, 2017

The Senate Committee on Criminal Justice voted unanimously in favor of Senate Bill 12, which would set up a grant program for police departments around the state to acquire protective vests.  SB...

Director Keith Maitland calls for awareness of Tower shooting

Stephanie Adeline February 23, 2017

Director Keith Maitland has shared his movie about the 1966 UT Tower shooting to viewers around the world, but on Wednesday, he brought it here to campus. At a special screening inside the Hogg Auditorium,...


LBJ Presidential Library celebrates Presidents Day with free admission

Stephanie Adeline February 21, 2017

Families, veterans and out-of-state visitors had free admission to the LBJ Presidential Library and Museum in honor of Presidents Day. The LBJ Library and Museum, which is owned by the LBJ Foundation,...


Signature Class lecture discusses the importance of local solutions to health care problems

Stephanie Adeline February 15, 2017

Speakers emphasized the need for community involvement in solving local health care problems at a Vital Signs lecture titled “Food and Parks are Health: Unexpected Solutions for Systemic Challenges”...


PCL weekend hours to change in response to student demands

Stephanie Adeline January 27, 2017

The Perry-Castañeda Library changed its weekend hours, opening an hour earlier on Sunday and an hour later on Saturday, to meet student demands. The library will now open at 10 a.m. rather...

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