Fenves announces CMHC counseling sessions will now be fully subsidized

Stephanie Adeline

The University is no longer charging $10 per counseling appointment in the Counseling and Mental Health Center, UT President Gregory Fenves said in an email on Wednesday afternoon.

Psychiatry services, which usually charges $15 per appointment, will also be reduced to $10 per appointment. The reduction in fees is subsidized through the University’s partnership with ESPN on the Longhorn Network.

During the fall semester, many students shared their concerns to President Fenves on CMHC appointment charges after a Daily Texan article revealed that UT Austin was one of the only top schools in Texas to charge students for counseling and mental health services. Fenves said he has decided to reduce these costs based on students’ feedback and conversations.

“Last semester, I heard from many students about the charges for counseling appointments at the Counseling and Mental Health Center,” Fenves said in an email to the UT community. “I am concerned that these charges have been a barrier for students seeking needed care.”

Fenves encouraged students to contact CMHC as a first step if they need assistance from mental health professionals.

“This new investment in the Counseling and Mental Health Center underscores a university-wide commitment to addressing the mental health of students,” Fenves said in the email. “Your psychological well-being is an essential part of your success — both in academics and in life.”