Going, going, gone

David Leffler

Let’s be honest, few people can sum themselves up or explain their college experience in roughly 500 words. I’m no different. For the record, I tried to freestyle my response rather than write a column, but I ultimately decided that Aubrey ‘Drake’ Graham has already laid claim to the title of best wannabe artist. Watch the throne, Drizzy.

But, I digress. I originally applied for the Texan as an awkward sophomore with little journalism experience because I liked writing and thought it would expose me to new experiences. As in most instances, I got more than I bargained for.

My time here started fast and furious. A wide-eyed news reporter, I was one of many staff writers who tackled the racial issues that have plagued our campus for years in response to a controversy sparked by the Texan’s very own content. I still remember how terrified I was to mess it up — I guess I didn’t since they’ve kept me around, but you never really know.

As the semesters rolled on, I’ve been fortunate enough to cover a number of compelling stories that have shown me the true value of this field. Their topics have varied dramatically, especially in my two years as a sports writer. 

I switched over to sports before my junior year because I saw it as a chance to explore the sociological issues within athletics. I don’t take myself seriously enough to say I was searching for deeper meaning, but I thought it was a chance to examine important trends while watching a game or two.

From stories about sports programs for underprivileged kids to the absurdity of this University’s massive athletics payroll, I tried when I could to address issues that transcend box scores or postgame rants. Whether I knocked them out of the park or struck out swinging is entirely up to you, the reader.

Looking back, I never thought I’d get to write about so much thought-provoking content. But what will stick with me for the rest of my life is the people I’ve met in my years at the Texan.

To start, there’s my news editor, Jill, who put up with my incessant desire to always use adjectives. It’s obvious from this article alone who won that battle. All three sports editors I’ve had, Christian, Chris and Stefan, are awesome guys with immense experience in the field. I wouldn’t be the same writer or person had we not crossed paths.

Kudos is also due to the countless staff members I met over the years, who are all unique and intelligent in so many different ways. Whether we knew each other well or only met once, I’ve had nothing but genuine interactions with y’all.  

And, of course, thanks to everyone who sacrificed a couple minutes of their day to glance over my articles every week, even if you didn’t agree with a word I said.