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News editor says goodbye to a position she never thought she’d have

Claire Allbright May 10, 2019

My time at The Daily Texan has really come full circle. I started as a general reporter my first semester freshman year, wide-eyed and eager to learn. After a stint in the copy department, time as a...


Students ride free with UT, Cap Metro partnership

Claire Allbright August 7, 2017

Economics junior Kate Dopkin is just one of many UT students who relies upon the city bus system to explore Austin.  “I lived on campus and didn’t feel like I needed (a car) because...


Trump announces new national transgender policy as the legislature keeps working to pass ‘bathroom bill’

Claire Allbright July 31, 2017

Attempts to regulate the lives of transgender individuals were advanced both nationally and across the state of Texas this week.  On Wednesday, President Donald Trump announced, in a series of...


Lawmakers turn their attention to bathroom bill and school finance in the first week of the special session

Claire Allbright July 23, 2017

The Texas Legislature is free to move on to Gov. Greg Abbott’s 19 other priorities for the special session after the Senate passed the necessary “sunset” legislation early Thursday morning...


Texas Legislature special session looks to address tax reform, bathroom bill

Claire Allbright July 17, 2017

The gloves are coming off as the 85th Texas Legislature steps into the ring for its first special session Tuesday.  Legislators will address unfinished sunset legislation and Gov. Greg Abbott’s...


Trump administration sides with Texas on SB 4 lawsuit

Claire Allbright June 26, 2017

On Friday, the Trump administration weighed in on Texas’ immigration enforcement litigation, siding with the state of Texas.   The recently passed Senate Bill 4, commonly known as the “sanctuary...

Charlotte Carpenter | Daily Texan Staff

SXSW to remain in Austin despite Senate Bill 4

Claire Allbright June 18, 2017

The South by Southwest Music Festival will remain in Austin after a plea by two U.S. senators for the festival to leave the state was denied by SXSW CEO Roland Swenson. In an open letter, Sen. Robert...


Uber and Lyft resume operations in Austin

Claire Allbright June 5, 2017

Uber and Lyft returned to Austin on May 29 — the same day Gov. Greg Abbott signed into law a bill deregulating ride-hailing services.  Authored by state Rep. Chris Paddie, R-Marshall, HB...


Amendment restricts transgender students bathroom use in schools

Claire Allbright May 29, 2017

The Texas House of Representatives initially approved an amendment late Sunday night that would require transgender students to use the bathroom according to the gender on their birth certificate in public...


Year in Review

Stabbing On May 1 at 1:46 p.m., the UT Police Department responded to a call about an individual attacking a student with a large, Bowie-style hunting knife in the Speedway Plaza. Two minutes later,...


Bill would require average grade given in course to appear on transcript

Claire Allbright May 4, 2017

Institutions of higher education would be required to include the average grade in a course beside an individual’s final grade on their transcript under a bill approved Wednesday by a Texas Senate...


House committee considers bills to stop workplace discrimination

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright May 2, 2017

Political beliefs, sexual orientation and gender identity and expression could be added to the list of characteristics protected from employment discrimination under bills considered Monday by a Texas...


Student advocates in support of bill creating an opt-out organ donation system

Claire Allbright April 28, 2017

The founder of a student-run advocacy group testified Thursday in support of a bill that would make adult driver’s license recipients organ donors by default. Kelsey Mumford, a nursing and biology...


Senate Bill 4 passed by House

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 27, 2017

Update (4:18 p.m.): The bill that would ban "sanctuary cities" in Texas officially passed in the House by a 94-53 vote along party lines Thursday afternoon. SB 4 will now return...

Bill seeks to clarify free speech protections on college campuses

Claire Allbright April 27, 2017

While the freedom of speech is protected under the Constitution, some universities across the country have implemented strict speech codes and free speech zones.  The Senate’s Higher Education...

Hazing definition expanded by Senate

Claire Allbright April 26, 2017

A Texas Senate committee unanimously passed a bill Tuesday that would broaden the definition of hazing used in civil and criminal cases. Senate Bill 50 authored by state Sen. Judith Zaffirini, D-Laredo,...


Top 10 Percent Rule stays under new version of bill

Claire Allbright April 21, 2017

The Top 10 Percent Rule is here to stay, even if Senate Bill 2119 passes.  The new version of the bill was left pending before the Senate Committee of Higher Education on Wednesday. This committee...

House committee takes up version of the bathroom bill that would not prohibit nondiscrimination ordinances in bathroom facilities

Claire Allbright April 21, 2017

A committee considered the House’s version of the controversial “bathroom bill” during a meeting that started late Wednesday night and went into the early hours of Thursday morning. The...


House committee approves unlicensed carry bill

Claire Allbright April 19, 2017

Legislation that would allow people over the age of 21 to carry a handgun without a license was passed out of a House committee Tuesday. House Bill 1911, authored by state Rep. James White, R-Hillister,...


Stop misusing Chilean flag emoji, pleads TX representative

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 19, 2017

A House committee addressed one legislator’s attempt to stop Texans from misrepresenting the state through incorrect emoji usage on social media during a hearing Tuesday.   House Concurrent...


Resolution in Texas House honors life of Haruka Weiser one year after her death

Claire Allbright April 18, 2017

A year after the death of theatre and dance freshman Haruka Weiser, the Texas House of Representatives expressed unanimous support for a resolution honoring her life. Rep. Gina Hinojosa, D-Austin, whose...


‘Campus carry’ law positioned to change upon approval of ‘constitutional carry’ bill

Claire Allbright April 17, 2017

Campus carry legislation passed last session would undergo a major change if legislators sign off on a “constitutional carry” bill from state Rep. Jonathan Stickland, R-Bedford. House Bill...


Bill names UT’s Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center as the state’s botanical garden, arboretum

Claire Allbright April 13, 2017

The Texas House of Representatives tentatively approved a bill that would designate UT Austin affiliate Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center as the state botanical garden and arboretum.  State Rep....


Bill proposes tougher Title IX rules

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 12, 2017

At a time when several student organizations are working to encourage conversation about sexual violence, some fear a bill passed by the Senate would halt their progress. Senate Bill 576, authored by...

House discusses proposed budget

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo April 7, 2017

After 15 hours, the Texas House of Representatives continued their debate over a proposed $218.15 billion budget, which was expected to last until the early hours of Friday morning. Last Tuesday, the...


Senate committee considers eliminating top 10 percent rule

Claire Allbright April 6, 2017

UT President Gregory Fenves said for 20 years the top 10 percent rule has sent a clear message to Texas students: “Perform well in high school, and you can go to the flagship university of the state.”  Senate...

Senate freezes tuition increase, eliminates mandatory set-asides

Claire Allbright April 5, 2017

The Texas Senate took action Tuesday to freeze tuition costs for two years and eliminate mandatory tuition set-asides. Senate Bill 19, authored by Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, passed by a vote of 29-2....

UT Austin has highest percentage of rape among female undergraduates, study finds

UT Austin has the highest percentage of rape among female undergraduates across eight UT System academic institutions, according to a survey released Friday.   The Cultivating Learning and Safe...


Fenves releases campus sexual assault survey

Claire Allbright March 24, 2017

UT President Gregory Fenves released a System-wide report containing sexual assault statistics he said were a “wake up call”, in an email to UT students Friday. According to the Cultivating...


Survey to reveal campus rape statistics

Claire Allbright March 24, 2017

Fifteen percent of undergraduate women at the University of Texas at Austin have been raped, according to a UT System study that will be released in the coming weeks. Texas Sen. Joan Huffman, R-Houston,...


Senate pushes for affordable tuition

Claire Allbright March 23, 2017

Update, March 27: Two bills which would regulate the cost of tuition are headed to the Senate floor. A revised version of Senate Bills 543 and 19, both authored by State Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo,...

2017-03-22_Lion Municipal Golf Course_Mary

Proposed bill transfers UT-owned Lions Municipal Golf Course to Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Claire Allbright March 22, 2017

Lions Municipal Golf Course, one of the first desegregated golf courses in the South, would be transferred from University ownership to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department if a bill considered by the...

Committee approves legislation to reduce costs of handgun license

Claire Allbright March 21, 2017

A proposal to reduce the cost associated with acquiring or renewing a handgun license is headed to the Senate floor after being unanimously approved Monday by the Senate Committee on State Affairs.  Senate...

Texas Legislature takes action on the first week post bill-filing deadline

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo March 20, 2017

On the first week following the bill filing deadline, legislators picked up the pace with the Senate approving 11 bills and the House of Representatives approving six. Conversation in the House focused...

UT students express opposition to “bathroom bill” passing out of committee

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright March 10, 2017

Public testimony during the Senate committee hearing for Senate Bill 6, also known as the “bathroom bill,” lasted approximately 12 hours with 90 percent of public witnesses testifying against...

Bill limiting the use of TEXAS Grants left pending in Senate committee hearing

Claire Allbright March 9, 2017

College access and affordability was again the center of debate at Wednesday’s Higher Education Senate Committee hearing.  Senate Bill 885, authored by Sen. Kel Seliger, R-Amarillo, would...


Highly debated bathroom bill raises concerns about privacy and transgender rights

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright March 8, 2017

Update (8:05 a.m.): After approximately 13 hours of public testimony, the committee voted 8-1 in favor of SB 6 at 4:50 a.m Wednesday. The bill will move to the full senate for further deliberation. Original...


Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick defends “bathroom bill”

Claire Allbright March 7, 2017

One day before the “bathroom bill,” or Senate Bill 6, appears before the Senate State Affairs Committee, Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held a press conference Monday in support of the bill. Keeping...

Grant program for bulletproof vests passes through Senate committee

Stephanie Adeline and Claire Allbright March 7, 2017

The Senate Committee on Criminal Justice voted unanimously in favor of Senate Bill 12, which would set up a grant program for police departments around the state to acquire protective vests.  SB...


Bills addressing Child Protective Services unanimously pass out of their chambers

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo March 2, 2017

Two House bills and a Senate bill that would change the way Child Protective Services operates in Texas unanimously passed out of their respective chambers Wednesday afternoon.   House Bill...

House Bill would limit UT to charging no more than $10 per transcript

Rachel Cooper and Claire Allbright February 27, 2017

A UT student was the inspiration behind a bill filed Thursday that would limit the amount a public institution of higher education could charge for an official transcript to $10.  Juliette Perrier,...


Senate committee takes first step to eliminate mandatory tuition set asides

Claire Allbright February 23, 2017

After a back-and-forth debate, a Texas Senate Committee pushed a bill to the Senate floor Wednesday which would do away with the requirement for public institutions of education to participate in the tuition...


Austin Senator files legislation with aim to protect victims of sexual assault on campus

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright February 22, 2017

Update (1:12 p.m.): The Senate passed SB 970 requiring an accessible sexual assault policy for both public and private universities by a 30-1 vote Tuesday afternoon. While the bill formerly...

Senate Committee passes resolution calling for convention of states

Claire Allbright February 17, 2017

Texas Senate Committee on State Affairs voted Thursday in favor of Senate Joint Resolution 2, which calls for a convention of the states to propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution. The committee’s...


Legislators continue debates outside Capitol

Claire Allbright and Mikaela Cannizzo February 17, 2017

Two Democratic and two Republican Texas lawmakers butted heads Thursday night over issues including sanctuary cities, school finance, the Rainy Day Fund and Child Protective Services.  In a panel...

Restrictive abortion legislation left pending in Senate committee

Claire Allbright February 16, 2017

Three bills regulating abortions were brought before the Senate Health and Human Services Committee Wednesday, bringing about passionate testimony on both sides of the issue.  Sen. Charles Schwertner,...


Senate approves UT regent nominees despite lack of diversity

Claire Allbright February 8, 2017

Former Sen. Kevin Eltife, businessman James Conrad Weaver and attorney Janiece Longoria were confirmed by the Texas Senate Tuesday as the next three UT system regents. The Senate voted 29 in favor...


Senate passes bill banning sanctuary cities

Claire Allbright February 8, 2017

Following nearly six hours of discussion regarding the implications of Senate Bill 4, which would eliminate sanctuary cities, and the consideration of 39 amendments, the bill was passed to engrossment...


Ethics reform bill first to pass Senate

Claire Allbright February 8, 2017

Senate Bill 14, an ethics reform package authored by Sen. Van Taylor, R-Plano, was unanimously approved by Senate members in a 31-0 vote, becoming the first bill passed in the Senate this legislative session. SB...

Patrick defends “bathroom bill,” claims it has no economic impact

Claire Allbright February 7, 2017

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick attacked claims that the “bathroom bill” would have a negative impact on Texas’ economy during a press conference Monday. In December, the Texas Association of...

Senate Nominations Committee votes in favor of UT regent appointees

Claire Allbright February 3, 2017

Former Sen. Kevin Eltife, businessman James Conrad Weaver and attorney Janiece Longoria are one step closer to being the newest members of the University of Texas System Board of Regents. The Senate...


Bill seeks to reform, privatize child welfare

Claire Allbright February 3, 2017

At any given time, 30,000 to 50,000 children are in the Texas foster care system. The Senate Committee on Health and Human Services held their first hearing of Senate Bill 11,  which aims to privatize...


Senate Nominations Committee votes in favor of UT regent appointees

Claire Allbright February 2, 2017

Former Sen. Kevin Eltife, businessman James Conrad Weaver and attorney Janiece Longoria are one step closer to being the newest members of the University of Texas System Board of Regents. The Senate...


Capitol internships provide inside look into Texas politics

Claire Allbright January 31, 2017

For three legislative interns, working this session at the Capitol is a foot in the door to their future careers.  There are 65 students currently enrolled in the UT government department’s...

Senate holds confirmation hearing for UT regent appointments

Claire Allbright January 27, 2017

During the confirmation hearings for three UT System regent nominees Thursday, discussion quickly turned to college accessibility, tuition costs and the importance of communication between the legislature...


Legislators upset at being left out of UT System land purchase

Claire Allbright January 27, 2017

The Texas Senate Finance Committee challenged UT Chancellor William McRaven Thursday over a UT System land purchase in Houston. Originally announced Nov. 5, 2015 at a Board of Regents meeting, the $200...

Filed gun legislation attempts to amend campus carry and open carry laws

Claire Allbright January 24, 2017

Several of the approximately 45 pieces of firearm-related legislation filed since Nov. 14, 2016 pertain to open carry and campus carry legislation. Campus carry and open carry legislation was signed...

$5 million endowment funds advancement of American music

Claire Allbright January 19, 2017

A $5 million endowment to promote American music will allow the Butler School of Music to better educate students in the study, performance and composition of music produced in the Americas, ranging from...

House, Senate budgets differ on public education funding, align on child services

Claire Allbright January 18, 2017

Both chambers of the Texas Legislature proposed budget recommendations Tuesday highlighting funding priorities for the next two years. Although the appropriated amount varies between the House and the...


Texas 85th Legislature underway with debate over key bills

Claire Allbright January 17, 2017

After the pomp and circumstance and calls for unity of the first day died down, legislators resumed debate over key bills and set goals for the 85th session of the Texas Legislature.  The first...


85th Texas Legislature convenes, faces tight budget

Mikaela Cannizzo and Claire Allbright January 11, 2017

After a year and a half hiatus, the Texas Legislature convened Tuesday at noon to officially begin its 85th session. The 140-day session will consist of the Texas House and Senate deliberating the enactment...


Mexican-American linguistics conference comes to UT

Jenan Taha and Claire Allbright August 31, 2016

UT-Austin’s Center for Mexican American Studies will host the 45th annual Linguistic Association of the Southwest conference, a three-day event from September 15–17, which highlights Mexican-American...

Middle east advertising court Minette Drumwright

Study finds ethical infractions in advertising in emerging markets in the Middle East

Claire Allbright August 24, 2016

While expanding economic markets in the Middle East and North Africa attract new businesses, they also become sites of ethical transgressions in advertising, according to a study released by the Moody...


Oil research on salt permeability raises questions about nuclear waste storage

Claire Allbright December 1, 2015

Salt may be more permeable than previously thought, raising questions about whether salt isolates nuclear waste effectively, according to a new study released by researchers at UT. Soheil Ghanbarzadeh,...

Peace Corps Photo

Peace Corps applications from UT hit all-time high

Claire Allbright November 30, 2015

Applications from UT students to join the Peace Corps surged to an all-time high for the 2015 fiscal year, according to UT Peace Corps recruiter Kristi Stillwell.  More than 120 UT students applied...


College of Liberal Arts to increase online courses

Claire Allbright November 23, 2015

The College of Liberal Arts and the Digital Writing and Research Lab are working to offer more online courses and incorporate new technology into traditional classrooms next semester. The college is...


Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist explores Obama administration’s national security issues in latest book

Claire Allbright November 17, 2015

Charlie Savage, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, spoke about his latest book, “Power Wars: Inside Obama’s Post-9/11 Presidency,” on Monday afternoon. Savage said the purpose of...


International architects, designers compete in Austin competition

Claire Allbright November 16, 2015

The natural and artificial worlds came together in an architecture installation Saturday, bringing together architects and designers from around the world to create site-specific pieces for Circle Acres...


Ag-gag bills hinder investigation of factory farms, according to adjunct professor

Claire Allbright November 10, 2015

Ag-gag laws are “clearly an impediment to anyone trying to investigate” factory farming facilities, according to Amon Burton, an adjunct professor of law. Burton spoke on ag-gag laws, which...


Texas Arbor Day celebrates, protects University’s trees

Claire Allbright November 9, 2015

To celebrate Texas Arbor Day, Landscape Services, University staff and members of the community gathered to plant three fruit trees at the corner of San Jacinto and 24th streets Friday morning. Texas...


Uber criticizes City of Austin’s background check procedure regarding drivers for hire

Claire Allbright November 3, 2015

Uber criticized the City of Austin’s background checks for drivers for hire as the City moves to finalize background check procedures for ride-hailing companies.   In a memo to Austin Mayor...


Motivational speaker Lizzie Velasquez concludes UT’s Real Beauty campaign

Claire Allbright November 2, 2015

Lizzie Velasquez, a 26-year-old motivational speaker, author and anti-bullying activist, spoke Friday evening about her experience combating bullying stemming from a condition which prevents her from gaining...


Students discuss disabilities, coping mechanisms in Disability Advocacy Student Coalition forum

Claire Allbright October 27, 2015

Seven students with disabilities had the opportunity to discuss their disability and share coping mechanisms they use to manage them during a forum hosted by the Disability Advocacy Student Coalition. The...


Video game immersion panel discusses game development, careers

Claire Allbright October 26, 2015

A panel of guest speakers discussed current developments and careers in the video game industry Thursday. The panel, hosted by UT’s Electronic Gamers Development Society, consisted of five industry...


Vacant security post raises student concern

Claire Allbright October 20, 2015

Reymundo Padron, night operations manager and UT employee since 2005, was let go Oct. 6 for unknown reasons. Following Padron’s release, Devin Guthrie, psychology junior and president of the Quad...


Texas Language Center opens application for professional development award proposals

Claire Allbright October 19, 2015

Proposals for Professional Development Awards to enhance language curriculum are now being accepted through the Texas Language Center.  The Professional Development Awards typically range from...

2015-10-15_Bake Sell_Morgan_Boone6893

PCL bake sale raises funds for American Cancer Society

Claire Allbright October 15, 2015

The Perry-Castañeda Library held its annual bake sale Wednesday to raise funds for the American Cancer Society. The initiative was a part of The Hearts of Texas State Employee Charity campaign...


Indigenous Collective hosts film screening for Indigenous Peoples’ Day

Claire Allbright October 13, 2015

To celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, UT’s Native American Indigenous Collective hosted a meet and greet and film screening to increase campus awareness of indigenous cultures. Luis Cárcamo-Huechante,...


UT opens enrollment for spring informal classes

Claire Allbright October 5, 2015

Students and community members interested in reading tea leaves, backyard chicken raising, and more can now sign up for UT’s spring Informal Classes, which opened registration Monday. UT’s...


Journalist Shubhranshu Choudhary promotes work in democratic media

Claire Allbright September 29, 2015

Shubhranshu Choudhary, a Knight International Journalism Fellow, wants to utilize his democratic media model, CGNet Swara, to increase communication across underserved communities. Choudhary spoke Monday...


HackTX brings students together for a 24-hour hackathon

Claire Allbright September 28, 2015

More than 600 students from 10 universities competed to create viable working software in a 24 hour hackathon over the weekend. HackTX began Saturday at 1 p.m. and concluded Sunday at 11 a.m., after...


Mental health advocate discusses intersection of mental health, race

Claire Allbright September 22, 2015

Minority communities are often left out of conversations about mental healthcare due in part to a stigma, Dior Vargas said at a lecture Monday. Vargas, a Latina feminist and mental health advocate,...


Museum holds Identification Day for visitors’ rocks, artifacts

Claire Allbright September 21, 2015

The Austin public brought natural objects to the Texas Memorial Museum to be identified by experts Sunday afternoon. Senior administrative associate of the museum Laura Naski said the museum has hosted...


UT discontinues Texas Express bus service after lack of demand

Claire Allbright September 15, 2015

UT has discontinued the Texas Express bus service for the 2015–2016 school year. The service, contracted through the transportation company Star Shuttle, transported students on weekends and University...


UT Energy Symposium kicks off with talk about government’s role in climate change

Claire Allbright September 4, 2015

The government must partner closely with energy companies to combat climate change, according to Syracuse professor David Popp. As part of the 2015 UT Energy Symposium’s opening event, Popp spoke...

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