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Sexy Sally

Exclusivity is a conversation I avoid at all costs. I chalk it up to my age or maybe just my enjoyment of crazy college nights, but I have no desire to be in a committed relationship. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want to be in a serious relationship or get married in the future – I just know that at this point a relationship is not something I seek.

I’ve only had one semi-somewhat serious relationship in college. We met at the beginning of a spring semester and really hit it off. We started sleeping together towards the end of the semester, and I actually liked him. But he had an internship over the summer far away and I was studying abroad. We never discussed being exclusive before we left so I took that as him wanting to keep his options open over the summer. And let’s be real, I wanted to gallivant around with European boys myself.

I was honestly relieved when the conversation didn’t come up, but I also never knew what to say when people asked me if I was single. I liked the guy so I felt weird saying yes, but I was definitely not in a relationship.

Though we didn't work out, I learned a lot from what was never said. If you want to be with someone, just come out and say it. The worst thing they can say is that they’re not interested (and that is certainly not the end of the world). There are plenty of fish in the sea, or so the saying goes. But you have to take action to get what you want. Relationships don’t just fall into your hands and work out perfectly.

I hate the game people play with dating and sex. They hook up, usually like each other and then just beat around the bush when it comes to whether or not they want to be exclusive. Everyone hates that gray area. You’re either together or you’re not. I make it very clear to my gentlemen friends that I don’t want to be exclusive with them, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. I learn from these men what to look for in a potential mate once I’m ready to settle down and be exclusive with that one lucky person.