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Managing editor leaves newsroom without ever working at her desk, plans to search for personality outside of journalism

Managing editor leaves newsroom without ever working at her desk, plans to search for personality outside of journalism

Trinady Joslin May 4, 2021

Writing ledes is my favorite part of journalism. They can be beautiful or funny or break your heart. They can be anything you want. I’ve thought about writing the lede to my 30 column probably at...


Students campaign for increased access to accommodations

Trinady Joslin June 20, 2020

Disability advocates on campus have asked for an easier accommodations process for years. With the transition to online classes, they finally got it.  Accommodations are a way to increase access...


Recent graduates are ‘let down’ by virtual ceremonies

Trinady Joslin June 12, 2020

After in-person graduation ceremonies were canceled in March, spring 2020 graduates said they hoped their virtual celebration would be memorable. For Nicole Pownall, the prerecorded “celebration”...


SSD hosts first Disability Graduation online

Trinady Joslin May 8, 2020

After the cancellation of in-person graduation ceremonies due to COVID-19, Services for Students with Disabilities considered postponing the first-ever Disability Graduation. Then, they asked the students...


RAs lost their homes, jobs due to the coronavirus. Some felt helpless when UHD didn’t inform them about pay cancellations.

Trinady Joslin May 6, 2020

Editor’s Note: The names of the resident assistants have been changed to protect their identity. The morning of payday, Ethan applied for unemployment. He wasn’t sure if he’d...


Students required to study abroad face cancellations, uncertainty about degree plans amid coronavirus

Trinady Joslin April 10, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. After applying months in advance...


Students use online platforms to socialize amid coronavirus social distancing orders

Trinady Joslin April 5, 2020

In the middle of March in Texas, Andres Aguilar went sled racing with a group of friends. At the same time, Andrea Luna and Jan Carlos Rubio spent six hours building the Tower, brick by brick.  They...


UT-Austin canceling classes, closing operations March 13

Trinady Joslin March 13, 2020

Editor’s note: This story is part of The Daily Texan’s coverage of how coronavirus concerns are affecting UT-Austin. Read the rest of our coverage here. 9:20 a.m. update: The University...


Mayor Adler cancels SXSW amid coronavirus concerns, declares local state of disaster

Trinady Joslin, Areeba Amer, and Aisling Ayers March 6, 2020

After declaring a state of local disaster, Austin Mayor Steve Adler canceled South by Southwest at a press conference Friday afternoon. According to an official statement from SXSW, this is the first time...


‘Tonight Show’ host Jimmy Fallon hosts live taping at UT-Austin

Trinady Joslin November 8, 2019

Adorned in orange and overflowing with references to UT and Austin culture, students said “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” was a nonstop, high-energy experience. After winning tickets...


Q&A: Before his show at UT, Jimmy Fallon talks Matthew McConaughey, partying in Austin

Trinady Joslin November 6, 2019

A few months ago, Jimmy Fallon didn’t know what “hook ‘em” was. Now, he’s on campus and ready to party. For the first time in the show’s history, “The Tonight...


PTS adds D+ permit to preserve ‘non-compliant’ spaces for disabled students

Trinady Joslin September 16, 2019

Disabled students now have the option to buy a $300 parking permit to access newly labeled D+ spaces, along with D spaces from last year . Parking and Transportation Services created the D+ parking...


Students share underrepresented, uncensored narratives and perspectives in ‘Black Yearbook’

Trinady Joslin August 29, 2019

Adraint Bereal was discouraged by the absence of students who looked like him around campus. But as a freshman walking through the Student Activity Center, a door finally opened.  Now, three...


Forbes scholarship offers three students the chance to attend summit for free

Trinady Joslin August 29, 2019

Although each one defines entrepreneurship differently, Elvin Galarza, Hamza Abdallah and Amerison Shrestha all have something in common: they were recently selected to be a Forbes 30 Under 30 scholar. In...


Haus of Texas provides space for students to participate, learn about drag

Trinady Joslin August 28, 2019

In the halls of Dobie Twenty21 Student Spaces, drag performer Celia Light saw potential. Surrounded by students interested in performing in drag, Light formed a family within the building. After months...


Q&A: Alumnus Giancarlo Bernini discusses performance on ‘Penn & Teller: Fool Us’

Trinady Joslin June 18, 2019

As a magician, religious studies alumnus Giancarlo Bernini, who graduated in 2019, takes pride in using magic to bring joy to others. He has been practicing since he saw a card trick in fifth grade and...


Austin business owner opens clothing store, Kindred Spirits

Trinady Joslin May 7, 2019

In 2011, Nina Gordon, a UT social work alumna who graduated in 2006, found herself exhausted at the end of each day. After a 15-year career in social work, Gordon said she needed a change to brighten her...


The story behind inside East Austin’s little blue truck

Trinady Joslin May 2, 2019

Owned by Bibi Kemper, the Truck houses a small imports shop that sells goods from India, Southeast Asia and North Africa. Each piece is handpicked by Kemper, who, despite having settled down and opening...


Student combats food insecurity while providing help to others

Trinady Joslin April 30, 2019

According to Student Emergency Services, 1 in 4 UT students face difficulties affording food. Among them is history freshman Elise Randall, who is facing food insecurity after running out of Dine In Dollars...

loan_0425_AndrewChoi(EmergencyLoan) copy

$500 emergency loan provides aid to students

Trinady Joslin April 25, 2019

When her source of income suddenly vanished her junior year, alumna Raegan Holland, who graduated in 2017, feared she would soon lose her apartment. After talking with a friend, Holland discovered the...


ADA forum addresses funding, other student concerns

Trinady Joslin April 24, 2019

The Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Committee held one-hour forums on Wednesday, April 17 and Tuesday, April 23 to hear student concerns and suggestions for improving campus-wide accessibility...

theatre feature_courtesy of Lawrence Peart

Cohen New Works Festival encourages students to create, produce original work Trinady Joslin

Trinady Joslin April 18, 2019

As one of the largest student-produced festivals in the country, Cohen New Works Festival features over 30 original student projects ranging from plays, operas and technical theater showcases to visual...


Texas Spirits endowment builds lasting legacy for Abigail ‘Abz’ Zeitler

Trinady Joslin April 15, 2019

In the fall semester of 2016, public relations senior Abigail “Abz” Zeitler died by suicide. As Texas Spirits president, Texas Real Beauty Campaign Director, Texas 4000 rider, Camp Texas counselor,...

No Mans Land courtesy of No Mans Land Film Festival

No Man’s Land Film Festival promotes women in outdoors, redefines gender norms

Trinady Joslin April 10, 2019

No Man’s Land Film Festival aims to redefine what it means to be a woman in the outdoors through a series of short documentaries featuring women doing everything from kayaking and mountain biking...


It’s hard getting to class when you have a chronic illness. UT’s limited accommodations don’t help.

Trinady Joslin April 8, 2019

The pain Samantha Miles experiences on daily basis is often rated worse than childbirth. From sleeping to digestion, no part of her day is free from pain. Miles, a communication and leadership freshman,...

speedway band feature Courtesy of Ricky Molnar

Christian Sparks and the Beatnik Bandits play in Austin for fan exposure

Trinady Joslin April 1, 2019

Folking around on Speedway, Christian Sparks and the Beatnik Bandits handed out flyers to promote their upcoming show. Strumming on guitars and drumming on a box drum, members played original songs and...


iarabFM provides representation to the Arab community

Trinady Joslin March 27, 2019

Shaimaa Khodr, a University of North Texas interior design junior, came to the United States from Lebanon on a student visa in 2014. Feeling homesick, she discovered iarabFM in 2017, an app built to represent...


Students affected by loss turn to new path, leaning on others

Trinady Joslin March 25, 2019

At age 21, chemistry junior Jordan Clements has lost two close friends. As a result of his grief, he considered changing his major to communication and leadership in order to found a nonprofit that provides...


‘We want to be a part of the solution’: bthere app promotes bystander intervention to prevent sexual assault

Trinady Joslin March 6, 2019

After a friend told him about her experience with sexual assault while in college, UT law alumnus Ben Johanson (‘13) set out to create an app designed to help students stay together during nights...

spanish_0227_AudreyMcNay_Spanish 2

Spanish program director explains course difficulty, students choose to embrace or opt out

Trinady Joslin February 27, 2019

After three years of high school Spanish, public health junior Fatimah Sunez was ready to continue learning Spanish at UT. Hoping to become fluent, her background and enthusiasm provide her with an advantage...

catherine_2019-02_25_ Catherine_Michelle_Q&A_Ryan

Catherine Michelle turns to music as an outlet for depression, releases EP

Trinady Joslin February 25, 2019

Last semester, advertising junior Catherine Hickox, known by her stage name Catherine Michelle, released her first EP. She also went on her first tour, all while working two jobs and being a full-time...

limbo_2019-02-22_Limbo Jewlery_Evan LRoy3894

Limbo store promotes local artists among rising rents on South Congress

Trinady Joslin February 22, 2019

After being approached by a company interested in his lamp designs, Edson Enriquez thought his big break had finally come. Instead, his products were replicated and sold at lower prices, pushing him out...


UT students create app to bring out the goddess in everyone

Trinady Joslin February 21, 2019

For English senior Bridgette Bilson, traveling to Houston used to be more than just a trip home. She had get her hair done back home in order to avoid the overpriced and unexperienced salons in Austin.  After...


UT student earns citizenship through investing in business, creating jobs

Trinady Joslin February 7, 2019

Growing up in Vietnam, economics senior Jonah described himself as a “bad kid.” His dad provided a solution: a better education and environment. He sent his son to America, specifically a private...

GOVT_Shutdown_0131_BixieMathieu(GovShutdown) copy

Students affected by shutdown say ‘We want to get our pay’

Trinady Joslin January 31, 2019

After 35 days of uncertainty and two missed paychecks, the temporarily reopened government allowed journalism freshman Anissa Reyes’ family to breathe a sigh of relief. Reyes’ father works...

Comic_1204_JebMilling_venom464 copy

Austin-based band Klyntar creates ‘alien’ music based on ‘Venom’ comics

Trinady Joslin December 4, 2018

Sounds are layered one on top of another to the point of being indistinguishable as the process continues. Starting with a guitar, a keyboard and effect pedals, Klyntar uses improvisation to transform...

Supplemental_housing1119_EllaWilliams(SUpplemental Housing)

Supplemental housing serves as temporary solution, most students choose to make it permanent

Trinady Joslin November 19, 2018

At the beginning of the semester, students hauled boxes and shouldered suitcases into their new homes. The majority were setting up their living spaces for the next year, but for students assigned a supplemental...


Environmentalist team demonstrates plastic usage on campus to prompt change in waste habits

Trinady Joslin November 15, 2018

Plastic water bottles overflow shopping carts and spill onto the ground in front of Jester Plaza. As students pass by the demonstration, some stop and ask questions, while others stare at the massive pile...


Dyed hair impacts student employment opportunities

Trinady Joslin November 9, 2018

Journalism freshman Catherine Mouer’s hair has been bright blue since July. She said odd, disapproving looks from older adults are commonplace, as are excited points and stares from children. Although...


Homeless activist finds peace at Graffiti Park, says “this is what I created”

Trinady Joslin October 31, 2018

For most, the announcement of HOPE Outdoor Gallery’s impending relocation meant added travel time to the new gallery. For Jesse David Greiner, it meant discontinuing the work he has loved for almost...


Moody Hacks encourages digital innovation, does not require coding experience

Trinady Joslin October 24, 2018

On Nov. 3, the first Moody Hackathon will take over the Belo Center for New Media, the lives of over 250 students and numerous volunteers and the world — well, not quite yet. The Moody Hackathon...


Get Kinetic encourages Kinsolving residents to move it, move it

Trinady Joslin October 19, 2018

n spring 2017, the National College Health Assessment showed that only 50.3 percent of female students at UT met the recommended amount of exercise, and only 12.1 percent of female students felt “very...


Nationwide service dog organization overcomes ‘ruff’ start, makes mark on UT campus

Trinady Joslin October 10, 2018

Pudget’s wagging tail and fluffy coat ensure that all eyes are on him as he and his trainer, Krista Polansky, walk across campus. As students flock toward the duo, they ask to pet him. With a smile...


Crêpe Crazy offers an unique community, perspective

Trinady Joslin October 4, 2018

Crêpe Crazy, a restaurant located on South Lamar, has a history as unique as its flavors. The restaurant was founded in 2014 by Vladimir and Inna Giterman, deaf immigrants from Russia and Ukraine...

Female sports journalists discuss sexism, male bias in media

Trinady Joslin September 24, 2018

Five minutes after the article is published, notifications flood Dan Solomon’s phone. A quick glance shows him the criticism that fans are tweeting, but it’s geared toward his female colleague...

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