Fun Fun Fun Fest takes over Auditorium Shores this weekend

Fun Fun Fun Festival is here, and it’s still only one weekend long. This weekend, it is the grass at Auditorium Shores that will be ravaged and torn apart as the audicence members of FFF Fest fill the park for three days of metal music, folk music and pretty much everything in between. The Daily Texan picked the three top events from each day to ensure a well-rounded FFF Fest experience.



Active Child, 1:25 p.m., Orange Stage

Lead singer Pat Grossi used to sing in the Philadelphia Boys Choir, but he’s taken his vocal abilities to Active Child and given them an electronic flair. Chances are the band will play songs from their new EP, Rapor. But, fingers crossed, audiences will get a chance to see Active Child play “Hanging On,” the sensual single from their second album, You Are All I See


Star Slinger, 3:05 p.m., Blue Stage

Darren Williams, or Star Slinger, is living proof that being a music-nerd is actually sometimes cool. The DJ from Manchester, UK, has come a long way from his 2010 self-released debut and has remixed for bands like Washed Out and The Broken Social Scene. 


Thee Oh Sees, 6:25 p.m., Black Stage

The Black Stage at FFF Fest is a weekend-long mosh-pit. That’s a fact. You have to choose your bruises carefully if you’re going to last the whole festival, and Thee Oh Sees are totally
worth the thrashing excitement and the ice packs you’ll need to recover. 



Jenny Slate, 3:35 p.m., Yellow Stage

If you haven’t watched Jenny Slate in the “Bestie by Bestie” videos on Funny or Die, do it now. And then see her at FFF Fest this weekend. You may also know her from a stint on “Saturday Night Live” or as the voice of “Marcel the Shell with Shoes On.” 


Chromatics, 4:15 p.m., Blue Stage

Chromatics’ 2012 release Kill For Love topped almost every “Best New Music” list last April. Lucky for us, there hasn’t been another album release since and Johnny Jewel and his band are still playing hits like “Into The Black,” their particularly sexy cover of Neil Young’s “My My, Hey Hey (Into The Black).”


M.I.A., 8:30 p.m., Orange Stage

There is no way M.I.A.’s headlining show won’t be a complete party. Save all your dance moves for Saturday night, when you’ll need the most when she plays/sings/raps “Paper Planes” and
“Bad Girls.” 



Air Sex Championship, 2:55 p.m., Yellow Stage

After enjoying a greasy breakfast taco or plate of migas, ease into the day at Auditorium Shores by watching people have imaginary sex on a stage. The only rules to the game are all climaxes must be simulated and there must be at least one imagined
sex partner. 


Washed Out, 3:30 p.m., Orange Stage

This show is perfect for the kind of dancing that can be seen in all of those old Woodstock videos. Nothing makes you feel more like a millenial than listening to music described as
“dreamy chillwave.” 


The Julie Ruin 3:30 p.m., Orange Stage

Kathi Wilcox and Kathleen Hanna are back together in The Julie Ruin. As former members of 90s punk band Bikini Kills, they are still playing hard and fast punk rock with that riot
grrl attitude.