Kicks, opinion, laughter: Lamas leaves second home at midnight

Brittany Lamas

This semester working in the Daily Texan office on Thursday nights has been — everything.

When I found out the job would require spending every Thursday in the basement from 4 p.m. to midnight, I was hesitant, to say the least. But, thank goodness I gave it a shot. Throughout this semester and one Thursday at a time, this staff made me a better journalist, editor
and friend.

From listening to Hirrah as she puts together the crime map and can’t remember what the symbols stand for to answering every question the copy cats could throw at me to test my sports knowledge, I have enjoyed every Thursday — even the one where Brett continued to do a cyclone motion in front of my face.

My only regret is that I didn’t spend more time in that cold, dark basement, which I now consider a second home during my three and half years on campus.

I started out on the women’s swimming and diving beat, made my way up to permanent staff over the summer, covering whatever was needed and finished covering women’s soccer. I may not have spent as much time on the staff as some others, but I’m grateful for every minute and everyone I met.

To the designers: Hirrah, Jenny, Alex and Jack, your side of the table always kept me laughing, made sure I was on my game and was a great source for good music. Specifically, Alex, thanks for always sitting by and letting me ramble incoherent thoughts to you until we came up with a decent headline.

To the copy cats: I hope I instilled as much of my sports knowledge as I could, and I hope whoever you get next semester will be pleasantly surprised by your skills. Brett, I know you are going to miss me constantly bothering you and bringing you shakes, and, always remember, you do you.

To our fearless sports editor Chris Hummer: Thank you so much for pulling me out of my comfort zone when it came to my writing and always challenging me to be better. You are a great editor.

To the rest of the sports staff and my fellow P-staffers: Have fun, enjoy every minute and learn as much as you can. I’m sure we’ll see each other out there soon in what people keep telling me is the real world.

I feel like I have to end this column and my career at the Texan remembering one of the most important things I learned: It wasn’t me.